Psychology Tricks to Make Guy Miss You

make man miss you

Sometimes, it’s just not fair how women are taken for granted by guys they are with. So it’s only natural to teach them a lesson, the hard way. These psychological tricks are meant to make guy miss you like crazy.

Don’t Cater to Him

The fastest way to make guy miss you is to stop catering to him. If he is used to you fixing him breakfast, or bring his food during the game, stop. Go out, do something else. Stop letting him take you for granted. You aren’t his mother so don’t act like it.

Go On a Weekend Getaway Without Him

Take a weekend off, go by yourself or with girlfriends, and get away. Turn off the phone; don’t call him or text while you are gone. Relax and treat yourself to a spa treatment and enjoy. Once you come back you can be sure he will be more than glad to see you.

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Will Your Absence Make His Heart Grow Fonder?

make his heart grow fonder

At the beginning of a love relationship, what people want to get from their partners is their utmost attention. Most people, especially women, be available 24×7 and readily accessible for their partners. Too much presence sometimes can hurt a relationship, in particular, if a woman is too much available for her man. This is because men like freedom and they want space. When they see that their girlfriend is always there, they start seeing it in a different way.

In fact, your all time presence will make your boyfriend feel uncomfortable. He might start thinking that you are too clingy and this is just the beginning of your relationship. This can intimidate your man and push him away from you.

It is important to bear in mind that only those relationships can last longer where both partners work extra hard. So, if you are too much available for him and giving him your utmost attention, think again, you have got to be extra careful. This is one of those reasons why most men pull away. Avoid staying with him all the time because if you do so, he’ll lose his sense of freedom which is very important for a man.

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