6 Reasons Why Men Pull Away

why men withdraw

Why men pull away? Is a popular question among women of all ages, especially among younger women. It is true that every woman finds herself at a point in her life when her man pulls away or acts distant. There may be various reasons for that and when you know the core reason of why he pulled away it could help you get him back.

Men take flight when they feel too much pressure on them, especially when they are not ready to build a serious relationship. Let’s have a look at the main reasons why do they pull away in a relationship.

1: He Doesn’t Want a Long Term Relationship With You

A simple reason could be the fact that your man is either not ready for a serious relationship or he simply doesn’t want a long term relationship with you at all. Men want more freedom than women. Some men prefer staying single or in an open relationship than to be in a serious relationship just because of the freedom they want. Some men are not ready to take responsibility of a family, so they pull away. If you have been dating this man for quite some time and he is not ready to build a serious relationship with you, you have to make a decision at this point and move on in your life.

2: You are a Clinger

Most women are simply a clinger and their clinginess pushes their man away. This could happen at any stage in a relationship. Men need space and they don’t like women who are always curious to know what their man is doing. The problem with most girls is that they become too attached with their man and want to keep an eye on every move of him. If you are too clingy, it is advised to change this habit. A good way to change this habit is to keep yourself busy in any constructive activity.

3: You are Trying to Change Him

It is true that the responsibility of building a successful relationship lies on the shoulders of both man and woman. Both of them have to put their efforts to make a relationship successful. In most relationships, men lose interest when their woman tries to change them. This is very simple, when you want your man to accept you who you are then why you try to change him? He is not going to stop watching his favorite sports match just because you don’t like it.

4: They Need to Reconnect with Themselves

Most men pull away in a relationship after having those unforgettable moments of intimacy and closeness with women to reconnect with themselves. They are transitioning from ‘me’ to ‘we’ stage, so they take some time to reconnect with the ‘me.’ Once this reconnection is made, they will be ready to take the relationship to the next level. However, it is important to note that if your man is pulling away in the initial stages of your relationship, something isn’t right and you need to find out what is causing him to lose interest in you.

5: You are Too Demanding

Why men pull away in most relationships is because women are too demanding. This isn’t their fault because women usually act this way. They become too attached and don’t take time to project into the future after a few dates. On the other hand, for men first few dates are the beginning of their dating journey. Men take some time to take a relationship to the next level.  Women show disappointment quickly which pushes men away. For example, Sara and Joe have just met and they have been dating for a couple of moths now. Joe takes Sara out on date every now and then, and he has been consistent in contact. Once a minor thing happens and Sara feels disappointed because she has high expectations from him. Men don’t like it, in fact, not only men but any normal human being won’t like it when they sense that their partner is too demanding and want more than they can give. This leads to loss of balance in a relationship and that’s one of the reasons why men pull away.

6: He Is Dealing With a Personal Problem

Men don’t like sharing their problems with anyone. They are problem solvers and they want to solve their problems on their own without disturbing their loved ones. If your man is suddenly acting distant, he may be dealing with a serious personal or professional problem that is not related to you. He will be back to you once his problem is solved. If this is the case, it would be wise to let him deal his problems on his own and don’t put pressure on him.

These were 6 most common reasons why men withdraw. If your man is acting distant and not giving you attention that you deserve, you should take a close look at your situation and the way he is acting that way.

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