6 Reasons Why Men Pull Away

why men withdraw

Almost every woman has found herself in a situation where her man is acting distant and unfortunately, she does not have a clue why he is acting that way. The million-dollar question – Why men pull away? has been asked by many women. It does not have be an unhappy relationship that causes men to pull away from their partner. It could happen in a happy relationship too.

Why men pull away is a mystery to women, especially younger women who are trying to make their man to commit, everything is going perfectly fine, and all of sudden their boyfriend starts acting distant. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you may be having unlimited questions about what the exact reason is why he is acting distant and cold. You may be thinking if you did something wrong. This can make you feel hurt, angry, and confused. There could be various reasons why your boyfriend or husband is acting distant and withdrawing from you. Maybe your boyfriend does not want a long-term relationship with you, or maybe your husband is having issues at his work place and he is trying to find a solution. Maybe none of these reasons are true and there is no spark left in your relationship and it’s time to move on.

If you know the actual reason why your boyfriend or husband is acting distant and not giving you the attention and time that you deserve you will be able to correct the situation and get his attention back. The key is to try to understand the reason behind your man’s cold and distant behavior. Here are the possible reasons why men withdraw in a relationship.

Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want a Long-term Relationship

Are you reading this page because you are looking for an answer to why your boyfriend pulling away? If yes, then you need to look at how long you have been with him and what is his relationship pattern with you. Number one reason why most men pull away in a relationship without any apparent reason is have been with your boyfriend for sometime and he hasn’t committed in a relationship yet, then this may be the reason why he pulls away. Men don’t want to give up their freedom and they want it more than women. Also, some men are never ready to take responsibility of a relationship. If your boyfriend is one of those men who like to be in an open relationship or prefer staying single, he will pull away every time you will bring up the question of commitment or long-term relationship with him in a conversation. If you notice this pattern in your boyfriend’s behavior, it’s time to make decision that if you really want this man or someone who wants to commit to you.

Is He Looking for Personal Space?

Maybe your man is pulling away because he needs space. Most women don’t realize that they are a clinger due to which their men start spending less time with them. This problem is very common in young couples, but it could also happen in an old relationship. Men need space and they want to spend more time with their friends or in their man cave. The problem with many women is that they become too clingy or attached with their man. They want to know about every place their boyfriend goes to and every person their boyfriend hangs out or talks to. Clinginess kills any relationship faster than any other thing. To avoid being a clinger, try to keep yourself busy in activities outside of your relationship with your boyfriend. This will give you and him time to realize this that you both want to spend time together.

Are You Trying to Change Him?

why do men pull away
A healthy relationship is only possible if both man and woman take responsibility of their actions and everything else. Sometimes women try to be too controlling without even realizing it. For example, asking your husband to clean his study or organize everything in his game room etc. These things can be annoying for some men and they lose interest when their woman tries to change ‘their ways’. It is not advised to make your man change his way. You can have a conversation with him and try to convey him that you would like few things in a specific way. This will give him a choice how he would want to deal with those things.

Men Pull Away from Demanding Women

Why men pull away in most relationship when women are demanding and this is just an early stage of a relationship. Most women act this way without even realizing it. Being demanding means they demand for a commitment at a very early stage of their relationship. The key is to take it slow and give your boyfriend some time to take the relationship to next level. Men are usually slower when it comes to take relationship to next level, until it’s a love at first sight. Not only men but also any human being will not like if their partner is demanding with them and ask for more than what they can do. It creates dis-balance in a relationship and is also one of the reasons why most men pull away in a relationship.

He is Having a Personal Problem

Men like to take lead and solve problems. They like to keep their personal problems with themselves and try to find a solution. If your boyfriend is acting distant, he may be having a personal problem and trying to find a solution on his own. Once he solves the problem, he will come back to you. There is nothing to worry about because he is not running away from you. It would be wise to give him some space and let him figure out what to do next. It is strongly advised to avoid putting pressure on him for spending time with you. This can make things worse and push him away from you because if you keep putting pressure on him, he might feel like you are self-involved and don’t realize that he may be having some personal issues. When the time is right and everything gets back to normal, he might tell you the reason why he was acting distant.

Hormonal Differences Could be the Reason Why Men Pull Away

It is scientifically proven that low testosterone can make men pull away, act distant and have mood swings. Irritable Male Syndrome (a.k.a male PMS) can occur anytime and can affect their relationship. If your man is avoiding you or trying to avoid you, he may be having IMS and it will get back to normal as soon as his testosterone get back to normal. If you have an intimate relationship with him and he is avoiding having sexual intercourse with you, it maybe because of his IMS that can also cause a lower sex drive or even erectile dysfunction. If you notice of these symptoms in your man, you should try to find out what exactly is happening, so you will know for sure why he is pulling away from you. Click here to read more about men having hormonal differences.

