How To Make a Virgo Man Want You More?

make a virgo man want you

Are you dating a Virgo man? Do you want to make him want you more without even asking for his attention? Before you read what you can do to make a Virgo man love & want you more, it is important to understand the key Virgo traits. A clear understanding of these key traits will help you make your Virgo boyfriend go crazy over you.

So, What Are these Key Virgo Traits?

Virgo men are very intelligent and attractive. They are family oriented and like to bind their entire family within a strong bond. One thing that makes Virgo men different from men of other zodiac signs is that they are old-fashioned. They are not attracted to the modern changes. They like their old-fashioned ways in every aspect of life. One quality that makes a Virgo boyfriend a good friend, a human being, and a perfect husband is their honesty. They are also extrovert in social conduct. If you are creative, you can use it to attract a Virgo man. Overall, a Virgo man is creative, old-fashioned, sympathetic, helpful and very intelligent.

Virgo Men in Relationships

When it comes to relationships, they are called mysterious. They are very cool-minded and practical. They give utmost importance to their woman’s needs. They know exactly how to treat a woman. So, if your boyfriend is Virgo, you are in great luck. You do not have to make great efforts to make him want you more. It is important to note that the Virgo men like to change or mold their partner completely within their ideology. If you don’t like to be changed, you can’t make him yours.

How To Make Him Want You?

Here are some tips on how you can make your Virgo boyfriend want and love you more.

Take Slow Steps

Virgo men are very slow when it comes to getting into romantic relationships. They also have some difficulty in making new friends. So, if you have been dating this Virgo guy for some time and he has not expressed his interest to take your relationship with him to next level, take it easy. Give him some more time. If he is serious about you, he will make efforts to keep his relationship with you. You should not push him for commitment. The best thing you can do is try to understand him and let him know that it’s okay if he is not ready to make a serious commitment. This will make him respect you more and it will make him feel that you are the right woman for him.

Help Him Express His Feelings

Virgo men often have trouble when it comes to express their feelings. So, if your Virgo boyfriend does not compliment often or if he does not say ‘I Love You’ often it does not mean that he doesn’t love you. He acts this way because he finds it hard to share his feelings with his romantic partner. You should help him express his feeling by making him feel comfortable with you. Let him know that it is alright if he does not say ‘I Love You’ often.

Stimulate His Mind

Virgo men are attracted towards intelligent women. If you can stimulate his mind, he will be all yours. Virgo men are very intelligent, so they want a woman who is intelligent and smarter than them. It is important to be who you are because Virgo men don’t like pretentious people. Acquire as much knowledge as you can about different topics to make interesting conversations with your Virgo boyfriend.

Look Your Best

Virgo men appreciate a put-together look. So, if you are dating a Virgo man, you should take special care of yourself. Pay close attention to your dressing. Choose colors that enhance your skin tone and wear designs that flaunt your best body attributes. Also, take special care with your scent. Avoid putting on too much makeup because Virgo men prefer natural beauty.

On the whole, these were some tips to make a Virgo man want you more. For more tips and tricks, watch this video. You will discover a mind-blowing secret to make a Virgo man want & love you more.

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341 thoughts on “How To Make a Virgo Man Want You More?

  1. I’m dating a Virgo man and he’s so sweet, romantic and adorable. He totally comforts me with his love, affection and attention too. He accepts my views and opinion and the best part is he frequently calls me texts me just to ask that I’m fine or not. We have a good understanding though having different opinion is not an offence we are extremely comfortable with each other……

  2. A Virgo guy I will say confuses me I don’t get if he loves or not I work and the only time I have is weekends but during most of the weekends when I wannt to see him he always say he is out wit his friends it so annoying I do most of the calling he does not like chat either we had a serious issue for 3weeks no communication he called me. For long and we. Talked we got back @ first it was fine and later it became annoying am Aquarius am confuse don’t know if I should stay or go

    • Hi Sweet pea You obviously didn’t do your homework. In order to appreciate a Virgo man you must know that he is very critical but more so of himself. He makes the effort to do so because he cares. Yes he tried to change you but not because you didn’t match. Virgo has an image of their perfect mate in their heads and they mode you to that image. Virgos are true to their sign and I adore them because when he finally stops analyzing you and trusts you it’s a match made in heaven. Virgo me are strong , independent, protective men who love to the fullest capacity. Every thing you complained about I appreciate in a Virgo man. When you take time out to know your partner no matter what sign he is, you avoid writing a book of complaints about things you could avoid. Virgo men to me are the most honest because they will not tell you they like if they don’t. In the future research first and if that doesn’t work then think about dating a different sign. Good luck in your search.

    • Hi Anonymous, once again to know the Virgo is to love them. Virgo men like their me time and when they are not in me time they first make time for their family then their friends. You must build up a repoir with him in order to even take precedence over his friends. Never compare how many times you call versus he called you. Tic for a Tac ends even the best relationship. If you really like him allow him the space needed. He will call you if he is really into you. But if you have showed any type of jealous or possessive side while together pack your bags. Virgo men do not like their women to be overly possessive or jealous. It makes them feel smothered and they will disappear.

  3. I’m a Taurus woman and according to astrology, Virgo man and Taurus women are great for each other, but honestly, not in my case. I’ve had the WORST time with a Virgo man. First of all, they are highly critical. Their words cut deep, always wanting perfection, the ideal woman, and YES he did try to change me. Which is odd because I’m a perfectionist. I love my clothes to match, my house to be clean and spotless with great frangrences and I do consider myself pretty smart. For instance, I will look nice with my clothes matching and he will find something to critize. When he is sitting on the couch in a tshirt with holes in it and a scruffy beard he hasn’t shaved in a month. He is by far from perfect! Secondly, the condradict themselves, for instance, he was always telling me to just be myself, lol then he would critize everything I did and he would try to change me into what he wanted. So I would just get so confused, like what the hell do you want because everything I do is wrong to you! Its like nothing can satisfy him. Thirdly, they are hypocrites. He would tell me that I cuss too much, but then he would turn around and cuss at the TV when his sports team was playing. Then he’d say oh you can’t take anything k say seriously because I don’t care about anything. HONESTLY the biggest mindfuck, EVER! He would critize the most beautiful women we went out in public and I’m like geez dude I wonder what you really think of me. Fourthly, Virgos are negative and moody, but also cold and distant and very mysterious. I can never tell what is going on with him because he never says how he feels. Just bottles everything up and then doesn’t talk for days and I’m just left wondering what the hell all of the time and Taurus woman are known for their patience. That’s one of our biggest traits of all is our patience. Nothing or no one will ever be good enough for this guy, ever. I drove myself nuts trying to always please him because its always about him. I was off and on with this guy for 3 years. I was initially attracted to him because he is loyal, hard working, funny at times, witty, just got his shit together and honesty he was the biggest disappointment in my entire life! I spent many hours of my life researching Virgo men and time and time again I read the hundreds probably even thousands of woman saying the exact same thing I am telling you now. You will suffer with a Virgo man. He will put you down, he will expect you to be perfect, he will want you to wait on him hand and foot, he won’t show you any kind of affection because they are cold and reserved. They are very very very controlling! They will controlled you’re very own emotions because they don’t like emotions and they don’t like their own. They will control EVERYTHING! If you like a funny show that he doesn’t like he will comment on it and expect you to change it because he doesn’t like it but instead do what he wants to do instead. This sign is very selfish and narcasstic and all they really care about is money to tell you the truth. They love moenh more than anything, but they will tell you that they don’t. Just Google a relationship with a Virgo man and you will be surprised to see hundreds of thousands of woman suffering with them saying the same thing I am and I’m like holy shit! This is exactly what I’m going through. He is with an ex right now. Ha! He told me he’d never go back to an ex because an ex is an ex for a reason, but guess what? You can’t trust a damn thing out of their mouth because they are a walking contradiction! Everything they say is a contradiction and it will drive you nuts! I could go on and on with more shit, but I’ve written enough!

    • Soooo true I’m going through now i want to copy what u said so I can remind myself of him 4 yrs I made be leaving him! Could u copy & paste to my timeline ur comment?

    • That clears up a lot of things on me. Im a taurus & I am currently dating a virgo guy. First date, we argue already about something. But on the other hand, i know we have chemistry. Hes just like to argue. He calls me names such as dumb and stupid. I think he is controlling. He gives a lot of excuses. One time we supposed to watch a movie but he then cancelled it coz according to him, his sis and niece came and soent the while day at his place. He asked me if we can go the next day so i said its ok. Next day, i asked what time we were supposed to watch and he said he didnt know what time. He said he so tiredand wanted to take a nap. So i said ill talk to him later. The whole day and night, he didnt text or call me. Next day, he texted good morning babe, like nothing happened. He just confuses me, giving me mixed signals. Idk if i will continue dating him or stop as early as right now.

      • This is happened to me before. My virgo said he would do something but in the end, he doesn’t and then we might not talk for a day or two.. he’ll message and talk as if nothing has happened. Don’t worry, I think this is a Virgo trait. They are just confusing as hell. We’ve been together for nearly a year now, and I still dont think I understand him completely.

