Is It Me? Is It You? Why Do Men Pull Away?

why do men pull away

We’ve all been there, we are in a happy relationship and then all the sudden he starts pulling away, and we are wondering? Is is me? Did I do something wrong? You are confused and hurt, sometimes a little angry. Why do guys pull away? If you’re facing this situation, you are not alone because almost all women ask themselves why do men pull away at some point in their life.

Why Do Men Pull Away?  Could it be Hormonal Differences?

Guess what, there is scientific research into why do guys act distant and lose interest, and there is even evidence that it is hormonal. When men get too attached, they feel uncomfortable and uneasy. As men bond with women, the hormone oxytocin increases. In a woman, it lowers her stress levels, but in a man it lowers his testosterone. This raises his stress levels. Too much bonding makes a man feel uncomfortable. Sometimes they need male bonding time to rebuild the testosterone levels back up.

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