Psychology Tricks to Make Guy Miss You

make man miss you

Sometimes, it’s just not fair how women are taken for granted by guys they are with. So it’s only natural to teach them a lesson, the hard way. These psychological tricks are meant to make guy miss you like crazy.

Don’t Cater to Him

The fastest way to make guy miss you is to stop catering to him. If he is used to you fixing him breakfast, or bring his food during the game, stop. Go out, do something else. Stop letting him take you for granted. You aren’t his mother so don’t act like it.

Go On a Weekend Getaway Without Him

Take a weekend off, go by yourself or with girlfriends, and get away. Turn off the phone; don’t call him or text while you are gone. Relax and treat yourself to a spa treatment and enjoy. Once you come back you can be sure he will be more than glad to see you.

Let Him Know You’ve Got a Life Too

One reason men start taking women for granted is because the women are always there, we start losing ourselves in the relationship. Stop. If you are finding that you are always with him, then take some time out, do something you enjoy, have some time to yourself. Your doing yourself a favor, and meeting people. It will help you if things don’t work out, and it will also remind him how good it is too have you home.

Remind Him What He’s Missing

Did you recently lose weight or cut your hair? Post a picture on Facebook. Make sure he sees it. You won’t believe the power social media can have to make guy miss you.

Let Him Keep Getting Your Machine

Anymore everyone is so connected to everything, that you pick up the minutes he calls. Step back. Next time he calls, let it ring, let the machine get it. Don’t always be there when he calls. He has gotten used to you always being there, always answering the minute he calls; he is taking you for granted. Remind him you aren’t waiting for his call.

Jealousy Sparks

This one is a little tricky, so you have to be careful. It is like playing with fire, you might get burned, and so it’s not recommend for everyone. To really make guy miss you, make him jealous. Let him think you were out with someone else when you weren’t by sending a fake text saying, thanks for last night, when you weren’t with him last night. This is one that could very easily end a relationship as easily as it could make the guy miss you. Use it with extreme caution.

To make guy miss and want you, you have to be unavailable. You can’t be there all the time, waiting on him hand and foot. You need to have your own life and be a strong and confident woman.  If you are strong and confident in yourself, then he will respect you and I don’t think you will be needing advice on how to make a man miss you anymore.

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  1. My guy crush is totally bullshit.. He’s so mysterious… I don’t know what his feelings to me .. But I stay .. Because he is the beginning of the story that I alw wanted

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