    • Omg!.. Your reply to Virgo man is spot on.. On point!.. It was so funny reading what you wrote .. Had me in stitches .. I’m Pisces woman with Virgo man . And theyre full of shit .. Yeah, biggest hypocrites going ….lol 😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😂😂

  4. My virgo man says he loves me and me only we grew up together he chased me for 2o years before I looked and him and said to myself yeah I think I want him and gave in I’m a Virgo also I’m sweet easy going faithful clean pretty and I go out of my way to show him how much I love him I even took a drug charge for him he used to deal but always kept a job I lost my kids my house and my cna license plus I’m on 3 years probation because I didn’t want to see him in prison I had a clean record I don’t think that he appreciates me he does call and text me but he doesn’t cuddle or compliment me I always make sure I smell good hair and makeup done and I conduct myself like a lady I didn’t even get a vday present wtf

    • No… Timila you should have let him take his own charge and just been there for him when he got out. You had way more to lose then he did, But that’s the sweet part of Virgo women we always put others before ourselves. I hope everything is working out for you now.

    • Hi Timilia Taylor, I read your comment but I am not understanding why you thought it was ok to take a cha rge for something you didn’t do when you had kids who needed you. Yes you can say you love him and didn’t want to lose him but you must always love yourself enough to recognize right from wrong. You had a house kids and a promising career that you threw away for what. If he was a good man he would of never had put you in this predictament. Especially since you had kids. You basically have everything up for a boy because a real man doesn’t let a woman serve his time no matter what. Now after all you lost you are still only concerned about is him complimenting you and cuddling you. You have some serious issues that need to be dealt with. #1 Why are you still with him? You lost your kids, house and job because of him. Wake up and smell the coffee because your coffee is burnt. I would recommend counseling.

    • Hi Tamila, I know virgo’s are loyal but you should never take the blame for someone else’s mistakes. The only thing you could have done was support him through this lesson. You taking his charge; he didn’t learn anything. I think you have a misunderstanding in what Loyalty means. I hope all that you have gone through behind this has resolved positively for you and your children’s sake but a real man that loves you wouldn’t have allowed you to do that on his behalf.

  5. I’ve been with this Virgo guy for 6 months so dar, and at first everything went great! Then, all the sudden, he snapped at me and right now he’s keeping his distance. I don’t even know why! He had the nerve to tell me that maybe I was in love with him but he didn’t love me as much as I love him. For me, that was an insult! The guy is not even good looking, he’s older, and broke. I am a professional, and I have always being independent. I also look a lit younger than I really am. I’m also very smart. I guess sometimes nothing is enough for a Virgo man! For some reason, I knew this was going to happen because my sister has been married to a Virgo for years! and all he’s done is make her feel bad all the time. So I’m fixing to end the relationship because I don’t have time to waste. Screw Virgo men!

    • Hi Lizzie, It is so important to know what Virgo’s go through to appreciate them. Your Virgo got what I call cold feet. Everything to him may have been moving too fast. He basically told you this when he says he didn’t love you the way you loved him. So he backed off to regroup himself, but meanwhile you jumped to conclusions and take it as an insult and he really wasn’t insulting you. Now my question to you is. Do you really love him because you dogged him out. If he is not good looking , older and broke. Why were you with him in the first place. Instead of blowing things out of proportion you needed to listen because he did tell you why he needed space. I think at this point you need to figure out what you really want because in my opinion there is no love on your part there. Clearly shown by your insults. Also comparing one Virgo to what another did is not right. There is always two sides to a story and then the truth.

  6. Well I’m at the same point. This Virgo man is making me crazy.

    I’m a published model and I’m saguitarious. His a CEO and his virgo. I’m in early 20’s …his in mid 30’s.

    He confess to me that he loves me , he wants me , he cares for me and lastly want me to be with him.

    But his so confusing. Bcoz his intelligent he doesn’t listen to what I’m saying bcoz all he knows is that his right always …..and I should follow him. Bcoz he told me his just into intelligent women coz his a sapiophile so I find security in that sense.

    He has the gutts to tell me I’m pissed bcoz I can’t make him go crazy for me.

    Bcoz I’m a model he always thinks that I want attention from guys around me. And accused me of too much vanity ,having other guys ,chatting with them and send them nudes. Entertaining my ex’s. A lot of accusations…..and u know the feeling of being caused of the things that isn’t even true.

    He never admits his jealous about other guys hitting on me even I told him that “if I chose u over them ….I mean it and its real” . he thinks everything is a lie.

    I didn’t expected that he’ll be so judgemental that he’ll use my profession against me.

    Bcoz his job is way higher than most normal people he thinks I should follow things that he’ll say. Coz that the right thing to do .

    Now I told him that both of us needs space. Let him think if it’s worth it to stay then ill try to work things out with him.

    • Hi Aphrodite, Wow your Virgo man told you he loves you. Your situation is not that hard. Yes as a Virgo man he wants things his way. He is jealous but also insecure. Sometimes the only way to fix a situation like this is by showing him. Action speaks louder than words. Don’t disrespect your man by flirting or even allowing a man in your space. Let him see that you’re for him. Remember this Virgo men don’t say what they don’t mean when it comes to feelings. Virgo men favor traditional values so allow him to be the head. Let him know you value his opinion and he will value yours. Stop trying to be the boss and take your place beside him as his woman. If you see issues with this then you are not the woman for him. Move on and find a man who won’t care about you being in other men faces. Good luck

  7. Going thru everything mentioned … He is the master of the push pull … Scared of love … I have to leave him alone Asap

      • Sorry … He doesn’t want a relationship … It’s excuse after excuse … I’m 6 years older … I am over it … He is always with his friends …. Doesn’t even want to spend time with me anymore … I’m a Pisces … Very emotional …N they hate that !!!

  8. The master of push pull is very true MO.Mine is a 30 year old entrepreneur that carries his whole family on his back.We met in November it took him two weeks to call and the first three months we were inseparable.He demands I answer certain questions about men if I don’t things but never wants to answer me.He has money but I don’t like his lifestyle he seems humble until he gets uncomfortable in the questions i ask.He is great with my kids when he is around he interacts effortless but you can tell he is new to this.He did five years in the Feds and comes from a small country town in SC.I met some of his family in crossing and he gave me the upmost respect but it’s JUNE and still no commitment.We have fell out twice in this time period bc I feel I’m suppose to be in a relationship but he does not.I am a dancer and I believe that makes him uncertain bc smart comments come here and there.I assure him every time.The only thing I can say is he is into me the chemistry very real.Never any negative remarks bc I’m myself n will not change for him.The only time he has criticized is if he felt I was showing too much skin.The are very old fashion and territorial.I think Virgo men are scared of love.Ladies I haven’t experienced the downing me but I have experienced the cold shoulder.its very hurtful the only time I see emotion is at random or when we are having sex.They act shy to proclaim emotion.Its never I miss you its my mind be running on you.Or I’m ready to see you.Or I need you.
    Theses men are a lot of work and I’m a Leo so idk if I’m built for this.

    • Hi Holly, I’ve studied astrology extensively and in doing so I don’t think Virgo/Leo is a good match but my reason goes beyond the sign . You mentioned that you will not change for him. I believe that change is like compromising. You want a commitment but you won’t change this presents the problem. You must admit that your profession alone brings with it issues no matter how much trust a person has for you. The Virgo man is a man in every since of the word. He obviously knows that you won’t change and this brings about a conflict. There are going to be little comments here and there because what you do makes him insecure. Yet he will never admit it but the proof is in how he acts. There has got be some type of compromise in order for your relationship to work. Otherwise you will shut him out completely. Communicate to find a middle ground. Let him speak his mind without taking what he says to heart. Remember that he is only critical of the ones he loves. Learn to love his family as much as he does because they are very family oriented.

      • Tanisha I like your knowledge. My situation is way too extensive to post but I will try, lol.. I’ve known my Virgo man for 25 years now. We met when we were 14 years old. I never knew if he was into me or just seen me as another girl on his long list of very interested ladies that went crazy over him. Secretly, I did too..So eventually I went on to get married to a Scorpio man and had five children in my 13 year marriage. A very f’up marriage. There was no love and respect and plenty of cheating from my Scorpio husband (soon to be ex-husband). But, I always kept in contact with my Virgo guy, respectfully of course. But, even at this point we only text and that’s mostly me checking in on my guy. I find myself feeling just like I did so many years ago. I still don’t definitely know if he’s even remotely interested in me after I had five children and didn’t wait on him and married someone else that didn’t work out. He chats with me, ask for pictures (sometimes naughty ones), but refuses to send me up to date pictures of him because he says he’s fat and needs to go to the gym. Little does he know so do I, lol… Also he knows I plan on relocating to his city in Charlotte and he says he we see me then. Blah blah, but I have a bestie that’s a female Virgo and she told me to move on and let it go because he doesn’t seem like he’s a single guy. That he’s playing with my feelings, and that she knows because she said she use to do guys like that to string them along so she was never alone. She thinks he has someone serious and doesn’t feel anything for me like he may have years ago. However as I research the Virgo man I get confirmation that he’s just being himself. As a matter of fact he’s always been chill. She never met him so she don’t know what she talking about and I refuse to bash him like that. He’s still my friend regardless. Obviously I’m in love with my guy and have been for years. He known this for years but I think he’s having trouble trying to understand how I could of married someone I didn’t love or know. I tried to explain and apologize but I just don’t know what’s what. I’m discombobulated. Oh and by the way I’m a Cancer female….July 3rd (with a Virgo rising) He’s a Virgo male….Sept 11 (with a Sagg rising) my female friend is a Virgo female…..Aug 28th (with an Aquarius rising)..

