How To Make a Capricorn Man Want You?

How to make a man want you more

Have you had your eyes on this Capricorn guy? You should be very careful how you approach him because Capricorn men are complex. The most important thing is to first try to understand your Capricorn man. Once you know your Capricorn man, it will be a lot easier for you to make him want you.

Understanding a Capricorn Male

A Capricorn man is reserved, but very loyal in friendship, traditional, and complex. Here is what you need to know about a Capricorn man to make him want you.

Capricorn Man Admires Intellectual Rigour

Capricorn men pay close attention to intellectual rigour. They wont pick up an attractive woman in the room, instead they will look for someone who can impress them with her intellectual rigour. This is mainly because Capricorn men are thorough and honest. They like honest women who have clear understanding of everything and who are not afraid of putting their opinion out there.

Capricorn Man is Reserved

Capricorn men are shy and reserved. They would prefer to be your friend first. They are slow to attach on the physical side. This is simply because they value friendship more than sex. It may be easy to attract Capricorn men but keeping them interested in you can be very challenging. It is very important to not expect your Capricorn man to persistently chase you even if you are the most gorgeous woman around him. The idea here is to take it slow. Capricorn men might not respond to your flirtations or the sexiest invitations. In fact, they are turned off by the woman who wants to get in Capricorn man’s bed too fast. If you really want to seduce your Capricorn man, give it sometime. That’s because Capricorn men take a long time to open up and get comfortable with the woman they don’t know.

He is Dependable

Capricorn men are dependable. They always work with goals. They make efforts to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. They are typically successful in their career. They are not a good choice for a fling since they prefer long term relationship. They are faithful to their woman.

Capricorn Man is not Romantic

They are not romantic and they don’t fall in love quickly. They move slowly when it comes to love. Capricorn man will forget birthdays, anniversaries, and other dates that may be important to you, but it does not mean that he does not love you. He prefers to hide his emotions.

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How To Make a Capricorn Man Want You?

Let’s have a look at how to make a Capricorn man want you.

Admire Your Capricorn Man

Capricorn men are reserved, but they love to be admired. If you want to make your Capricorn man to want you, tell him often that you admire him but make sure you keep it real because a Capricorn man can easily spot the false praises. There are various ways to show your admiration for him, such as encourage him when he talks about his plan. Pay close attention to him when he is talking about something he finds interesting. Another way to show your admiration to him is to express his achievements to your family and friends, and his friends.

Avoid Flirting with Your Capricorn Man

Capricorn men don’t like flirting. If you want to flirt with your Capricorn man, think again because it will push him back and make him re-evaluate his feelings for you. Remember this thing about Capricorn men that they prefer intelligence over beauty. They are not romantic and they don’t like flirting. They take time to get into bed with a woman.

Don’t Make Him Jealous

Jealousy can be a very powerful thing, both in positive and negative way. Many women think that they can make any man want them more by using jealousy. But this is not true when it comes to Capricorn men. Don’t make the mistake of getting him jealous because jealousy will make your Capricorn man lose his interest in you.

Give Him Space

Capricorn man needs to have his space. It is true that Capricorn men love a good company, but they still need time to themselves. The men of this zodiac signs are notorious for pushing their partners away. If you find yourself in the same situation, don’t freak out because it does not have anything to do with you. This happens because of the desire of Capricorn man to reflect. You should also bear in mind that Capricorn men have hard time opening up to others. if you feel your man is acting that way, give him some time and he will be back to you.

Make Your Capricorn Man Want You More

Capricorn men can be very difficult to handle, but they are not impossible. Make sure you fully understand your man and do’s and don’t’s of how to handle him. In order to make a Capricorn man want you more, you should give him space, be his best friend, and avoid flirting with him.

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6 thoughts on “How To Make a Capricorn Man Want You?

  1. I keep reading that Cappy men need time and space but it never says how much time and space. I have a crush on a cappy. We’ve been friends for a few months and are attracted to each other. He mentioned once that he wasn’t looking for anything serious right now. He broke up with a very controlling woman a few months ago. His ex wife was also controlling. I told him I was looking for an emotional connection. Since then, we’ve ended up at my place a few times after parties of mutual friends and the last time we ended up having sex. He texted me the next night about something unrelated and made a point of speaking to me the day after that when we were at the same function. But he doesn’t contact me much. Last week he started engaging on my social media which he’s never done before. Then Saturday night he texted me in the middle of the night. Obviously an attempt at a booty call. I was sleeping and the next day texted him in a playful way that I must have missed the invite to go for drinks with him. He said it was a guys night but he got my point. That was 4 days ago and he has engaged on my Facebook page but hasn’t contacted me directly. I keep hoping he will ask me out. Do I write this guy off?

    • I was reading this just now and can’t believe the similarities I have with my Cappy man….even down to the ex wife being controlling and the other recent relationship. I’d love to know how things are working out for you if you care to share.

  2. not approved of having sex before marriage. should value ourselves much and the guys should do the same to us too. we women are precious too, not just the guys to us.
    after read the tips, made me wonder if I should continue to get close to him, though our zodiac is very matched. sigh..

  3. I need help to understand what is going on and how should I behave..

    I’m 34-year-old Scorpio woman, he is a 39-year-old Capricorn man. I have known him for a couple of years as we work in the same building. I dated a friend of his last year and I was aware of him taking an interest in me, but we never spoke. I didn’t really like him and didn’t have any need to strike up a conversation with him. But I was aware of his gaze which I took as just being curious as to who I was, nothing more to it.

    This spring I started noticing him more, catching him looking at me and throughout the summer our flirtatious eye contact been getting more intense. We still hadn’t said more than a hi to each other so in the last month or so, I have been trying to include him more into my conversations with other work mates or have a passing comment. I desperately want to talk to him but we have nothing work related to speak about and it seems silly to talk about something mundane out of the blue. This week I realised we have been shyly flirty for months now and it freaked me out, so I decided to grab the bull by its horns and send him a text and asked if he would go out for a coffee with me. I have waited for two days now and no reply!

    Did I make a mistake making a move on him? Part of me wants to text him to say that it was only an invitation for a coffee so we could get to know each other, and not a marriage proposal. Part of me wants to believe he is thinking it over thoroughly before replying, but two days?? I think that is just rude now 😀 I want to believe that because he didn’t reply with a no, that there is still a chance? Or is that what Caps do, just completely ignore you, they don’t owe an explanation? I don’t know how to act around him now, keep the flirting going on or take it as a no and move on? I haven’t seen him as I am on holiday, which is the reason why I chose to send the message this week.

    I’m an idiot for putting myself out there! But at least I now know where I stand with him, I guess.. Some insight into a mind of a Cap would be greatly appreciated! <3

  4. if he is interested, he will reply text later or sooner. my favorite guy is like that. the 1st time I asked him if he’s interested to go to an event, at first he said he will consider, then the next day he say ok. but I’m confused now.. I invited him to another event again but he turned me down. I asked if he already got appointment, he later reply not sure yet. I suppose I will go back to my shell since he’s seems to be still looking around?..

  5. These men are a waste of time. If you’re an air sign it will never work. I’m a libra and althouhh they are often intelligent and hard working…They are also boring, weird, sexist, pessimistic, prone to cheating, only interested in the chase, socially awkward, stubborn, will game you with beautiful words and then will be distant. They are also manipulative and sexual deviants. I thought I wanted one so bad until I got a glimpse of what a miserable life it would be to be with a man who loves you internally, but is unable to communicate his feelings without slipping into a depression. RUN!

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