Reasons Why He Isn’t Calling And What You Can Do About It

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You met an amazing guy the other day. He had it all. He was smart and funny. He had class, his own home, and a high paying job. He drove you to dinner in his awesome new car. You thought the evening went phenomenally. So why hasn’t he responded to your texts or calls? There could be any number of reasons that he’s not responding to you and your attempts. It’s not uncommon for a woman to worry that she did something wrong. Here are some of the most common reasons he might not be calling back.

How Soon And How Often Have You Called?

You shot him a text a few minutes after you parted letting him know you had a great time. If it’s been a few days and that’s the only correspondence you’ve sent then perhaps he’s waiting for a little something more than that. Try sending a simple text to see how his day is going.

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How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out

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You know this guy and you like him. You’re also pretty sure that he is taking interest in you, but he hasn’t asked you out yet. If you’re in this situation, you may be wondering, how do I get him to ask me out? Well, don’t worry. Here are some tips on getting a guy to ask you out on a date.

Coming Off As Self Sufficient And Confident Woman

Men are attracted to self sufficient and confident women who don’t rely on others to be happy. They like women who make their own rules and speak to their minds. These qualities in a woman tell men that she is not clingy and smothering. If you want him to ask you out on a date, be confident when he’s around. First make sure he likes you too. Read more about how to get any man to like you. Send him positive signals that you’re interested in him too. The key at this point is to give him a signal that you’re interested to get to know him better, but at the same time, be very careful.

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How To Make Him Want You More

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Do you want to know how to make him want you more and more? Is there a certain man in your life you’d love to make notice you? Do you really want to know how to turn him on and make yourself irresistible? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Here you will read the sure-fire ways to make any man want you more than he’s ever wanted a woman before.

Men Are Different Than Women

Men are very different from women in many ways. For instance, they love women in a very different way than women love men. Typically they are reserved and they don’t express their feelings as openly as most women do.

What happens in most cases is that a woman tells her boyfriend she loves him and she wants to hear the same thing in return. If he doesn’t respond that way she starts to wonder what is going inside his mind and what he is feeling about her. At this point, the key is to understand your man. If doesn’t express his love verbally as often as you do, it’s not a reflection of what he really feel about you. Give him some time to open up.

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How To Make A Taurus Man Want You?

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Are you dating a Taurus man? You may be thinking about how to make him want you more. Taurus men are an interesting combination of a nice guy and a macho man. Taurus men are attentive and loyal. In order to make a Taurus man want you more, you should use your feminine charisma. A good understanding of what they want in a woman can help you achieve your goal.

Here’s How To Make A Taurus Man Want You More…

Here are some useful tips that you can use to understand your Taurus boyfriend more and make him love and want you more.

Be A Lady

Taurus men want their partners to be emotionally stable. They don’t like women who play games. This is because they are practical and they are not the ones who fall in love at first sight. Use your feminine charisma to make your Taurus man love you more. They appreciate soft-spoken, polished style women with good manners. The traits that a Taurus man wants in a woman are: she has to be exciting, feminine, and strong. He also needs to see that you are stable and practical like him. To read the difference between being a girl and a woman, check this.

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Will Your Absence Make His Heart Grow Fonder?

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At the beginning of a love relationship, what people want to get from their partners is their utmost attention. Most people, especially women, be available 24×7 and readily accessible for their partners. Too much presence sometimes can hurt a relationship, in particular, if a woman is too much available for her man. This is because men like freedom and they want space. When they see that their girlfriend is always there, they start seeing it in a different way.

In fact, your all time presence will make your boyfriend feel uncomfortable. He might start thinking that you are too clingy and this is just the beginning of your relationship. This can intimidate your man and push him away from you.

It is important to bear in mind that only those relationships can last longer where both partners work extra hard. So, if you are too much available for him and giving him your utmost attention, think again, you have got to be extra careful. This is one of those reasons why most men pull away. Avoid staying with him all the time because if you do so, he’ll lose his sense of freedom which is very important for a man.

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How To Forget Your Ex Boyfriend?

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Breakups are always very hard, but give us a relief. If you have just broken up with your boyfriend, feeling of losing your relationship and someone you really loved can negatively affect your life. In this situation, you should try to be with those people who really love you and care about you like your family and friends.

If there is even one person in your life who understands your emotions, with the help of that person you can make it a lot easier to forget your ex boyfriend. It is very important to be mentally strong in this bad situation. If you are looking for some good advice on how you can forget your ex you were once madly in love with, read on.

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Five Tips To Keep Your Husband Happy

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It is true that after marriage your whole life revolves around your husband, kids and the family as whole. It is very important to keep your family, especially husband happy in order to have a happy married life. The rule is very simple – treat him the way you want him to treat you. In other words, if you want him to keep you happy, don’t forget to do something for him that makes and keep him happy. It’s all about give and take.

