Get Ready, Get Set and How to Get A Man to Chase You

get him to chase you

Sometimes, the relationship is more about the chase. Both parties enjoy the hunt and the hunting of it and that is what they find most exciting. Maybe that is what you are looking for, a chase relationship. So what is a gal to do when she wants to be chased? How to get a man to chase you? Before you even think about starting on how to get a man to chase you, ask yourself, am I chase-worthy? Am I worth the sweat?  This is not about how pretty you are, that is part of it, but only part. It is also about your education, your job, your emotional health, and are you ready for what you are doing. Are you a strong confident woman?

The Starting Line

The starting line in how to get a man to chase you begins with the first thing being that you will need to let him know you’re interested. You can use verbal or nonverbal cues, notes at work or smiles, calls or texts, emails, anything you can think of but nothing degrading just to get attention. This may be a chase, but there is no reason to get hurt in the process. Get yourself in the front of his mind. Once you have done that you give him a sneak peek, and we are not talking clothing. What would life be like with you in it? If he’s having a bad day, be there for him. Remember an occasion everyone else forgot, little things to get you elevated in his mind. Keep the notes and cards, smiles and emails coming, but don’t overload him. Just make sure he knows your there, but not stalker.

The Chase

The most fun part of the game is the chase, and in learning how to get a man to chase you, you need to keep him guessing. Life is too much of a routine; let time with you be unpredictable. Sushi one time, comfort food the next. Take him to a football game one night, a concert the next time. Always have him guessing, never knowing what you are thinking or what you will come up with next time. Lastly, always stay a couple steps ahead of him. Not too far, he needs to see you, and feel like he has a chance of catching you. The whole goal of the game is to have him chase you, not to catch you. He should be able to see where you are going without being able to control you. This provides a great game for both people.


As you go along this game you will learn a great deal about each other, and although it is not what most people think of as a relationship, it is still a relationship, and the same rules apply. Never use the secrets and things you learn about someone for revenge or a laugh when the relationship ends. Also, don’t get too far ahead of the chaser or the game is no fun.

As long as both people know they are in the game of chase, and they are enjoying the game, it is fun. Sometimes it starts as a game of chase and has ended in a more rational relationship, but not often. Most people who like to chase, only chase, or be chased.  Each game and couple has its own natural lifespan, it will just start to fade out at some point. Now you know how to get a man to chase you, you are ready to start your own game.

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