How To Make Him Want You More

tips to make boyfriend want you

Do you want to know how to make him want you more and more? Is there a certain man in your life you’d love to make notice you? Do you really want to know how to turn him on and make yourself irresistible? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Here you will read the sure-fire ways to make any man want you more than he’s ever wanted a woman before.

Men Are Different Than Women

Men are very different from women in many ways. For instance, they love women in a very different way than women love men. Typically they are reserved and they don’t express their feelings as openly as most women do.

What happens in most cases is that a woman tells her boyfriend she loves him and she wants to hear the same thing in return. If he doesn’t respond that way she starts to wonder what is going inside his mind and what he is feeling about her. At this point, the key is to understand your man. If doesn’t express his love verbally as often as you do, it’s not a reflection of what he really feel about you. Give him some time to open up.

Intimacy – Yes or No?

There are two different opinions about whether you should hold off on the intimacy or not. According to the first opinion, and this is what all love gurus teach, holding off on the sex is a sure-fire way to make him want you more because when men get too much of a good thing eventually lose interest. It is ok to say no sometimes in order to keep your man from falling into this ‘losing interest’ trap. According to the second opinion, men view intimacy as connected to love. If you are holding out on it, there’s a chance he won’t feel as close to you. That’s why, don’t hold out on intimacy if you are trying to rekindle his passion. The key at this point is to keep balance between these two approaches – don’t give him too much of a good thing and don’t hold it off for too long. Don’t always refuse his advances or else he will feel rejected.

Get Him To Need You

If you are still wondering how to make him want you more and more, this tip should help you. If you really want to get him to want you more than he’s ever wanted any woman, get him to need you first. This is the trick. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to dangle everything in front of him and then make him beg for it. The key here is to condition his mind by referring to both of you as ‘we’. He will stop thinking of himself as just him and will include you into all of his plans.

Call Him Up At Work & Tease Him

This is the sure-fire trick to make your man want you. This trick works really fast. It isn’t necessary to give him a call, you can leave a love note in his files or  send him a text message. Be graphic to tell him what you are feeling. For instance, tell him you can’t wait for him to get home and how naughty you are being. This is how to make him want you more.

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