Psychology Tricks to Make Guy Miss You

make man miss you

Sometimes, it’s just not fair how women are taken for granted by guys they are with. So it’s only natural to teach them a lesson, the hard way. These psychological tricks are meant to make guy miss you like crazy.

Don’t Cater to Him

The fastest way to make guy miss you is to stop catering to him. If he is used to you fixing him breakfast, or bring his food during the game, stop. Go out, do something else. Stop letting him take you for granted. You aren’t his mother so don’t act like it.

Go On a Weekend Getaway Without Him

Take a weekend off, go by yourself or with girlfriends, and get away. Turn off the phone; don’t call him or text while you are gone. Relax and treat yourself to a spa treatment and enjoy. Once you come back you can be sure he will be more than glad to see you.

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