Many women find themselves in a situation where they are struggling to keep their significant other happy, but nothing seems to work. There could be many reasons why he isn’t happy. However, there are many ways of how to make your husband happy. Here are some tips that you can use to have a wonderful married life by keeping your better half happy.

Express Your Love

Most couples stop or simply forget to say ‘I Love You.’ Remember the time when these 3 magical words changed your life forever. Now, this is not just saying I love you to your husband all the time. The idea here is to express your love in an attractive way. Let your actions do all talking. You should make him feel how much you need and value him. Don’t make him feel that your relationship with him is a burden. Just keep the old flame burning.

Appreciate Him

After spending some time with him, the constant exposure might make you take him for granted. You may not realize it, but it can make your husband feel that he is no longer special to you. This could make him feel unhappy and he might lose interest in his relationship with you. A very good and easy way to make your husband feel special again is to appreciate him. There are many ways to show your appreciation for him, such as cook his favorite meal, wear his favorite color, buy him a nice gift, etc.

Spend Quality Time With Him

When you two are together, don’t waste this time by talking about those things that lack substance. You can do something fun or interesting with him, start a mutual hobby or do something together that can help you bring him closer to you. The key here is to be a good company.

Re-Ignite The Romance

When did you flirt with him last time? Accept it or not, most women are bad at flirting with men. If you really want to re-ignite the romance in your married life, subtle flirting can help you with this. You have to do and say some certain things that can literally force your significant other to feel crazy about you.

Be Experimental In Bed

The process of sexual intercourse can get quite boring since you have done the same thing many times. This could be one of the reasons why your husband is unhappy. You should keep your sexual life fresh and diverse. How many sex positions you have tried with your husband? If not many, it’s the time to try more. Different sexual positions can reignite the fire and make your husband happy and crazy about you.

How To Make An Aries Man Want You

how to make aries boyfriend want you more

Are you into this Aries guy and wondering how to make him want you just as you want him? Well, stop wondering and read on to explore some really interesting facts about Aries men. This information should help you make your Aries man want and love you more and more.

Understanding An Aries Man

The first step to make your Aries boyfriend want you and miss you is understand him. Aries men are full of surprises, excitement and energy. They hate monotonic life. Romance with an Aries man will be like a roller coaster ride, and you’ve to be prepared for everything.

One important thing that you should be very careful about when dating an Aries man is not to expect him to understand that you need some security every now and then in your relationship with him. This is because Aries men lack consistency. An Aries man is like an undisciplined child. If your Aries boyfriend makes you warm with his passion one minute, the very next minute he could act in a way that would make you feel as if you are sitting in a north pole.

Aries men are known to be dominant, domineering, compassionate, independent and born leader. So, never try to control your love life if you are dating an Aries man. These men have the inner drive for hunting and chasing. They like to conquer, find undiscovered land and make it theirs.

So, How Can You Make Your Aries Boyfriend Want You More?

Follow one simple tip – use their ‘domineering, hunting & chasing, and challenging’ traits to your benefit.

Play Hard To Get But Avoid Drama

Aries men like to play rough! They like hunting and chasing. Don’t forget that the dominant role belongs to your Arien boyfriend, not you, even though you can enjoy play a little hard to get. Let him know that a very attractive prize is waiting for him that he can claim after a little chase. Learn to play the game of cat and mouse, this is what really excites an Aries male.

Express Your Feeling & Love

Be expressive with your boyfriend because Aries male likes to express feelings. You’ve to be wise and tolerant in your relationship. Be spontaneous and avoid diplomacy. Aries men hate diplomacy.

Act In a Multilevel

In order to make him love you and want you more, you have to use a multidimensional approach and be colorful. It simply means that you should act in a multilevel. Make his guesses wrong about you every time you meet him. Surprise him with something new and he’ll want you more. When dating an Arien male, you can be flirty and fun and at the same time make sure that you are able to handle serious situations related to your personal life or career.

Use Your Femininity To Make Him Want You

The Aries men are masculine and strong in nature. They prefer a woman who is feminine and healthy. They prefer intelligent women who have goals to achieve. In order to make your Aries boyfriend love you and want you more, you have to be very confident and organized.

Need More Help?

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6 Reasons Why Men Pull Away

why men withdraw

Why men pull away? Is a popular question among women of all ages, especially among younger women. It is true that every woman finds herself at a point in her life when her man pulls away or acts distant. There may be various reasons for that and when you know the core reason of why he pulled away it could help you get him back.

Men take flight when they feel too much pressure on them, especially when they are not ready to build a serious relationship. Let’s have a look at the main reasons why do they pull away in a relationship.

1: He Doesn’t Want a Long Term Relationship With You

A simple reason could be the fact that your man is either not ready for a serious relationship or he simply doesn’t want a long term relationship with you at all. Men want more freedom than women. Some men prefer staying single or in an open relationship than to be in a serious relationship just because of the freedom they want. Some men are not ready to take responsibility of a family, so they pull away. If you have been dating this man for quite some time and he is not ready to build a serious relationship with you, you have to make a decision at this point and move on in your life.

