How To Keep An Older Man Interested In You

tips to keep older boyfriend interested

If you are attracted to older men and you want to date or have a relationship with one, you may be wondering how to keep an older man interested in you. It is true that many young women find it very difficult to keep their older guy interested because there is a significant age gap between them. It can be a little bit difficult for young women to understand their older man. If you are experiencing the same problem, here are some tips to keep an older guy interested in you.

Sensible Dressing

When you are dating an older man, bear in mind that they are more mature in their way of thinking than a young man. This means that you have to be more sensible with an older man. If he’s taking you out on a date, avoid wearing revealing or shirt dresses. Most dating coaches would always advise you to wear conservative clothing yet attractive outfits when you are with your older man. Also, you have to be very careful about color selection. Stay away from loud colors such as bright yellow or orange. Opt for more sophisticated colors like red or black, or a combination of both. Make sure your selected dressing makes a mature and sophisticated statement. Your dressing shouldn’t make you look like his daughter when you both are walking together, so be sensible about what you wear.

Make Interesting & Intelligent Conversations

You will not wonder anymore how to keep your older guy interested if you are good making intelligent and interesting conversations. Most young women are a mindless chatter. If you really want to grab his attention, expand your knowledge and then use that knowledge to make intelligent conversations.

Take Interest In His Hobbies & Favorite Activities

If he likes sports such as golf or soccer, show your interest in these sports. You an go to a soccer match with him, or buy his favorite books, or you can do other activities with him that he likes to do. The idea is to show him that you really care about him, even if you don’t like any of the things that he does. He will appreciate you for this and will care more about you in return.

Flirt With Him But Be A Shy Girl

A sure-fire way to keep an older man interested in you is flirt with him and be a shy girl. Older men usually like shy girls while they still want their girls to flirt with them. A good way to flirt with your older guy is learn the art of subtle flirting. Surprise him with your subtle flirting moves. A few little things or actions can make him addicted to you.

Keep Your Emotions In Control

Most young girls are emotionally unstable or they don’t have full control over their emotions. This can be a major turn off for an older men because they are level-headed and mature. You should let him know that you are a strong woman. Always keep your emotions in control and be level-headed when he’s around. Be sensible and avoid overreacting on things. If you don’t act like a mature woman, he’ll lose interest in you. Acting like a strong and mature woman doesn’t mean that you be his grandmother. Just try to be sensible with every move you make when you are with him.

If you are dating an older man and you want to have a relationship with him, it is important to learn how to keep an older man interested in you. You can read more about how to keep a guy interested here.

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