How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out

make him beg for a date

You know this guy and you like him. You’re also pretty sure that he is taking interest in you, but he hasn’t asked you out yet. If you’re in this situation, you may be wondering, how do I get him to ask me out? Well, don’t worry. Here are some tips on getting a guy to ask you out on a date.

Coming Off As Self Sufficient And Confident Woman

Men are attracted to self sufficient and confident women who don’t rely on others to be happy. They like women who make their own rules and speak to their minds. These qualities in a woman tell men that she is not clingy and smothering. If you want him to ask you out on a date, be confident when he’s around. First make sure he likes you too. Read more about how to get any man to like you. Send him positive signals that you’re interested in him too. The key at this point is to give him a signal that you’re interested to get to know him better, but at the same time, be very careful.

Be Approachable

Are you always surrounded by a group of friends? If yes, then he’ll have hard time approaching you. If you really like this guy and you want to get him to ask you out on a date, you have to put yourself in a position that he can ask you out without any problem. The key is to provide him this chance. You can do this by getting alone with him, but make sure you don’t make him feel too uncomfortable.

Become Friends With Him

It is important to try to become friends with him first if you really want this guy. This can help you both in many ways, for example, it will make him talk to you comfortably. If a guy doesn’t talk to you comfortably, it isn’t the right time to go out with him. For some guys, asking a girl out can be a jump out of their comfort zone. You should help him with this to get what you want. So, first be friends with him.

Give Him Reason

A very effective way to get a guy to ask you out is to give him a reason or hints. For example, if he has achieved success in something, tell him that he should throw a party or take his friends out. Be very careful to use this trick. Don’t give him impression that you are desperately waiting for him to ask you out.

Keep On Igniting Curiosity In His Mind

You have to keep him curious about you if you really want him to ask for a date with you. You can do this by being a little mysterious to him. Don’t tell him too much about yourself. If you do this, he will lose interest in you. Bear in mind that men are naturally programmed to chase and hunt. They like the excitement of pursuing a girl. Make him feel that what he knows about you is just the tip of the iceberg and there’s much more to know about you. Once he gets this feeling, it will become difficult for him to wait anymore to ask you out.

Let Him Know You’re Available

There are many ways to do so. For example, you can have many happy and interesting conversations with him whenever you two get together. You can spend some good time with him and tell him about your routine and plans. Let him know that you are looking out and ready to meet your Mr. Right. You can use humor to tell him that you want to build up a relationship. By using your humor, you can send the right message without appearing desperate.

These are very effective tips that you can use to get a guy to ask you out on a date without even asking for it. Just be yourself, confident and approachable. Let him know that you are looking out and give him right signal that if he asks out, you will accept it.

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