The Ultimate Tricks to Keep Man Interested

keep man interested

You want to keep man interested in you, well if you understand a few simple concepts, it’s a piece of cake.

First, men like novelty. They get bored easily, so if you can keep them guessing, you keep them interested. Here’s how!

The Ultimate Twenty Tricks

  • Be spontaneous. Keep him guessing.
  • Take imitative in bed.
  • Smell great all the time
  • Awe his friends
  • Learn to seduce him
  • Don’t be a drama queen
  • Show interest in his hobbies
  • Be his shoulder to lean on. Help him deal with life.
  • Be his arm candy
  • Be financially secure
  • Have intelligent conversations
  • Win over his family
  • Be happy and interesting
  • Be smart and sassy
  • Don’t be easily available
  • Don’t be clingy or needy
  • Be a good cook
  • Don’t be a pushover
  • Make him proud of you
  • Respect yourself

Break It Down Now

By now you are sitting there going, there is no way, no how I am going to do all that just to keep man interested in me. Let’s break it down and you’ll see that it really isn’t that much. A number of these are actually about you being the strong, confident woman you should be. Numbers 3, 4, and 9 are really all about you taking the time to take care of yourself and look nice. I mean, that’s not so hard to do, right. When you look good you feel good, so numbers 13 and 14 will follow.  Your smart, so 11 is no big deal, and since you are smart, 7 and 13 and easy. The only really hard things here are cooking and winning over his family.

The Feminine Wiles

We’ve all heard about the feminine wiles, the batting of the eyes and that defenseless stuff that guys are suppose to swoon for. Well, let me tell you, there is some truth to that. Guys like to fell macho, to feel they are better than their buddies. Hence number 4, if you look good, and his friends are all ogling you, then it strokes his ego making him feel like he has the best girl around and he is more interested in you. It’s actually not a woman being defenseless, but letting a man feel he is better, so that his interested is excited and stays excited by the woman. To keep man interested, just make sure he thinks his girl is the best, and if his friends like you, even better.

To keep man interested in you is easy, but first you have to focus on you. If you are comfortable in who you are, confident in yourself and ready to conqueror the world, then you are ready to find a man and keep him interested in you. Respect yourself first, then he will be able to respect you. Relationships take work, but anything worth having takes time and effort. If it was easy, then it wouldn’t be worth having. Just relax, be yourself and you will find that you can keep man interested in you with ease.

For more tips from a well-known dating expert, Alex Carter, check this video.

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