How To Get A Guy To Pay Attention To You

get his attention

For many women, getting any guy’s attention is a piece of cake. For others, it is like displacing a mountain. If you are in a relationship where everything started out great, but your man has stopped paying attention to you, here are some tips to help you get his attention. By following these tips, you can easily regain his interest without begging and losing your self-esteem in the process.

Don’t Work Harder At The Relationship

Don’t do this, it won’t help you get his attention back. Don’t plan dates on your own, buy expensive gifts for him, give him massages, wear sexy lingerie for him, just don’t be a yes woman to his every need. Most women work harder and harder, but unfortunately nothing seems to work. This leads to frustration. If you are trying too hard, it’s time to stop it. Follow the golden rule – treat your man the way you want to be treated. Men are programmed to be pursuer. When they are pursued, they become so lazy and lose interest in the woman pursuing them. Let him do some hard work to attract you. Let him come after you and play him the game of chase. Read this article to know how to get him to chase you.

Don’t Seek His Approval To Be Happy

Another mistake women make to keep their man interested is they make him center point of universe. They start seeking his approval to be happy and this causes their man to lose respect for them. It is important to understand that in order to be happy with someone else, you first need to be happy with yourself. Don’t depend on him for your happiness. Don’t let anyone else take control of your emotions. Remember your man fell in love with you because of attractive feminine energy and your self-confidence. But now that you’ve lost some of it, he has lost interest in you.

Spend More Time Away From Him

So, how to get a guy to pay attention you again? It’s simple, just spend some time away from him. Have a life of your own. You can start a new hobby or finish all your pending plans. Have a girls’ night out with your besties. The main point here is to get your social life back and regain your lost balance. Don’t let his behavior get you down. To gain more balance in your life, continue doing what makes you happy. Try to regain your attractive feminine energy. When he’ll see that you are more balanced than before, he will automatically be drawn to your positive energy. He will definitely want to pay attention to you. At this point, don’t get too hard on him and don’t punish him. A good strep is to be happy and appreciative. And this time, let him take the lead.

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