What You Need to Know to Make Guy Want You

make guy want you

Guys and Gals are completely different when it comes to relationships.  Gals want romance and candles, to be wined and dined, and swept off their feet. Guys on the other hand, are a little more primal, it’s more about the hunt or the chase for them. So what is a gal to do, how you can make guy want you?

Physical vs. Intellectual Attraction

First off, there are two different types of attraction that you can get from a guy, and you have to decide which one you are looking to attract.  The first is a pure physical attraction, as a girl, you can attract guys by wearing certain clothes, eye contact, touching him softly and flirting. Being fit and having a certain look are other simple ways to attract him on a physical level. They don’t affect him on a deep or lasting level, in other words, it’s only temporary.

Intellectual attraction on the other hand goes much deeper. It is the kind of attraction that can make any guy like you and want you, have to be near you. It’s how to attract guys in a way that uses their minds and hearts, leading to involvement, intimacy and commitment. This is the lasting way to make man want you.

Traits Guys Want

To create the kind of intellectual attraction that will lead to the lasting relationship a girl needs to work on some things for herself. She needs to get her in order first. It’s all about having the right balance of being adventurous and independent; confident and unpredictable but compassionate.  Gals who also can let go of the pain of past relationship failures. If you can be that kind of girl, then you can make guy want you on the intellectual level.

Three Basic Steps to Make Guy Want You

There are a couple of really important steps in making guy want you that will go a long way in building any type of relationship.

  • First is availability, if you are always surrounded by a group of girlfriends, he will never come up to you. It’s good to be with the girls, but spread out a little, give yourself some space if there is a guy you are working on in the room. Give him a chance to come up to you, this also lets him know you are willing to talk to him.
  • Second, once you talk enjoy the conversation, listen to what he is saying and be interested.  Don’t get all caught up in the fact that he is talking to you, relax and hold an intelligent conversation with him, if you can keep up your end end, he is more willing to want to talk to you again.
  • Third, if he walks away, it’s ok. Don’t cling! This is a test, he wants to see if you’ll freak, if you let him go and relax most likely he’ll be back before you know it, if not it might be a good thing.

To make guy want you, you need to be confident in yourself. Know who you are and that you are worthy and willing to enter a relationship.  Once you have done that, you need to decide if you are looking for a short term or long term relationship. Now just set about attracting the guy of your choice. Just remember, men are different than women, they like to chase, don’t make it too easy, but don’t make it too hard either.

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