        • Reanna, How old is your Virgo man? What are his initials? Seems too much of a coincidence with my Virgo man. My situation is exactly the same as your story tells, except I only had 2 kids. It’s eerie.
          Known my Virgo 23 years, was marred to a Scorpio (now an ex), Virgo wants naughty pictures, chats it up then gone for weeks, doesn’t send pictures cuz he says he’s fat, lives in Charlotte and says he’ll see about us once I relocate there, same birthday, I don’t think he feels for me what he did years ago either. This is so weird. I now know for a fact hes still in a serious relationship.

      • Tanisha You have really done your homework I Applaud you! We virgo men are so misunderstood. Not perfect, but at heart the most truest of them all. I see all of these comments bashing virgo men. and the simplicity of it all is, that no one takes the time to really understand us. We lay everything out in the open, no one pays attention. To truly know us, is to truly Love us. Yes we can be difficult, but nothing good comes easy. Funny I only see How Everyone’s Virgo Acts. We are missing the part about what you did that led to those actions. We are Protective not Jealous, We have no reason to be, If we feel you are entertaining anyone else. We will be gone before the car has had time to warm up. LADIES HERE IS A TIP FOR YOU…. If your virgo man is trying to change you, It means he actually cares and has accepted you as a promising partner. *That’s What you wanted right?* If you dress too revealing, We do not like that,YES we will try and change that. *If you carry yourself in a less than modest way* We do not like that, YES we will try and change that. We are VERY honest and will not sugar coat anything just to spare a feeling. We are not Fake and will see through the BS 100 miles away. Something happened. WE DON’T JUST CHANGE UP ON YOU. #100%VIRGOMAN

  9. Omg im reading everyones comment and they are all similar and so true about a virgo man damn what have i gotten myself into. Im a Aries and I been talking to a virgo man for a couple of months at first he was saying all the right things to reel me in and wanted me to be his girlfriend and move in together ,he missed me im so beautiful all types of lovely things i wanted to hear and i became his girlfriend and all the lovely compliments stopped and he became so cold and distant and un emotional im like what kind of double personality is this he shows emotions in bed .he went through alot in his teen yrs and had went to prison for a couple of years and never had a good woman by his side to help him grow from his past mistakes and wrong doings and the charges he didnt committ and want to help him to become the successful man /businessman or entrepreneur he is and has hidden inside of all them bottled up emotions and cold heartedness he carries and has i know he is a good person he just had a rough life that started as a young teenager its only so much i can kp saying or doing i mean i really love him but eventually one day im a get tired because im a good ,smart ,beautiful woman that deserves the same love,loyalty and respect i give him but everyone wakes up from a fairytale gone wrong and get tired of being treated bad for no reason and move on 😉

  10. All woman out there I’m a Libra woman talking to Virgo man now and I don’t think if he will like me as being me,I’m not the intelligent, but I do anything to make a good relationship we girls must set our minds that not all relationship are perfect there are ups and downs side,left and right but the most important of all you must be happy with your woman or your man because we have a choice and we choose these kind of person all we need to do and learn is patience love trust for the ones you love and you will be happy life is too short for those problems so just happy with your partner god bless to all:)

  11. And beside that not all men are perfect we must be the first to understand it because woman is made for man,like Adam and eve.good luck.

  12. Man this is crazy I married a vifgo and he was a loving man. But since im the bread winner he tends to be distance now . I am irritated with this situation. I tell him all time it doesn’t matter who make the most money! !!!!

  13. i told you virgo take time to love, tend to take time to test if you the one he frame about on his mind, your luck if you fit, if not virgo men can’t stay for a less no matter how beutiful you are because virgo analyse the whole love journey of full happy and harmony.
    what i know from us we are not rude or cruel so we gear to hurt anybody and think to be cold and distant are wising while brings confusion to other
    3step virgo can do, are
    -showing how they are, here u can feel a great love and you can belive his now on you knee
    -shape u and making you according to what virgo feel comfortable with
    -deciding to make a commitment

    remember 23august yo 22 September are virgo but we’re different age, family, locality and knowledge level.
    if you fail to be on the same track with virgo serious you will wonder how comes you alone while you’re with him before… sometime accept if virgo gone

  14. So I’ve been talking to this virgo guy for a few months not through text we finally met and he stayed with me the whole weekend… We had fun he ran errands with me he was affectionate rubbing my head or arm while we watched TV did everything a boyfriend would do. He doesn’t want a relationship right now from what I’m guessing he says he likes our sex and that I’m great company. If I don’t text him he will text me call me to face time talks to me all day so I’m confused does he just want sex or sex and a friend or is he taking his time… I live 1 hour and 45 mins away n he drives just to see me n stay the weekend takes me out to places and treats me like his girlfriend I’m confused how should I act should I just wait and take my time not to mention I think he gets a little jealous if he knows I’m talking to anyone BTW I’m an aries female.

  15. Hello, so my problem is probably different from all of yours. I like this virgo guy. He’s 30, Im 24, and I’m in this course with him.
    Let’s just say that getting him to even look my way was hell. I’m a sagittarius so by nature outgoing. My first interaction was a drawing I made to point out something wrong he was doing. He appreciated it.. Lol I think he appreciated it, but then everything went silent. I made other attempts to get close but his replies were short and curt. I like to groom myself and I believe I have a good intelligence, so I thought he’d be attracted to that, yet it didn’t happen. I noticed he’d make eye contact with me at times, but this could probably just be my wishful thinking. Anyway, I want a solid way into getting close to him. I read a lot about virgo and their nature, and I’m a little scared of being changed -though the thought is appealing lol- anyhow, how to get this serious, neat-freak, mysterious guy to look my way and make a move? My pride is stopping me from sending him a single text.

  16. Im a bit confused so well hears what going on thus far lol…. I am a libra Man and ive been on lots of dates with a Vergo man… well all was going very well i hear from him often and b4 i went on my vacation he admited hes falling in love with me and also said i love youetc…. oh also on our first date we have the instent connection and was able to be our self and also had good gut feeling we are good for eachotheralso my heart too… oh also he did say he wanted me in his life…. well about 4 days b4 i went on vaction he was sick and also went off grid for about 1week and a half then he did 1x text me(when i landed) saying “have a safe trip and hopefully when your back im felling normal” well during my vacation havent heard from him witch i was gone 2 weeks… i came back and i heard from him then i last seen him… was on labor day night.. he seem lil different like distant then when had few drinks b4 going out his bday was day after laborday.. he said he wanted to contrate on his job(witch is literally making him sick and be quite for x amount of days etc) He even told me b4 i met back up with him he said on the phone his job is causing lots of stress… so i think he dint really meant about wanting to conetrate on it… oh also he said he wanna move soon witch i as well do lol..then day after he acted like he he was b4 my vaction said i love you etc and also i gave him a perfect gift(i used my gut feeling).. so yeah im just confused he loves me then 1 day acted like he dint and then day after on his bday till thursday when i eft his place acted and said i love u etc.. so is this normal cuz i never known avirgo b4.. i love him my heart wants him and i sence the good connection… im just confused af lol. so yeah i def need help tips eetc to know what going on. TY in advanced for the help! 🙂 I also noticed there a “Murcury retrograde” happining an it started during my vacation…lol. my bday is october 22 and His is september 6th idk if that needed info but ty again i do love him and i got gut felling he still does its just im confused lol.

  17. So I’m a Taurus girl and I’ve been dating a Virgo man for about 6 months.when we first started dating he had me on a pedestal. He told me I was perfect. As a Taurus it was hard for me to let him in. He was the first to say I love you, he was always wanting me to call and text him and he wanted me to always be around. Now that I’ve fallen in love with him everything is different. I feel like he doesn’t try because he knows I’m stubborn and won’t leave him. It’s just frustrating to try so hard and lack the love that I crave. I’ve changed my style so that it’s modiste. My personal hygiene is outstanding. I clean for him cook for him make lunch for him. You name it I do it for him yet I can’t even get him to rub my sore neck. I love him and there’s no going back from that so I guess I’d just like some feedback on how to get him to show his affection. Like he doesn’t even have to voice it. I want to feel loved by him. He does tell me he loves me but talk is cheap and I need him to put his money where his mouth is

  18. I like a guy who’s Virgo and I think he likes me back I’m a Gemini and since I don’t care about how people look I just go for him and He looks very adorable from my point of view and he really always stares at me in class and so do I so I am a little guilty of loving him myself but I can’t help loving/liking cute boys 😉

  19. I’m a Virgo woman dating a Virgo man for 3 years now. People use to say this is a perfect match but I disagree to that. My boyfriend and I we fight a lot. I extremely love him but I don’t feel comfortable around him. He is acting weird… He’s not romantic, he doesn’t text back, when i tell him that I love him many times he says it’s annoying. He invites me in his house but he will vanish the whole day and come back later. He is too emotional, I feel like I’m boring him. Sometimes I even feel like maybe he misses his ex girlfriend. Every time when she shows up he will start unnecessary fights with me and be nice to her. He is only romantic when he’s in a good mood. Am I the bad person?

