Best Steps on How to Keep a Guy Interested In You, and You Alone

how to keep a guy interested

Every guy is going to be different, and every relationship is going to be different. Some of the guidelines will work for your specific guy and others won’t, you have to know your own guy. If you know your guy, you won’t have to wonder about how to keep a guy interested in you and it will be easy to make him do what you want from him and also to make him love you.

Basic Steps of How to Keep a Guy Interested

Keep him guessing:  Don’t call or text him at the same time of day all the time. Mix it up, skip a day. Let him call you.

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How To Keep Him Interested in You – Simple Ways That Work!

how to keep him interested

Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Interesting and Him Interested in You

You’re in love. You have finally found a good man, worthy of you. Now the worry is will it last. We have all had relationships that fade or become boring. There are some simple tricks that involve you that can help prevent a relationship from becoming stale.  They will show you how to keep him interested in you.

Step One – Take Care of You

The first, and most important trick is to take care of you. When you were looking for a man you never went out without being nicely dressed and made up. You watched what you ate and exercised, correct.  So many woman find themselves relaxing or forgetting to take care of themselves after they have a man.

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