Is It Me? Is It You? Why Do Men Pull Away?

why do men pull away

We’ve all been there, we are in a happy relationship and then all the sudden he starts pulling away, and we are wondering? Is is me? Did I do something wrong? You are confused and hurt, sometimes a little angry. Why do guys pull away? If you’re facing this situation, you are not alone because almost all women ask themselves why do men pull away at some point in their life.

Why Do Men Pull Away?  Could it be Hormonal Differences?

Guess what, there is scientific research into why do guys act distant and lose interest, and there is even evidence that it is hormonal. When men get too attached, they feel uncomfortable and uneasy. As men bond with women, the hormone oxytocin increases. In a woman, it lowers her stress levels, but in a man it lowers his testosterone. This raises his stress levels. Too much bonding makes a man feel uncomfortable. Sometimes they need male bonding time to rebuild the testosterone levels back up.

What To Do When He Pulls Away

Next time your man is feeling too bonded and starts to pull away, instead of thinking he hates you and it’s your entire fault, there is another way. There is a way to let him have some space, to regain some of his maleness and still love him, allowing him to come back to you more in love.  Next time he pulls away, do the following things:

First, leave him alone. Just let him be. Don’t start questioning him.  Please remember that the point is to give him some freedom while loving him. He still needs your love and care, but just allow him the space to be a man, to do man things. I mean, do you really want him to act like your girlfriend?

Second, when he returns to you, receive him with love. You are not a loser, you are not being used. You love him enough to allow him to have “guy time” without punishing him for it.

Third, be open and honest. He needs to understand that his pulling away hurts you, but that you understand it and allow him to have his space, and you need to not punish him by withholding love for taking space. Once you can do that, the relationship will grow.

What If He Still Pulls Away?

So you have done everything, you have given him all the space he could want and he is still pulling away. What now? I’m sorry, it’s time to say goodbye. For most men, the pulling away is natural, it is just a reaction to the bonding, and a little guy time every now and again is all they need. Other guys are more selfish and want more guy time and will take advantage of you if they can. Of course there is always the bad apple of the bunch, that gives them all a bad name, the player that wants to use you and someone else too. Just know, if you have tried this and he is still pulling away, there is another issue going on.

Why do men pull away in relationships has been a burning question forever, and to find some science research that shows it is hormonal makes more sense than anything printed before. It also makes it easier to deal with. You have a plan and can work on taking care of it, allowing him some space, and still loving each other, growing your relationship.

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