Mind-Blowing Tricks On How To Get A Guy Obsessed With You


Do you feel that your boyfriend isn’t giving you enough attention? If he is acting distant, you may find it extremely difficult to deal with this situation. Most women want to make their man completely obsessed with them but they don’t know the right way of doing it. If you also want to make him obsessed with you, here are the exact psychological tricks you can use to make your man obsessed with you. Just follow these tricks and you’ll have him chasing you.

Let Your Eyes Talk To Him

Body language works wonders when it comes to attract the opposite sex. You can use your body language to send signals to your guy that you are interested in him. There are different body language signs that you can use, but your eyes can send the most powerful signals. Use your expressive eyes to tell him what you want to do with him. Avoid using any other body part while using your eyes. This will make him obsessed in winning you.

Be Formal & Remain Out of His Reach

A surefire way to get a man obsessed with you is remain formal and out of his reach. While your eyes are doing the thing – you should physically retain your distance and act formally. Give him signals that you want him, but you are out of his reach. This simple trick will make him crazy over you and he will seek excuses to stay around you just to grab your attention.

Give His Humor Some Attention

If he tells jokes to grab your attention, you can use it to bring him closer to you. If his jokes are really funny and you laughable, don’t hesitate to laugh. In fact, you can use it as an excuse to touch him occasionally. For example, if he ells you a laughable joke, touch his arm lightly before flipping your head back. This is an old trick, but it always works.

Dress To Win

If you got curves, flaunt them. Every person has something special in their appearance. It could be any physical attribute, such as your curves, your hands, your beauty bones, etc. If you think you are too simple, go in for a makeover. Just pay attention to improving and enhancing your looks instead of changing them. Flaunt your best physical attributes and dress to kill. Your physical appearance should be good enough to take his breath away on the first date.

Reveal Your Facets Slowly

Most women make the mistake of revealing their facets in the first date and they don’t save anything for second date. If you do it too, you’ll lose your man’s attention in the firs date. A surefire way to make him obsessed with you is reveal your facets slowly. Be intriguing, mysterious and unpredictable. This is a surefire trick to make him addicted to you.

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