Get Him Propose, or Not; That Be the Question

get him propose

You’ve been dating, you know he’s the one, yet he still hasn’t asked. Is there anything you can do to get him propose? Every guy is different, and you can’t make him to commit to you and propose to you, but there are something things you can do to help ease him into this transition. Before you even attempt this you need to make sure he is thinking of marriage already. If he is not thinking of marriage and you attempt to ease him toward it, you will scare him off completely and you’ll lose your chance of get him propose.

Testing the Waters

One of the first discussions that you need to have with your man is about your common goals. Where you see your futures, the long term dreams and goals you both share. Be gentle and friendly about it, but talking about it might be the spark needed to get his mind thinking about the future with you. Be careful not to push to hard about the future or your life together. If he feels you are pressuring him or pushing, you just might scare him away altogether. Anytime you hear him mentioning the future, such as ‘when we retire…’ or something, keep him talking in gentle and friendly tone about it. It is clear he is thinking of a future with you, so explore those with simple questions related to what he said. Here again, you need to be cautious in your words, take it slow and gentle. Don’t force too much or push too hard.  The more you press the issue of the future and marriage, the more likely he is to run the opposite way.

Setting the Scene

Invite him to go to a wedding with you. See how he reacts to the wedding. For a number of guys that are on that fence, trying to decide if it is time or not, going to a wedding is the thing and pushes them over and has them asking.  Another thing you can do to get him propose, especially if you feel he is really close, is plan a romantic getaway, a perfect proposal spot. Let him know well in advance that you are planning the getaway, so he can visit the jeweler.  Sometimes knowing that the perfect time and place is already planned is all it takes.

One last trick, and this is only is you are sure he is ready for marriage, and you are ready for marriage to get him propose, is to enlist the help of his family. Especially if you are on good terms with his mother, she just might be able to push him a little more than you can to get him to go ahead and do it. She also might be able to find out what he is waiting for.

Aside from those, the last thing you can do is wait.  You really can’t push or force him much more than to get him propose. Forcing him or coaxing him to propose will not lead to a happy marriage.  Do you really want to marry a guy you feel like you had to talk into proposing to you?  You might feel the time is right, but trust his judgment, that he will know when the time is right. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and if it takes him a couple of months longer than you really wanted it to, what does it really matter in the long run, you still will have a long life together.

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