How To Make A Man Addicted To You

tips to make him addicted to you

Have you been struggling when it comes to men? Do you find it difficult to make your man attracted and addicted to you? You’re not alone. A lot of women out there are experiencing the same problem. The truth is that making a man addicted to you is easy if you know how to play your cards right. There are many women out there who effortlessly attract men. Have you ever wondered how do they do it? There’s no ‘top secret’ behind this. They have mastered a set of skills that triggers a special kind of attraction switches in men. They actually know how to use male psychology and rub the impulsive part of a man’s mind to make him do whatever they want.

These women trigger these switches all the time to create more attraction and to make him forget other women. If you master these skills, you’ll also be able to attract your dream guy and make him attracted and addicted to you. Here are some sure-fire tips on how to get him addicted to you and make him forget other women.

Emotional Control

Most women reveal their feelings too early. What they do is that they don’t always confess their feelings to the man they are interested in. They show their interest to him in a lot of desperate ways. It is true that you should show him signs to let him know that you’re attracted to him, but avoid overdoing it. An intelligent man will naturally know that you are interested in him when you show these signs of interest (smile, touching, and flirting). Once you’ve conveyed the message, there is no need to go overboard. This will push him away from you. In order to avoid overdoing it, you should work on gaining some emotional control during the entire phase of courtship. The key here is to first disqualify yourself from being a potential suitor. This will work very well for you because it is counter intuitive.

Play A Little Hard To Get

This is very strong strategy when it comes to attract and keep a man. To use this method, first make him approach you. Once you get him to approach and you both have conversation, you must begin to play a little hard to get. Never ever make the mistake of pursuing him and display your feelings too early in the relationship. This will help you get his attention, but this could push you in a very weak position. Bear in mind that it is always a man’s job to pursue the woman. Your job is to act in unpredictable manner and play games with him if you really want to keep him. The key at this point is to make him value you more by being someone that he cannot predict. For more advice on how to keep a guy interested in you, check this.

Make Him Feel Like There Is No Pressure

Most women make their man feel pressured. Men can’t take that pressure and that’s the reason why they find excuses to avoid committing into a serious relationship. If you want to make him addicted to you, be a woman who does not make him feel that way. This way, he will feel comfortable with you and he is more likely to want to be with you. For more advice on getting a man to commit, check this.

Use Your Sexuality To Your Benefit

This is a very powerful technique to make your guy addicted to you. If you can make him feel that you fit his sexual criteria that he has for the woman in his life, this is the ultimate formula for extreme attraction. For this purpose, try to find this sexual criteria. There are many things that come into it, such as the way you kiss him, the way you move, and the way you express your sexual desires to him. It is very important to attract him sexually. You don’t have to get into bed with him all the time and act in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. A few simple acts like touching him the way he wants to be touched and expressing your feelings, can make his heart infect with love.

Follow The Golden Rule

And what is that? It states that ‘the one who tries the least always controls the relationship.’ In order to make a man addicted to you and to make him feel unbearable intensity of love for you, you must make him to put more effort.

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