2: You are a Clinger

Most women are simply a clinger and their clinginess pushes their man away. This could happen at any stage in a relationship. Men need space and they don’t like women who are always curious to know what their man is doing. The problem with most girls is that they become too attached with their man and want to keep an eye on every move of him. If you are too clingy, it is advised to change this habit. A good way to change this habit is to keep yourself busy in any constructive activity.

3: You are Trying to Change Him

It is true that the responsibility of building a successful relationship lies on the shoulders of both man and woman. Both of them have to put their efforts to make a relationship successful. In most relationships, men lose interest when their woman tries to change them. This is very simple, when you want your man to accept you who you are then why you try to change him? He is not going to stop watching his favorite sports match just because you don’t like it.

4: They Need to Reconnect with Themselves

Most men pull away in a relationship after having those unforgettable moments of intimacy and closeness with women to reconnect with themselves. They are transitioning from ‘me’ to ‘we’ stage, so they take some time to reconnect with the ‘me.’ Once this reconnection is made, they will be ready to take the relationship to the next level. However, it is important to note that if your man is pulling away in the initial stages of your relationship, something isn’t right and you need to find out what is causing him to lose interest in you.

5: You are Too Demanding

Why men pull away in most relationships is because women are too demanding. This isn’t their fault because women usually act this way. They become too attached and don’t take time to project into the future after a few dates. On the other hand, for men first few dates are the beginning of their dating journey. Men take some time to take a relationship to the next level.  Women show disappointment quickly which pushes men away. For example, Sara and Joe have just met and they have been dating for a couple of moths now. Joe takes Sara out on date every now and then, and he has been consistent in contact. Once a minor thing happens and Sara feels disappointed because she has high expectations from him. Men don’t like it, in fact, not only men but any normal human being won’t like it when they sense that their partner is too demanding and want more than they can give. This leads to loss of balance in a relationship and that’s one of the reasons why men pull away.

6: He Is Dealing With a Personal Problem

Men don’t like sharing their problems with anyone. They are problem solvers and they want to solve their problems on their own without disturbing their loved ones. If your man is suddenly acting distant, he may be dealing with a serious personal or professional problem that is not related to you. He will be back to you once his problem is solved. If this is the case, it would be wise to let him deal his problems on his own and don’t put pressure on him.

These were 6 most common reasons why men withdraw. If your man is acting distant and not giving you attention that you deserve, you should take a close look at your situation and the way he is acting that way.

Proven Tips On How To Make A Guy Jealous

how to make your boyfriend jealous

If you are wondering how to make guy jealous, you’re not the first woman. This is something that almost every woman has wondered at some point in her life. If the guy you are involved with is taking you for granted, you would definitely want to do something to make him realize your value. You can get great results by making him jealous. This is one of the best ways to make a guy want you more without even asking for it.

The key to using jealousy effectively is to keep it subtle. Jealousy can easily solve your problem and help you get his attention back or, better yet, make this guy want you more. Let’s have a look at the quick and proven ways to make your boyfriend jealous.

1: Be Happy Without Him

The first thing that you need to change in you to make him jealous is to be airtight and happy without him. The problem with most women is that they are too clingy at times. Clinginess drives men away from their women more than women could ever understand. When guys see that their girlfriend always tries to be with him and she doesn’t have her own life, they start taking her for granted. A good way to avoid being too clingy is to have a life of your own and do activities with your friends or family that make you happy, even when your boyfriend is not with you. This will give your guy a clear message that you are happy without his attention and you are happy with yourself.

2: Tell Him About Other Guys That Give You Attention

This trick always works and is very powerful. It is strongly advised to use this trick with great care. It isn’t necessary to make him see you with other guy. When a guy sees his woman being cozy with another man, it changes everything in his mind. It changes the way he sees his woman. This is true that he will never be able to get the picture of his woman with another man out of his mind. So, use this trick with great care. If someone else is flirting with you, it wouldn’t hurt to tell your guy about it. If any other guy asks you out on a date, tell your man about him. The point is to make him realize that you are not hungry for his attention because you are already getting enough. This is a perfect way to make him jealous. However, do not make these things a big part of your conversations with him.

3: Do Not Always Say ‘Yes’

Women often forget to say ‘no’ when they really don’t want anything. They do it to keep their man happy but this habit puts them in a situation where their man starts taking them for granted. The next time he asks for a date, don’t say ‘yes’, it’s time to rectify this matter and a ‘no’ will do the job. Just tell him that you are busy at the moment and you can’t go on a date.

These tips are proven and can easily make your boyfriend jealous. However, you have to play safe. A little mistake can hurt your relationship with your man. Specific things you do and say to your man can make him want you more. For more effective tips, check this.