How To Make a Scorpio Man Want You & Love You?

how to make scorpio man want you

In order to make your Scorpio man want and love you more, you should first understand personality type of a Scorpio man. Scorpion men are not the men to be trifled with.

Understanding a Scorpio Man in Love

There are certain traits that make men of this zodiac a lot different from men of other zodiac signs. Let’s have a look at these traits and how you can use these traits to make Scorpio man want you more.

  • Scorpio men are incredibly curious
  • They are devilishly charming
  • They appreciate romance and are deeply romantic
  • They are good at hiding their feelings about things
  • They can be very moody and unpredictable
  • They are very loyal

By understanding these traits, you can make your Scorpio man want you more.

How To Make a Scorpio Man Want You More?

Let’s have a look at how you can use above mentioned traits to your benefit.

Scorpio Men are Incredibly Curious

You can use your Scorpio man’s curiosity to your own benefit. Scorpion men want to know about everything and everyone. But most scorpion men like to figure out these things on their own. You should be a little mysterious and it will make your Scorpio man chase after you. Scorpion men are good at asking questions. And always remember that a little mystery goes a long way. So, avoid revealing too much about yourself and let him ask questions. Give him reason to meet you again.

Dress to Impress, But Avoid Revealing Too Much

Remember that Scorpion men like mystery, so avoid revealing provocative or revealing dresses. Wear appropriate clothes that flatter your figure. At this point, maintain sense of mystery to make him want you more.

Be Interesting

Scorpio men can get bored very easily. In order to keep them interested in you, you should be able to make meaningful conversation on mystical and mysterious things, such as UFOs, BigFoot or magic etc. Scorpions have special interest in unusual things, so talk about unusual things when you are with him.

Scorpions Are Extremists

When they love, it is passionate. And when they hate, it can be heartbreaking. So, be very careful about this trait of Scorpio men. If you are considering building a long term relationship with a Scorpio man, don’t forget this trait.

Let Him Take Control

Switch your controlling mode off when you are with a Scorpion male, especially if he is your boyfriend or husband. This is because Scorpio males like to be in control. They want to control any situations they find themselves in. They don’t like to take orders. They are independent, fearless and ambitious. If you are getting in his way, he will not like it.

Scorpion males enjoy their family and friends. They are generous and caring, but can be nasty to those who have done wrong with them. Keep these things into mind in order to make your Scorpio lover want and love you more.

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6 thoughts on “How To Make a Scorpio Man Want You & Love You?

  1. Am a leo woman madly in love with a Scorpio man but I need a lot of help understanding him. Please help me don’t want to lose him.


  3. I am.aries lady madly in love with my scorpion friend …once he had proposed me but due to somecirumstances I couldn’t reply him well…. I want to marry him…help me out to get his love back … That time back … I really love can’t afford to lose him

  4. I’m crazy in love with a Scorpio guy but I find it very difficult to understand coz more some times he becomes moody and distant.He doesn’t express his love… so, I doubt if he loves me… one time he didn’t call or even try to see for a whole week.. mostimes I feel as if I’m forcing myself on him and I don’t like feeling that way.. pls I need help

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