  20. Virgo guy are one of d most egoistic n ruler one can b happy wid dem…dey think dey r rite in evry situation..d take pride in der talents..dey know d money BT dnt know how to giv love by hrt..dey r jst gal
    can b happy WD Virgo guy

  21. I have a reltn WD Virgo guy almost ,5yrs n I em a tauras gal BT he ez very ruler..I love him lot BT can’t find any gud expectation as a gf nid from bf..I alys kip patience WD his behave..I obey all his orders to make him happy coz I dnt want to lose him..he also luvs me lot BT he ez very egoistic ruler n he wants evrythng on tym..I sud obey evrythng wteva d situation ez..othrwse his mood wil b off …BT I still want him in my lyf by knowing his bhav..wt d hell going on my lyf

  22. I’m 21years old and I want some advice I been dating my Virgo boyfriend for a year and 6 months and I can’t get him to do any new things sexually. I don’t know what it is. He wants oral sex but when I ask he not ready to give. When I try to throw in how I don’t get oral he ignores me and goes to be. Also I want advice because since we been together he want stop communicating with his ex. Should I be concerned? Do he really love me or is it just bull crap?

  23. Gemini woman married to a virgo man for seven years with two small children. Virgo men love confident women and im sorry but thats probably why most of you women are sad from your fail relationship because you need a strong back bone to be with a virgo man. Never take the virgo man negativity to the heart it only mean he’s really into you and doesnt know how to control his feelings nor express them in the right way. Instead its backwards, like a little boy that likes a girl and all he does is pick on her because he doesn’t know or is scare to say he likes her; well thats the virgo man. All you need to do is laugh it off and tell him to kiss your ass because you’re not changing, this is who you are take it or leave it. Virgo men love a challenge. Maybe this is why my virgo wont leave me alone as many times I kick him out, threat a divorce he still stayed and demand we work it out because he’s in love with me and refuse to leave. I think we work out because im a gemini with a very strong personality dont take anyones bullshit… be aware virgo men plays mind games…. Just ignore and keep yourself busy. Please dont nag the virgo with dumb questions like “what are you thinking” thats annoying, seriously. Talk about the news, or a book you’re reading or ask how was his day etc…. But the virgo man is the best father in the world and such a hard worker and extremely smart, great with their hands. Ooohhh and SPACE!!! Please give the virgo man space. Let this man think when he’s finish he’ll come running back to you. I think we work out great because im a gemini with a very strong personality, neat freak, im a very private person, i dont nag him asking dumb questions like “what are you thinking” etc…. But he’s the best father in the world and such a hard worker. Try to take him out of his routine sometimes have fun rock his world, because virgo men can be robots in bed sometimes but they dont mind pleasing you just dont forgot about them. Deep down inside virgos want a lil change they just dont have the heart to take the first move. xoxo gemini/virgo love !!

    • Best advise I’ve heard in a while. Maybe you can help me…I was in an long distance relationship with a Virgo man – Taurus girl here. I have to agree, they are like kids. Tease you, because they like you. I didn’t understand that. I probably was too soft with him, emotional and jealous. I wanted to be easy going because he was so hard on himself. But, ended up being too insecure in the long run, etc. He broke it off, going on two months now and were together a little over a year. I definitely did all the wrong things during and after the breakup. I reached out to him first after the breakup, told him I miss him and that we should try again. We decided to take it slow, he agreed, but he is VERY distant. As if, he agreed to take it slow to appease me. He just seems to be moving on still and makes no effort in rekindling our relationship. I’m in limbo and have no clue which direction to go with this. I’ve read somewhere you should treat them like shit. Funny thing is, I have a virgo male friend, and I see what you mean. They are more attracted to you when you give them that push. SO, question for you is, how do I rekindle and get him back now?

      We are in a long distance relationship, overseas. HE may be talking to someone else. He usually checks up on me via text messages, but nothing in several days. Should I, 1) Be forward and reach out to him to find out what’s really going on, and perhaps break it all the way off, because I think he has lost interest completely (I feel that he is over us, and may be talking to someone else)? 2) Ignore him and wait for him and continue to do my own thing? (the mind games are driving me crazy) 3) Block him on social media and just really cut my loses?

      My problem now is, how do I give him this challenge or show him that things have changed when he doesn’t reach out? Or worse, finds someone new?

      I’ve been making all the moves lately because I didn’t understand him fully till now. Of course, now that I am about to lose him for good. I am okay with doing that, because I want us back, but the right way. However, does it make sense to continue to make the first move, or just move on?

      HOW do I give him this challenge??


    • hi so we are same just a question this guy im dating is virgo im a gemini i just wanna know is it normal for them not to text and call even u spent weekends very sweet.ussually sent me good morning everyday but thats it.its a mix signal im so lost

  24. I met a virgo man and we had what i guess should be called a one night stand,it was quite embarrassing for me the next day because i realized virgos aren’t about sex but i’m a gemini and he was the first guy i had seen since my 6 month breakup process so i was a little tense.. anyways my wonder now is if he see’s less of me? If he wants to break the connection or not? Right before he left that night he told me it wouldn’t be the last time we saw eachother and he has been trying to text me since,i’m just confused,i truly love virgos and i hope i could be with him for a longer period of time

  25. Hiiii …i went n m going thru a very bad phase of my life coz of my gemini husband of 13 years..i hv got a son also..but d best thing dat hv happened to me is meeting virgo guy before two years whoz 10years younger but a lot more mature..hez so kind loving loyal caring sacrificing n me being cancerian is so moody but he still manages to hold me bk.hez doing so well in his career but still manages time for me.hez very gd looking but his heart is much more gd i suppose..hez waitn for my divorce n says he lk marry me soon..i dont know wat future holds but hez d most decent and lovely person i hv ever met in my life…god bless hm

  26. Im a taurus girl (24) seeing a virgo guy (21)

    i haven’t been seeing this guy for long but its been driving me crazy already , why am i getting upset over a 21 year old!!!

    we met on tinder, we were sleeping together at first and never done anything else..
    but then once he took me out for lunch and met his friends.
    he’s told me that he had spoken to his father about me, making plans for the next week when we meet,
    going shopping / dinners etc ( its VERY SLOW process) he does text me daily but sometimes it can be cold response and it just makes me feel sad

    and till now I’m still confused to if he is using me or like me at all!!! because i have seen that he is still active on tinder, and follows a lot of girls on instagram ( I presume they are from tinder) also he seem to be always talking to someone on WhatsApp and i get very very paranoid to he must be speaking to other girls

    its been dragging me down but i think this is going to take a while to see if i been wasting my time or worth it at the end….

  27. Yeah. Most of all of the above
    Mummy’s boy
    Wanker (addicted to his hand and porn)
    All about him
    Reels you in, then, doesn’t know what to do with you
    Cunning and can NEVER see wrong doings on his behalf
    Un emotional
    Fault finder
    Hides behind friends and family
    Good (to a point) at covering their tracks
    Selfish but covers it up by making himself available enough to have something to throw back at you
    Sitting duck. Waiting for you to move on so he can “woe is me” and gain sym”pathetic” points
    Can’t cut tit strings from mother and ex,s (gotta keep em sweet”
    They are very cruel cruel people when undiscovered. But, pathetic once they are.

    • Omg Molly …. U hit the nail on the head …. He chased me for 8 months …. I finally gave in …. Caught feelings …. N he turned into a little boy …. No emotions …. Nothing !!!! He said he couldn’t handle the responsibility of a relationship …. A grown boy is what he is …. He played me out …. Would dissapear …. N than some crack head called me … Trying to protect him … Like where did she get my phone # from …. I have wondered if he felt guilt … Or wants to apologize … But nope …. They are the epitome of a Narcissist !!! Sad

      • Indeed Maureen!! Virgo male a.k.a narcissistic jerks plus they are fake and phony lame lovers. Its always their way or the highway! Stay away from them if you wanna be stress free and happy. 🙂

  28. Most Virgo men are the most difficult sign to deal with. They are born naturally born bi polar people with split personalities. Flip flopping is what they do best. Also they do not know the true meaning of loyalty and respect. Don’t expect them to be there for you even if you move heaven and earth for them. The virgo man that i’ve dealt with was just a friend that became a FWB and he was the lamest lover i have ever had. He was way too selfish, arrogant, nonchalant and rude to me for no reason. (obviously he didnt care about me). I on the other hand, cared for him, fed him, spoiled him, showed him support when his was down. All i got was just “OK” sex lol. He never had my back plus stabbed me in the back. I don’t even understand how i allowed myself to develop those feelings for this type of guy. Ladies please for your sanity, do not entertain Virgo men bullshit . Life is too short and dealing with them will give you wrinkles and anxiety lol. But for those who are happy with them. Good for ya’ll and good luck. 🙂

  29. Most Virgo men are stone cold and ungrateful. I’m so over them!!
    Cancer, Taurus men are better at loving and understanding….

  30. Tarus girl (24) and Virgo men (21)

    We finally had the talk about establishing “what we are what are we doing” so he tells me he doesn’t want to be in a relationship now as he doesn’t want to allow himself to get hurt again as he had bad past relationship the girl has messed him about. And he wanted to take things slow but said he wanted to give it a go with me and it going somewhere but don’t wana put pressure on it. So we are “seeing each other” we established the rules e.g. He said don’t want to see other girls or know speak to other girls only interested in me he said and he wants me to do the same.

    We been having sooooo much arguments I been so upset about it all the time! Started with him won’t show me his phone at the beginning I thought he has something to hide then!

    And then he’s had my password to my phone and was going through everything to check. If I was speaking to any guys.

