How To Find Out If You Are Dating a Serial Dater?

how to catch a serial dater

It’s so easy to assume that everyone else out there is as simple and honest as you. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case and this reality can be a big disappointment. Dating, especially online dating can be just that. It isn’t written in stone that you’ll always meet someone who is seeking exactly what you seek. There are many serial daters out there and you need to be aware of them. So, how do you know that the man you are dating is a serious dater or a serial dater. Look for the following pointers to find out if you are dating a serial dater.

1: He Is Commitment-Phobe

He is very successful and attractive, but still single and have many excuses of not having married yet. He will tell you that there’s no need to rush things as both of you should take more time to decide if you you should get married or not. Also, if he has a history of a very brief relationships, stay away from him. Read more on how to get a guy to commit into a serious relationship.

2: He Is Only Interested In Getting You Into Bed

If he is always very attentive and charming when you are with him, don’t take it as he is taking interest in you. He is actually moving fast and pursuing you ardently to win you over. Once he has you, the less attractive parts of his personality will start to show. If he doesn’t allow you decide how two of you spend time together, if he hasn’t introduced you to his family & friends, and if he hasn’t invited you to his home, these are all the signs of a commitment-phobe.

3: He Makes Empty Promises

He promises something and then he comes with an excuse that he can’t do what he’s promised. If your guy keeps doing it over and over again, it is a clear sign that he is not ‘into’ you and he is a serial dater who says something to take advantage of you and then ignores what he’s said.

4: He Is Very Busy

Another pointer that will tell you if you are dating a serial dater is his work. If he pretends to be busy all the time and says things like ‘I have to make lots of money’ and ‘can’t go out with you tonight because of a business dinner,’ it is clear that he is avoiding you. If he was a serious dater, no matter what he’d always find some time for you.

5: He Avoids Discussing Your Future Together Or Discusses It In the First Date

If your date discusses your future together in the very first date, it is crystal clear that he just wants to sleep with you and he is not a serious dater. Conversely, if your date never discusses your future together and when you talk about it, he avoids it or tries to change the topic, he isn’t serious about you and your relationship with him.

These are some clear and common pointers to spot a serial dater. Always bear in mind that serial daters are never ready to have a serious relationship. All they want is chase and hunt. Once he has you in his bed (web), he will walk away from you like he was never there. If you are dating a serial dater, check this sure-fire method to turn him into a serious dater and get him to commit.

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