Tricks and More Tricks to Make Man Miss You


There you sit staring at the phone, willing it to ring, wanting it to ring, wondering why it isn’t ringing, but nothing happens. Why won’t he call? Doesn’t he miss you? You are really starting to get crazy. Settle down, lets thing about this and how to make man miss you so that he will call more. That is the trick.

The Good Tricks to Make Man Miss You

Surprise him: Always keep him guessing, don’t lay everything about yourself out on the table on the first date. Wait, spread it out. Give him little bits at a time. You have a special skill, show it off on a date, rock climbing or whatever your good at. Make him call you, or ask you out again to get more. This will keep him interested in you.

Be sincere: Make your man feel like he’s found his soul mate in you, not sappy, but sincere. When he talks listen, ask questions, understand and remember, so when he brings it up again you can talk about it remembering from the first conversation. This shows him you care.

No expectations: The biggest mistake every gal makes is to think that he is just as  into her as she is into him from the get-go, or he is going to be exactly like her ex. Step back and remember why he’s your ex. Don’t expect him to be totally smitten from day one, guys don’t work that way.

The Sneaky Tricks to Make Man Miss You

Hang up the phone first: If you end the conversation before he does, it’ll leave him wanting more. Admit it, it happens to you all the time.

Never accept last minute dates: Do not let it seem like you are pathetic, sitting on the edge of the sofa waiting for him to call. Not only does it make you look like a loser it will allow him to take you for granted. Never be his Plan B, you are better than that.

Awesome perfume: A really great perfume, a light one, not too strong, subtlety applied, so that he has to lean in to really smell it, is the key. He’ll remember it even after you are home.

So you have used all the tricks, even sneaky ones too on how to make man miss you and he still isn’t calling you. First, give him some time. He might have an excuse, something might have come up, or he just might not be the right guy. Sometimes, we just have to take a step back and move on to the next guy.

If you are reading how to make man miss you and you are not in a relationship, then you are in luck. You have all the tricks you need to start a good relationship. Number one, don’t tell him too much to start! You will have him missing you and calling you building a relationship like never before.

If you are in a long term relationship, you might be thinking this has nothing to do with me, but how to make him miss you can help you too. Think of steps one and three in the sneaky tricks. Long married couples even, when she kisses him good-bye in the morning and leaves just a hint of perfume on his collar, he is missing her all day at work as he smells it over and over. She always hangs up first, then he is wanting to get home to talk more. No matter the relationship length, there are tips here that can be used for any relationship.

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