    When I managed to get hold of his phone once I found that he lied tonne about going out one weekend he said he was in bed and had work next day turns out he went out for a friends birthday in town. I questioned him he said he know I would be angry and didn’t want to cause argument telling me as he was supposed to go clubbing with me but he said he was staying in instead as he didn’t like the night I was going to.

    Feels like it’s lies upon lies !! Excuses and more excuses there is no trust !!! I saw on his snap chat best friend that these girls are on it one whom he used to speak to another who he was seeing before !!!

    And I saw that he tried to download tinder again so I asked him what was he doing . -! And he said he got it to deacvtivte it properly (but he said that few weeks ago he already done so) I don’t think he is active on it but just all so sketchy !!!

    Since then he’s been taking his phone away with him every morning when he showers before work but he never used to – does this mean he is hiding something ????

    He tells me to trust him he isn’t speaking to any girls and wants to see me etc and that he really likes me etc we really do get along so well normally I spend all my time with him (this month I have ink. Been home Ronny bed 3 times and I have spent all my time staying at his – he wanted me to stay)

    I would do anything for him cook for him tidy etc whatever he asks for ! I’m just so paranoid in I don’t trust him at all. Why is he taking his phone away in the mornings while he has shower … all theses tiny little signs I jut don’t get it . So worried that I could be wasting my time with him. But I really do like him too. Just don’t want to be messed around !

    • because he is hiding something aka a woman and don’t want you to see it be there been there. i was confuse to into i catch him like always. virgo aint smart they give there self away all the time because they’re sloppy and can’t focus on multi things so if he lacking with you he’s more into someone else. good luck however i say walk away and find a better guy. you’ve been warned

  31. I really need advice on this virgo man 🙁 Here is the story, we go to the same gym and see each other almost everyday. He is married. I was attracted to him and felt a connection to him since the first day I saw him, well 2 months ago he started liking my pictures on FB and then messaged me telling me how good I looked in class and just made flirty comments “We should both try to go to as many classes as we can because I’d love to see you as much as possible”,”I cant wait to see how good you look for me”. So the next day I see him and he sincerely apologizes and tells me that he is married and he’s sorry, that he feels like a jerk, etc. But he also said things like maybe in another life we could be together, he obviously thinks Im very very pretty, he thinks Im such a cool girl. But then he tried to keep his distance from me and I could not read him for the life of me- but I would see him looking at me in class. Well fast forward two months and he sexted me a couple days ago…and then the next day he gave me the apology talk again. He still stares at me in class and has told me he is so attracted to me, but that he wont text me again. Idk what to think about it or just him in general. What is going on with him wanting me, but then second guessing and becoming distant- yet coming back to me? What should I do to help him open up/ just to make things better?

    • continue to be yourself and don’t play head games like virgo, they’re little boys. I would say run since you’re a pisces and not strong enough to take the punches virgo men will soon throw you when you past first base and he’s more comfortable with you. however if you want to play around just be yourself, please and don’t take any bullshit. don’t ask him whats on his mind they hate that shit I’m a gemini and i hate that. just ask him what is he looking for from you because you have no time for mind games. good luck even though i know you won’t take this advice instead you’ll do the complete opposite since you’re a pisces.
      gemini virgo xoxo 7+ yrs 2 kids and finally walking out with legal docs, unfortunately virgo man won’t leave me alone. however the beginning of our friendship then dating was a dream come true. now marry with kids and I’m in hell. …. RUN!!!

    • please walk away #1 he is marry. I’m sorry but i didnt read anything else after that. you deserve better he will never leave his wife alone. he will have a relationship on the side with you but never leave his family. family is always first for them. don’t play yourself like that I’m sure you’re better than that and trust me they’re plenty other men out there please don’t stop at a virgo. i love my husband however he has some underline issues and needs help. i believe this is something every virgo man has please girl your deserve more i didn’t listen and stay and now I’m fed up with the pain and bulshit. i filed for a divorce. its not worth it.

  32. Im a Taurus woman and this Virgo collegue has been playing games with me for 4 years now. In the meanwhile he got married but he kept flirting with me. He kept comlimenting me even though he knew I had a boyfriend. (Although things haven’t been going right for a long time and my bf is a Virgo too)
    Im naturally attracted to Virgo’s and my collegue is exactly my type. He likes short curvy exotic women (and I am) but is married to a white girl (very pretty).
    One day around all our collegues he told me he wanted to take me to a hotel. He never told me what he wanted to do and this was just after he got married…
    Once I was real sick, I had to bring something to work and he saw me, looking all sad. He asked his direct collegue if I was breaking up with my bf (??!)
    At one time we got in this huge fight and he stopped talking to me for months. Then he started talking to me again and giving me these intense looks. Then he ignored me a long while. Getting out of the room if I was there not talking to me but yet he talked to everyone else at work.
    He saw a video of me singing and playing my piano and told his direct collgue he liked my voice and asked if I had a youtube channel but never ever asked or said anything to me about it.
    He kept ignoring me and getting out of my way. I had an accident and he knew it and never asked me how I was but kept flirting with his eyes.
    So he’s driving me insane. What does he want from me?? Please help me. As we work in the same building but different floors I see him everyday.
    Lately he’s giving me these intense looks again but will not say a word to me.

    • The more you ignore him, the more he will try his best to confuse, seduce and tempt you ……
      He just wants some attention and have some fun with you. Maybe he is looking for a secret lover.
      Beware Tauruslady! Most Virgo male are devils in disguise.

  33. Tauralady I’m in the same situation. I have known this older virgo male 42 years old, I am a 27 year old Capricorn female. We are both married, I have been married since 16 years of age and I have 2 children husband is 36 Capricorn-male. Virgo has been married 4 years (2nd marriage) 1 adopted son. I had never had some much fun just talking and laughing with someone who could understand and shared my love for books and music we just started a great friendship. We both trusted one another he would ask me for advice on his issues at home as would I. He felt betrayed his wife has no desire for children and failed to inform him of this before getting married her solution was adopting. I on the other hand married very young and thought I was being saved from unlivable situation at home turned out I ended up saving him. We would stay late hours at work talking but nothing more suddenly I started to notice these intense stares that made me super nervous. I didn’t think much but when we would talk he would stare into my eyes so intense i would lose concentration the with time It lead to hugging one another this went on for about a year then one day he kissed me at first I hesitated but gave in we both apologized to each other and avoided each other for sometime. Then it started again by this time I was transferring and well one day we just had an intense make out session but no sex. He tells me he cares for me and I told him that I cared for him very much to the point of really liking him. I asked him if this was an issue if so, so we can both stop this communication and no longer continue this he said of course not that it was good he was happy to hear that he had been wanting to hear that from me. He told me I came across his path for a reason we both are in a relationship where we both feel obligated to stay. We must wait and see what happens. By this time I was already separated from my husband not because of the Virgo but our own many issues caused by my husbands infidelities and children born out of our marriage. Well it’s been about a few weeks with no communication from him I saw him and he looked at me and smiled but that was it. He hasn’t tried to contact me at all. I have kept my distance I don’t want to seem to pushy or obsessive so I haven’t contacted him either. I really don’t know what to think why one day he is totally into me then another it’s like I don’t exist. I know that If I look for him he will respond but I don’t want him to think I am too pushy or expecting something else just cause I am soon to be divorced . I feel that should I leave him alone for good but to be brutally honest I miss him very much and his talks. I know the situations look really bad please no hurtful comments I know it’s wrong.

  34. Im friends with a virgo man, Im a gemini woman. We tried dating but he ran away after almost a year. Then out of no where he popped up when I was with a new person. He does this each time Im dating someone. We were off and on FWB but now we are good friends. Are they sneaky, critical and distant? Yes but so am I! No matter craziness I put him through he never cuts me off or leaves me alone.He always goes out of his way for me. He told me he only loved me as a person and Ive accepted that. I appreciate his patience cuz crazy gemini antics can drive other signs away

  35. Hi, everyone umm I need help I been going through the same problem I just need to know what to do to get to know my Virgo man and connect with him.

    • be yourself and let him come to you. don’t pressure him and ask him questions. when he’s comfortable with you he will talk and express. Virgos are slow being so rushing them to do something is a total turn off.

  36. Okay so he is sooo heavily flirting with me again. I just don’t know what to do.
    He even waited for the right moment to for new years wishes. But he didn’t just shake my hand and said happy new year. He said, while looking intensly in my eyes, to a LOVING new year… what does he mean by that???
    I swear he is driving me insane..

