Tips On Getting A Man To Commit


So far the relationship is wonderful, and you love it, but you want a commitment. Something a little stronger than what you have right now. How to get a man to commit is an age old question, and there are all kinds of tricks to force his hand.  The better strategy is the tips to focus on you that will make him want to commit to you.

Tip One – Ditch the Need

The first tip in how to get a man to commit is to ditch the need. Guys hate needy gals! This is just an age old fact, if you are too needy and clingy it just makes them run instead of even thinking of committing to you. There is a fine line between wanting him and desire, and suffocating and clinging to him. Just relax and let the relationship develop. Do not pin everything on him, he doesn’t need to become the only thing in your world.

Tip Two – Space

The second tip in how to get a man to commit is to give him space. Okay, I know what you think, this sounds counter productive, but it’s not. You cannot hang on him 24 hours a day seven days a week, it’s too much, you will send him packing. He needs to know that you are fine with him being alone at times. It actually makes them want to be with you more and makes them more willing to make commitments when they have time alone.

Tip Three – Independence

The third tip in how to get a man to commit is a lot like the second, independence. It means that you need to have things that are yours alone, things you’re like and do by yourself. This keeps you interesting and gives him time alone, but it also makes you stronger and more well rounded. When you are able to function on your own, you are more desirable to a man that when you have to have them to do everything for you.

All in all, if you are looking on how to get a man to commit to you, the best advice is to be successful and independent. If you can succeed on your own, if you do not need a man in your life to fulfill you, then you are more attractive to them and you will not have to do anything to make man want you. They do not want a woman they have to take care of fully, but a partner.

The three tips all center on you, and taking care of you. The better you feel about yourself the better a man will feel about you. They are not tricks to force his hand and get him to commit, although there are some out there, but think about it. Do you really want to trick a man into committing to you? Wouldn’t it be better to let him make that commitment on his own, with a little help from you?  It’s better to work on yourself and know that you will be fine without him first, then a commitment can follow.

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