The Two True Keys to Bringing a Man Closer to You

how to bring a man closer to you

So, you’re wondering how to bring a man closer to you? The book was titled “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars”, well it was right in a way.  We fall in love and become close to one another in completely different ways. It also takes completely different time frames for women and men to come close to one another. You want to know how to bring a man closer to you.  There are really only two true keys to this, and they are pretty simple, yet take time and patience.

Key One in How to Bring Your Boyfriend Closer to You – Understanding

Sounds easy right? Just be understanding. For women it is, we are understanding and open with our girlfriends all the time, but not for guys. They do not open up and share feelings and emotions as often as women.  It takes a long time for men to feel comfortable in opening up to a woman about those things and sharing. This means that you need to be understanding, to take the time, to give him the time. If you really want to learn the art of how to bring a man closer to you, then first, be understanding and there for him in the small things. Then when he is ready to open up about the larger things you are there. You have shown him by being there and being understanding in the past that it is ok to open up to you. Do not push him before he is ready, just keep remembering that men take longer than women. No matter what he shares with you, be there for him, be supportive and nonjudgmental. If you can do that, he will slowly start opening up to you with more things and you will continue to grow closer and closer together.

Key Two in How to Bring a Man Closer to You – Time

This was already mentioned above, but it’s best to mention it again. Time. Men take a completely different timeline when getting closer to someone. You may be deeply in love with him, and he isn’t sure yet. It’s ok.  Relax and enjoy the time together as he progresses on the journey.  As long as you are committed to key one, and you are understanding in everything, then it will not matter the length of time it takes. It will happen. He will be drawing closer to you each day, so relax and enjoy the journey with him.  There is no way in the world that you can force him into become closer any faster than he does.

Search the local bookstore and I am sure you will find a few titles on How to Bring a Man Closer to You, but know that they only two true keys are time and understanding.  You can try any of the other methods that might be out there, but they would be playing on his emotions and you wouldn’t want to force him into something he wasn’t ready for or didn’t want, now would you? It wouldn’t be a true connection or closeness if it was forced.

How to bring a man closer to you takes a great deal of time and a lot of understanding. If you are willing to invest both of these into the relationship, then you both are in for a lovely ride. The closeness and understanding that a solid relationship can bring is wonderful, so take the time and invest in it wisely.

If you need more solid tips on how to bring a man closer to you, check this self-help guide from a well-known dating expert. It has helped a great number of women and you can use it too to bring your Mr. Right closer to you.

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