    • It’s called Hook … Line and “Sink” her … They flirt …. N seek your attention … But it’s all temporary …. Once u fall for him … He will run … Like a little boy … They are scared of love and any type of emotional connection … Run …. Stay away from all of it !!! Best to You ! And New year’s Blessings

  37. I know I should stay away but it’s like an addiction… I just can’t.
    He has poisned me I guess. And I just don’t understand why 🙁 I mean he’s married…

    • yeah! leave him in 2016! Block his number (that’s what i did) and move on…FAST!….FORGET HE EVER EXISTED!!!
      Virgo male are pure trash
      sex is good though
      communication with them is non existent

  38. I’m a virgo guy. They say we are just a bunch of opposites. We are not all that bad. We think highly of the people we care about. Our circle is small as we believe in quality over quantity. If you are in his circle…he has put you in it as he admires you and you are quality in his eyes. Yes sometimes his vision gets obscured because he observes so much good about u that when the smallest thing happens that is out of place it shakes to a point he starts acting different and weird. Please this is not the time to give up on him as its like a test that confirms his theory. You walk away and in his mind you did not care. So maybe just sit him down and say lets talk and im not going anyware until i understand what u thinking. But be patient. Virgos are highly proud. They do not like to be stirred emotionally. But u know what, your interest will prove that you the right person for him

    • Yup! super highly proud indeed! Last time my ex “virgo weirdo” lover and i hooked up, we had sex. Our first round was intense and amazing. We took about 40-45 minute break then did it again. We chilled for maybe an hour or so and then he started feeling hungry. He was thinking about getting some junk food from a fast food restaurant. I offered to prepare a delicious home cooked meal for him but he said “Nah”. I was like “It’s only going to take less than 30 minutes” and his response was “nah you don’t have to” . I said “oh so you rather waste your money on garbage huh?” “okay then” and i added “you need to let go of that foolish pride”. Man! i had to insist for him to finally accept me cooking for him (after 2nd round at close to 2 am). And it seemed like it made him happy (and horny) because he offered a 3rd round and i accepted with pleasure and excitement :-D. But that Virgo pride though!…..It has to go! 🙂

    • i need to talk to ….coz ur a virgo man reply me back if your fine of helping a gemini lady lost with a virgo man. your hard to be understand.

  39. Why is it so hard to get rid of him and forget him??
    I don’t have his number luckily. He did ask me once but I never gave it.
    We are co workers so I will see him at least once a week…

    • He is married anyway. His “married” status alone should’ve kept your mind off of him.

      -Virgo male are exactly like the “Sour Patch Kids” Candy.

  40. Because contrary to what a lot of people are saying virgo is not bad people. Im actually really insulted at lots of the above comments. Bad experiences can happen with any sign. We are however the ‘love to hate’ star sign lol. I can attest that we have more pros than cons in our personality. Tauruslady you are an earth sign so are we hense the innate attraction. We both display similer beliefs and values which makes for a perfect pair. Virgos sometimes believe they not worthy enough so they do things that unsettle their partner. But once he feel good about himself and both you and him accept that although should similar views then things can blossom. You are someone that worries less so than he does. Their will always be an attraction even if it from the other side of the room.

    • I am not perfect but i know for a fact that i am a beautiful, wonderful, caring, independent, generous, compassionate, patient, one of a kind, creative Capri lady and ive dealt with a Virgo for a little over two years ( i genuinely cared for him, i respected him, fed him organic cuisine on a daily basis, spoiled him, pleased him, pleasured him anytime, anyplace, encouraged him, supported him, inspired him, entertained him, made him laugh etc…). I never missed his birthdays, i spoiled him rotten, did amazing things for him and he even admitted that no one ever spoiled him like i did. I did whatever he wanted sexually. I accepted to be his sex slave lol. I never ONCE judged him, complained, criticized him for ejaculating in only 2-3 minutes (max) every time we had sex (for two years). I put him on a pedestal and boosted his ego, made him feel extra good about himself and What did i get? nothing! not even thank you! I wasn’t even worthy of his true friendship! My birthday was on December 31st and he couldn’t even find in his heart to call or text to wish me happy birthday (i wasn’t expecting any gifts from him because he was a super selfish s. o. b with me. BUT NO TEXT MSGS? I was like what is wrong with this dude! He decided to text the next day and I thought to myself “there’s no way this lame dude cares about me. (He is blocked now and i am happy :-). I promise i never did this guy wrong except to put him in his place whenever he would disrespect me. I was thinking to myself What did i do for him to dislike me so much? why was i not worthy of at least his kindness and true friendship? Virgos are weirdos..they are cold and have no soul (not all but most lol) cause i dated one or two Virgos in the past and they ALL had similar behaviors. I am done dealing with them.

    • I too am a taurus, 49 yr old divorcee, dating a virgo man for 2.5 yrs. He’s 48, we both have grown kids. We live in the same state now, but 7hrs away. He was pursuant, sweet, patient, understanding and a gentleman. We met 8 months later after so many affectionate, strong honest conversations. The moment we met he said I was beutiful took me to lunch and teased me. I hate being teased. He even acted out his tease. I wanted to keep trying….he’s a great guy. I moved in a few months later and he became a mime. He took me to dinner and movies, looked at me at times, and put his hands on my knee on the couch. Sex was very vanilla….He’s not trying to be selfish but it’s a miss for me every time. I tried to ask were is “that guy” the one I wanted to fall in love with and he freaked out. I was never gonna stay living with him so now we’re apart and talk everyday still but the meet ups are the same. He criticizes everyone, teases me, elevates his game when I bit back, and sex is vanilla. This week at dinner I asked what can I do for him because he’s so generous. We don’t say I love you. He freaked out….turned the tables on me, said his dinners and hotels aren’t enough for me….what do I want from him. He’s trying to get his life in order from his divorce and has nothing more to give me and if I’m not gonna be patient tell him. Huh? WTH, was that. He packed up to leave me at the hotel because I wanted to know how to please him. Being a taurus I stopped him….spoke softly to “love him” but he was an ice cube. He stayed. The next day he criticized Everyone, Everything, even himself. I was happy to put him on a plane. How do I love this man…gently, and privately, lol. I think he loves me…I’m trying to not be insecure, but this is weird, child like.

  41. Oh as for him being married. He is totally out of place and should not even entertain such behaviour its wrong. Does not matter how rocky his marriage is.

  42. You are both right. Rationally I know everything is wrong. I know it..
    Still he keeps going around in my head.
    He is the only man in my life who has ever showed so much interest in me. Who has complimented me on my personality and creative side (also before he was married).
    Not even my own boyfriend has ever done that. I just have a strong weakness for him and I don’t know how to get him out of my mind and life except another job (which isn’t possible now)

  43. It’s not a virgo thing at all. Everyone likes to be complimented. So if u see something thats not present in your own relationship then yes its attractive. My advise just move on and use wisdom. No more glancing at each other no more eye contact. And just tell him that he has no place looking at you given his status…and he must respectfully leave you alone.

  44. That’s absolutly true. I didn’t mean to say that complimenting is a Virgo thing 🙂
    Im tryinh so hard and this morning he came up to with some excuse to talk about work (he’s not even on the same project) and he kept looking at me. He even turned red and I keep thinking about what if we had met earlier… 🙁

  45. Tarus women seeing Virgo guy here

    Been dating this guy for over 2 months now (we have had the chat about exclusive so we are only speaking and seeing each other) but I never trusted him he looks on my phone and I look on his

    (I guessed his instagram password once) few days before
    Christmas – I logged onto his account and saw that he had been chatting to 3 girls and got
    2 girls number. I went over to his to break if off (said I knew he been chatting to girls but without saying I have his log ins) he was crying begging me not to leave etc said he didn’t mean it and o it done it because he was scared and that everything was going so fast and he panic (shit excuse ????) I left anyway but I went back to him 2 days after because I’m soft told him if there’s a. Next time I’m gone done !!! and we spent xmas Boxing Day few days together met his whole family.

    Few days after after he dropped me home I saw a girl had messaged him and he replied her and it was flirty saying things like “I will tell you all if we met” this was a few days before New Years , I decided not to tell him till after New Years , so I spent New Year’s Eve / day with him and his friends had lovely time. Just on Monday I told him about the message .. he said he was sorry again and he didn’t mean it I mean the world to him don’t want to loose me and that it’s different cuz she messaged him first he didn’t message anyone but he flirted back and imply to meet that wrong I told him. But he said he would have never met up with anyone because I’m with you – he said

    I packed all my stuff and left him again but we Been speaking all week I suggested to him saying – why don’t we make it open like clearly you cant stop talking to girls what if I do it too I’ll speak to guys and you can do it . But to that he said no he don’t want that and he will loose me and ruien things if I do that !!!! And he said he will stop it all and want to make it work with me
    And I’m seeing him tomorrow we been speaking like nothing has happened

    I just don’t understand don’t know what to do anymore I am so loyal to him and make so much effort for him I spend most of my time at his house why would he do this to me

    • Update on me I’m pranging I think I have messed it up I don’t know what to do 🙁

      So last Friday I had him over to talk he stayed over but in morning basically I told him it’s last time I will see him because of what he done !
      We texted the following day long story short he basically was confusing the fxxx out of me he says like he wants to be with me he thinks the world of me but can’t commit ATM as he is young and wana travel do things and I said it’s cuz he wants to meet other girls still but he said
      It’s not the case . He said he wants to be with me it is serious but don’t want to get in anything serious now! Care about me so much he don’t want to see me hurt etc and said
      And because of his past he had a bad year with girls ///((((

      And he just can’t trust anyone cuz he been ducked over even tho I haven’t fuck him over at all ! Like the first girl he was seeing for 2 years , he went in the marines and came out she left him and a year later he found out his bestest friend was sleeping with her like his bestest friend known for years

      And second girl she’s called
      Nicole too ahahaha like they spent new year together and then after nyd she stopped Texting him and saw on some guys insta she was at dinner date with some other guy

      jus always use this as excuse like saying he’s had such bad times with girls and scared don’t want it to happen again won’t allow it but I done nothing to show him in like that I have been very very loyal to him))))))

      But it Just makes no sense what he says !!! He said he is falling for me ( but I think he’s just saying it to what I want to hear ???) and we haven’t really been chatting about the problem like I been trying to
      Ignoring him he kept texting to see if I’m okay saying he is worrying because he saw how upset I was crying . But on Sunday he said he want a few days to clear his head …

      And today (Monday) i texted him this –
      Look I don’t know what’s going on now, but have few days to clear your head , I know your chatting to people so I will too so I’m not sitting here like a mug and leave you be x

      And he replied saying – what are you taking about chatting to
      Girls care to explain ?

