Proven Tips On How To Make A Guy Jealous

how to make your boyfriend jealous

If you are wondering how to make guy jealous, you’re not the first woman. This is something that almost every woman has wondered at some point in her life. If the guy you are involved with is taking you for granted, you would definitely want to do something to make him realize your value. You can get great results by making him jealous. This is one of the best ways to make a guy want you more without even asking for it.

The key to using jealousy effectively is to keep it subtle. Jealousy can easily solve your problem and help you get his attention back or, better yet, make this guy want you more. Let’s have a look at the quick and proven ways to make your boyfriend jealous.

1: Be Happy Without Him

The first thing that you need to change in you to make him jealous is to be airtight and happy without him. The problem with most women is that they are too clingy at times. Clinginess drives men away from their women more than women could ever understand. When guys see that their girlfriend always tries to be with him and she doesn’t have her own life, they start taking her for granted. A good way to avoid being too clingy is to have a life of your own and do activities with your friends or family that make you happy, even when your boyfriend is not with you. This will give your guy a clear message that you are happy without his attention and you are happy with yourself.

2: Tell Him About Other Guys That Give You Attention

This trick always works and is very powerful. It is strongly advised to use this trick with great care. It isn’t necessary to make him see you with other guy. When a guy sees his woman being cozy with another man, it changes everything in his mind. It changes the way he sees his woman. This is true that he will never be able to get the picture of his woman with another man out of his mind. So, use this trick with great care. If someone else is flirting with you, it wouldn’t hurt to tell your guy about it. If any other guy asks you out on a date, tell your man about him. The point is to make him realize that you are not hungry for his attention because you are already getting enough. This is a perfect way to make him jealous. However, do not make these things a big part of your conversations with him.

3: Do Not Always Say ‘Yes’

Women often forget to say ‘no’ when they really don’t want anything. They do it to keep their man happy but this habit puts them in a situation where their man starts taking them for granted. The next time he asks for a date, don’t say ‘yes’, it’s time to rectify this matter and a ‘no’ will do the job. Just tell him that you are busy at the moment and you can’t go on a date.

These tips are proven and can easily make your boyfriend jealous. However, you have to play safe. A little mistake can hurt your relationship with your man. Specific things you do and say to your man can make him want you more. For more effective tips, check this.

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