What to Do When Men Pull Away?

Now that you have number of possible reasons to understand why men pull away, you might be wondering what to do to regain his attention and keep him interested in you. Let’s look at some of the ways about what you can do to regain his attention.

Give Him Time and Space

One of the best things you can do is when your man pulls away is give him some time and space. This will allow him to look at his behavior toward you and if he loves you, he will come back to you. It is advised to avoid any confrontation because it can play against you. It’s time to reevaluate your relationship with him and think about what may have gone wrong in this relationship. This will create a tension between you two and put the ball in his court. He will have a choice to come back. When he does that, you will be in control of the situation and in a better position. This is because if he chooses to come back to you, he is choosing you which is a clear sign that he desires you.

Cultivate Positive Communication with Him

It is very important to cultivate position communication with your husband or boyfriend. This will make him always confide in you and bring you both closer to each other. Make it easier for him to share with you how he feels by being patient and active listener. You should also come up with a positive way to communicate your feelings to him about how you feel when he acts distant. This will make him realize that he can always talk to you about his personal issues and other problems related to the relationship without affecting the relationship.

Proven Tips On How To Make A Man Jealous

how to make your boyfriend jealous

If you are wondering how to make guy jealous, you’re not the first woman. This is something that almost every woman has wondered at some point in her life. The reason is very simple – every woman wants the attention and affection of her crush, boyfriend or husband. If the guy you are in love with is taking you for granted, you would want to do something to make him realize your value. One of the best techniques to do so is make your man jealous but be aware because this technique only works if your man has feelings for you. You can get amazing results by making him jealous. There is no doubt about the fact that this is one of the best ways to make a guy want you more without even asking for it.

If you want to use this technique to make your boyfriend want you more, keep it subtle. Jealousy can easily solve your problem and help you get his attention back and make this guy want you more. Let’s have a look at the quick and proven techniques to make your boyfriend jealous.

1: Be Happy Without Him – Stop Being Clingy

First and Foremost, are you happy and alright when he is not with you? If not, then you need to change this. Maybe that’s the reason why your boyfriend is taking you for granted. The problem with many women is that they are too clingy at times. Clinginess drives men away from their woman and can kill relationship. When men see that their girlfriend always tries to be with them and she doesn’t have her own life, they start taking her for granted. It makes them feel like they have lost their freedom, and for a man his freedom is extremely important. A relationship in which a man feels like he has lost his freedom will not last longer. This is one o of the reasons why men pull away in a relationship because they lose their freedom. What you can do to avoid being too clingy is to have a life of your own. You can always find something fun to do with your friends and family that will keep you busy and happy, even when your boyfriend is not with you. This will give your guy a clear message that you are alright without him and you are happy with yourself. That way he will try harder to get your attention and do something to keep your interest in him.

2: Secret Admirer – Tell Him About Other Guys That Give You Attention

This trick always works and is super powerful. However, if you want to use this trick, it is strongly advised to be careful when using this trick, otherwise you might run into a problem like this woman here.
It isn’t necessary to make him see you with other man. When a man sees his woman being cozy with another man, it changes everything in his mind. It changes the way he sees his woman. This is true that if you are with another man just to make your boyfriend jealous, your man will never be able to get the picture of you with another man out of his mind. So, for this reason, be careful when using use this trick. If another man is flirting with you, it wouldn’t hurt to tell your boyfriend or husband about it. If any other guy asks you out on a date, tell your man about it. But again, be very cautious and make sure it should not seem like you also want this. This will work in your favor and make your boyfriend realize that you are getting attention from other men, so he must do something to keep you interested in him, otherwise he could lose you. This is a perfect way to make your man jealous and get his attention that you deserve. However, do not make these things a big part of your conversations with him.

3: Do Not Always Say ‘Yes’

Women often forget to say ‘no’ when they really don’t want anything. They do it to keep their man happy, but this pattern puts them in a situation where their man gets used to hearing ‘yes’ and starts taking them for granted. The next time he asks for a date, don’t say ‘yes’, it’s time to rectify this matter and a ‘no’ will do the job. Just tell him that you are busy now and you can’t go on a date. At the same time, propose a different day and time for your date. This will give you control over your situation and you will be in a better position. Also, your man should not resist to your “No” if he has feelings for you. If he seems displeased with this, it’s time to reevaluate your relationship.

In short, the above-mentioned techniques are proven and can easily make your boyfriend jealous. However, you must play safe otherwise it’s a recipe for disaster. A little mistake can hurt your relationship with your man. Just keep in mind that specific things you do and say to your man can make him want you more. For more effective techniques, check this video.