      And I just replied saying – have a few days clear your mind speak to me after s

      And at night I logged into his accounts and saw he been
      Searching girls he’s slept with on instagram and Facebook

      Insta messaged 2 girls

      And messaged some
      Girl on Facebook

      I think I messed it up what I said today :/ what should I do should I message him in few days to say what

      • Well Ni, may i ask how old is he?
        if he is in his 20’s, he is definitely not ready. Virgos are social snakes…i mean social butterflies lol
        They love to interact with people in general. They can be extra friendly on a good day and there is nothing that you can do or say to make them change. They hate being told what to do. It is just how they are. And they are major flirts too. Most are not the type to really initiate the flirting but if an attractive lady flirts with them, they will certainly flirt back (on a good day)! But that doesn’t mean they are going to try to get with that lady per say but they will definitely try to stay in contact and get to know the person if they find interest and if they are not in committed relationship. Let him do him. Do not let him see you sweat. if it is meant to be, ya’ll be together. I am positive he truly loves you and cares for you. hang in there, keep your head up! Watch from a distance but don’t say anything. if you truly love him, give him space. oh and Don’t be too emotional or aggressive you will scare him away. Do you girl. life is too short. Bless!

  46. Ni, I don’t know what u should do. I mean he sounds like a lying ass b*tch. If he’d really like you he’d block those other women and don’t even give them any attention.
    Easy for me to say, I know. But one thing I know about my Virgo bf is that he would never cheat or talk to others. Our relationship might be rocky now but he’s loyal to me.

    Nefertitti Im trying soooo hard. But whenever he is around me I have weak knees, butterflies and my heart pounding so hard in my chest Im actually scared he’d hear it…
    He does something to me no other man has ever done.
    I know he plays games and he would do the same to me as he does now to his wife but I still can’t help to think we would be perfect for each other. He won’t let me in. Our convo’s are always shallow, he never tells me about himself…
    But still everytime he looks at me I can’t help but to smile and feel happy..

    • * I find absolutely NOTHING desirable in a man (let alone a virgo man) who belongs to another woman.
      A Virgo man is usually loyal to the woman he loves. I think when the virgo man flirts with another, it’s because he’s probably looking for some attention or he is temporarily lusting….

  47. Keep your composure Taurus lady lol (just picture him sexing his wife lol.. that should help). But i understand perfectly how you feel and i know you’re trying hard. Many Virgo men are naturally, effortlessly charming. They will hypnotize you without even trying.The one that i was dealing with was not necessarily my type (he was handsome though) but he managed to seduce me and i stayed under his spell for two years. I just couldn’t resist him. Oh lord! i’m having flashbacks now. Lemme stop!! lol.
    If your virgo coworker won’t open up about himself, its because he is not totally comfortable plus i’m positive that deep inside he’s aware that what he’s doing is wrong (seducing you that is).
    Be strong, patient and nonchalant in your relationship with your virgo and it won’t be as rocky. 😉
    Stay blessed!

  48. Hahahaaa can’t do that lol! Yes, if u look up ‘charming’ in the dictonairy you’ll see; Virgo. Lol!
    I know exactly how u feel honey!
    They poison every fiber in your being.
    He talks to everyone about himself but me. It’s like he doesn’t want me to know whats going on with him.
    He’s mostly avoiding me but now, lately he’s trying sooo hard to get my attention.
    Talking so much louder if Im around, singing…. anything to let me know he’s there.
    Yeah I think he knows… he knows damn well that it’s wrong what we do. Cause we both guilty on this.
    But Im gonna stop cause there are more people here. Sorry! I didn’t want to draw all this attention.
    You stay blessed too and stay away from Virgo’s lol!!!

    • Thank you Tauruslady 🙂

      Do not let him come too close from now on because It seems like his body is continuously releasing some strong sexual smoke and you have been intoxicated! lol.

      Friendship with them is a wonderful thing…
      But NO MORE relationships, friends with benefits or fling!! 😉

      Your story almost sounds like soap opera….i am enjoying it! lol
      Feel free to share…

      • Once a virgo has sights on someone its very hard to refrain. It become more intense with each day. Probably because we dont have the guts to say what’s on our. Also the word rejection is quite strong and nobody likes to hear it. So sometime the fantasy of doing something in the distance is just better. Also we are generally NOT the type to entertain or go after someone who is engaged or married..role playing in our mind of what can be lol yeah thats a different story. My firm belief is that this is turned in to a sweet little game taurus lady lol. Virgos are the most misunderstood star sign why i think this because, one the communication is not great. We fail to trust who we dont know and it takes a while for this to happen. Give it time and we will be rambling about anything and everything. We observe close and in silence. We also have a really bad habit of drawing up conclusions lol. Hey im a virgo and a recognize the faults….i should get points lol. Eg. A virgo guy meets an old fashion lady falls in love with her. Now both get comfortable with each other… No virgo is now observing your behaviour in silence and trust me he is good at it. Couple goes to party dancing etc. Lady dances with another guy or gets asked. Terrible thing happens virgo antenna is up. He observes again. Now all innocent as it is he concludes why she having so much fun is it me or what. Please guys this is just an eg. We are not all like this. He does not say anything but this builds up in his mind. Now something perhaps happens…his behaviour changes cos he cant come out and say what he obseved. Cos most likely he will be told ‘are you kidding me’ he acts strange he gets cold. Start getting moody. Lady reacts on this now….and soon we know an argument arises. Now all this past shit comes out..he feels his old fashion lady is not the same person. Oh she can also shout and curse…another observation by him…from other things happen. We get told VIRGOS ARE THE WORST lol. We are all not perfect people. The key thing here is communicate respectfully. If he is acting odd then something has triggered this…take the time to find out what it is

  49. Nefertitti, Oh God the sexual tension between us is sharper than a butchers knife👀
    I have a virgo friend since my childhood, but the more we grew up, the more seperate our lives got. But if u need them, they are there!

    Im not kidding, Im already writing a romance novel about these past 4 years!
    If you only knew what has happened these past years…it’s crazy! It’s almost 5 years I started working at this company and from day 1 he was up on me every single chance he got.
    Only then, not being married of course, he was always complimenting me, talking, making jokes, staring..
    And I was sooo blue and shy…hahaha. I never had been so liked by a boy or man. No one has ever coming on so strong to me and I had no idea how to react hahaha.

    Robert, but still after 4, almost 5 years? I mean his feelings should have calmed down. And what about his wife? What does he feel for her? (Im asking you cause you seem to know virgo minds pretty wel!)

    I get the rejection part, but I have ALWAYS been rejected by every boy/man I was in love with.
    Now Im older (and taken) and suddenly all men are into me like seriously?
    I do the same he does, Im sure. I fantasize about us every single day. About how it would be if we’d be together, how I could love him better, understand him better, treat him better and make love to him better than his wife…
    But does he think the same?? Does he fantasize about me too? I NEED to know! Has he ever had dreams about me or thought of me while making love to his wife? (Yes I know Im into this way too deep 🙁 )
    Does he think he could treat me better too?
    I mean he does make a lot of comments by putting down my man or acting almost kinda jealous when I mention him..

    What kind of sweet lil game than? Cause really, he is driving me up the walls!!
    He needs to let me in so I can show him I can trust him. Cause God knows how much we look a like and how I could help him ease his busy mind.
    Sometimes if I walk by his office and I see his hand furiously flying across his keyboard, his eyebrows frowned and his eyes concentrated on his screen, I just want to walk up to him, take his hand, look into his beautiful blue eyes and kiss him. I know, I know it’s wrong!!😔
    But I just want to show him how to relax and stop overthinking.

    I almost know for certain Im his type, not only my looks, but also my character.
    Your example, what does he observe about me? Turning cold? For what? I mean we hardly really talk so I don’t understand.
    Only from when I started ignoring hkm he started drawing my attention..
    But how can I find out if he doesn’t let me in? 😔
    Taureans can be filthy with words, I curse a lot, more than I should.
    But I wish he could see my softer side. The romantic, sensitive and sensual side.
    One thing I wonder too, like I have been in 2 major accidents in 2015&2016 and he NEVER asked me how I was afterwards. Never asked co-workers how I was. Why?? Doesn’t he care for that?
    Im a very sensitive person (I cry very easy 🙈) and I have a very, very rough past (childhood and puberty). But I always feel like I should hide that part from him (or any virgo for that matter).

    • Im sure he’s fascinated by you and fantasizes about you too but….
      Maybe he’s just waiting for you to make a move or something (please don’t).

      You can still be yourself and show him that you are concerned without crossing the line.

      Btw does he have children?

      I think It’s so insensitive of him for not asking if you were okay after your accidents. I myself was in the hospital once and informed my virgo weirdo about it via text and he never replied asking how i was doing. I was like “wow!”.

      May i ask what exactly are you expecting from him?
      1- to get closer… 2- to be your secret lover ? Or both?

      Bottom line! its a waste of time!


  50. – Gentle
    -Open Minded
    – kind
    – Cool
    – Fucking talented (I mean really talented)
    and loyal AF. tell me you need a man without those traits ,as a virgo man, I think we are just extra sensitive and can sense negative energy before it gets here (inside me) ,
    We prefer positive input in our minds and would go a distance to avoid that negative shit, if you ever got in a quarrel with us, its due to the actual truth that you bought some negative shit and we did what we had to do.

    Virgo’s need true love, need that “We are in fucking love right now” , show them by actions, LOYALTY is everything to them, Charm – Major Key ,positive talk, positive vibes ,thoughts acceptance,
    since with no need of explanation if youve met a virgo you know they are just wonderful beings with nothing against anyone but themselves ,

    It turns me off that we get into relationship with people who dont know our worth and endup hurting ourselves
    trying to be in such relationships, .If your virgo guy aint treating you right ,sit down with him and be as open as possible about it and give him the chance to explain without going all negative in between the convo

    • @ justvirgoinheaven…..Some of them are all of the above (gentle, cool, funny, down to earth, AMAZING IN BED etc….) but the one i dealt with didnt know how to appreciate me as his true friend (with benefits) lol . I was 100% there for him. i was his friend …obviously i he was not mine. All i wanted was for him to respect and appreciate me. He admitted to me that he was bi polar. I still cherished him for two years. I stayed consistent. But anyway….

    • My virgo is smart, very intelligent, very smart ass. He’s too smart ass to sit down and talk about our relationship without turning the tables on me. I get nowhere and then I’m the one he attacks bring up crap from the past. I’m left staring at him as if he has gone rabid. He yells out “red flags”. I’m not a “red flag” I’m a taurus who needs some verbal communication. In 2.5 yrs he sends flowers never signs the card, never buys a card all to avoid writing something loving. I sign “with love” so I don’t scare him away. Wrote me a letter a few months back carefully mastering his words….I care about you a great deal! During my last attempt to talk to him he said “this doesn’t endure me to him” Really! I’m not trying to or not, just wanted to put some things out there. I’m about to be 50yrs old. This is a lot of work. He’s worth it…but I’m getting myself in trouble the more I try to talk.

  51. Wow how rude if the virgo weirdo!! I mean he could’ve at least responded asking if u where okay right??
    But are u still friends now?

    He doesn’t have kids..yet. The thought of his wife being pregnant makes me sick and sad.

    If the situation wasn’t this complicated I would’ve tried to win him over.
    But now… I don’t know. I wish I knew but I don’t.

    • I can’t be friends with someone who don’t care about me and won’t even make any efforts for me. He probably thinks we’re still friends or “FWB” but after he chose to ignore my birthday which was December 31, i had no choice to block his number for good. He texted Happy birthday the next day (JAN 1, 2016) which was a little disappointing given that i never once missed his plus i spoiled him rotten 2 birthdays in a row (spent over $500, cooked for him etc…) He only gave me a $50 gift certificate the very first year we met 2014 (probably because we weren’t that close. The reason i say that is because i noticed that he is nicer to people he is not close to). Anyway on Dec 31 2015 i didn’t get anything which was fine since he had lost his job (i wasn’t expecting anything) but he said “your gift is coming soon” but i never received anything at all (bot even birthday sex lol). Fall 2016, he found another job and i know he was making some money but alas!! I guess he didn’t appreciate me enough and i wasn’t worthy enough to at least receive a nice card with a positive message. I have 3 Virgo admirers who are trying hard to get closer to me and i promise you that i won’t let them. I believe what astrology say about them is true. But like i said before, Virgo men make WONDERFUL friends and “toy friends” only!! (catch feelings at your own risk).

      I’d feel sick to my stomach too if someone i liked/loved would get another woman pregnant.
      A situation like yours would’ve given me anxiety and insomnia. That’s why i would’ve made it a priority to snap out of it.

      I’m curious to know how his marriage life is like though. I’m also curious to know what’s his spouse zodiac sign lol

      • Here is my thought. Taurus lady. Even though you have this feelings, you are not sure if these feelings will be reciprocated. If it was intense as you are explaining then one of you would have spoken up. Does not matter how exciting all this is it is a very big gamble 1 to lay your feelings on the line, 2 from his side being married, no matter that you knew him prior. Lol my suggestion is to try and meet a nice Leo guy, with no baggage, because clearly Virgo’s are the most insensitive in the zodiac lol.

        This relationship can go nowhere concrete right now. All that this virgo is doing is keeping you fantasizing because you do not know what i really going on in his head, but how could you you never speak to each other. Virgo are people they do not like approaching and I think the same goes for Taurus, so how do we connect the dots. In actual fact we probably the sign with the lowest chasing ability lol but really good at staring at you for hours if we have to but this does not help. Seeing that you are asking and wondering perhaps you should just confront this guy and ask him what the deal is. If you dont trust me this thing is going to carry on and carry on. Sorry Nefertitti, got to disaggree with you on this. This does not make you weak Taurus lady, its just a way of going forward.

        Neferititti (what does this name mean) lol. You got plainly as really shitty deal with you Virgo, but come on now Virgo are soft people and we really care. And if i may be blunt it seems that you have expected quite a lot, please do not take saying this as being insensitive to what you have mentioned, just seems that you mentioning the ‘I gave but did not get’ a paragraph too much. Seems like you have thought about this a whole lot. Okay I’m glad you got rid of this guy, he does not deserve your generosity, he did not wish you on your birthday and did not give you a card…this is a CLEAR NO NO. However always remember that if you waiting on gifts etc and you are conciously think about what I did not get, then you will wait a long time for a real meaning guy…and sincerely hope you have found this guy already.

        Secondly let me ease your minds, I’m a highly respectful virgo guy. I have a super gracious heart, and i am aware that true happiness comes from giving not receiving. Virgos do not only make great Toy boys, They make good honest husbands that will actually look after the kids and take care of the house….for them this is and honour actually. Get yourself a good natured, open minded, confident in his own skin type of Virgo, and you are set for life lol.

        I’ve seen some crazy Taurus and Capricorn ladies, but hey in todays world, but what is considered normal.
        Everyone can do with a bit of crazy lol

        • Robert! Leo man (unless is a 1st decan Leo) is not really a good match for Taurus lady (a capricorn, cancer, or a loving virgo would be her best match in my opinion.

          And in all honesty, i didn’t expect any material things from him. All i wanted was for him to keep his promise or to wish me happy birthday on my birthday and not the next day.

          Everybody got a little crazy in them. I know for a fact i’m not coocoo, loco, insane in the membrane crazy lol. I am super fun, enjoyable, entertaining crazy and i’ve been told that many many times.

          I have a couple of virgo admirers and they have great respect for me and they are very kind too.

          Nefertiti (Egyptian Queen). Growing up, an admirer use to call me Nefertiti and i kept the name. 🙂

  52. Virgo friends can ve very selfish! And I completly understand ya girl!
    How rude to ignore your birthday!! At least send a card or something..
    I mean you send so much on him (time/money) and this his how he repays you?? At least I hope you had good sex then hahaha.
    Virgo men can be cheap though, I know, been there lol!!
    Sometimes men in general don’t appericiate whats in front of them.
    You’re a Capricorn am I right? You should say that Virg/Cap is a good combo though, beinh earth signs.

    Yeah it’s sooo hard and at the same time Im struggling with my own relation. It gives me sleepless nights and headache’s!

    I don’t know much about that. I only heard in the hallways that his wife is kind of a bitchy person but I wouldn’t know, I never met her.
    Her sign is Picses if Im not mistaken.
    I always read everywhere that Taurus/Virgo is like a match made in heaven.
    Btw is there some place we can talk more in private?
    Im afraid that if I tell too much here someone might recognize me…

  53. CHEAP CHEAP taurus lady, how dare you use that word with us lol. I feel insulted. We handle money really well so if we have to give we will spoil you rotten. You ladies have certainly not set your sights on quality. And also do remember this. A virgo will never and i say never invest his time and his hard earned money in anything not guaranteed. And this is partly right, would you waste anything on anyone who will not invest there time in you.

    Just something to think about. I know i have done this only to get my fingers burnt.

  54. Well pisces and virgos are opposites. (they say opposites attracts). Plus i read that they are very sexually compatible.
    My ex virgo toyfriend used to tell me that he was the most sexual with a pisces . But he stayed in a sexual affair the longest with me. If she’s from a “bitchy” nature, it won’t last and if he’s too detached, she will get tired of him. But i think the top match signs for virgo men are taurus and capricorn women because of our nurturing nature, patience, devotion, loyalty and generosity etc (we are givers by nature)… EARTH SIGNS ROCKS!!! minus virgo men lol. Virgo men are selfish and cheap indeed (they spend a lot of money on themselves though). They make good hangout and make out partners that’s it and that’s all. Don’t expect unique/special gifts from them or any major thoughtful gestures …..
    I bet Robert is annoyed right now lol.

  55. Lmaooo your last scentence! Yeah private like DM on Twitter or email yes.
    I would like to talk more to you if you’d like that?

    • Lol no just laughed really hard now. Actually just purchased show tickets, and NO not just for me….and guess what without any expectation. So, i must be that really rare Virgo guy that you ladies should be looking for lol.

      • btw i am just seeing all your replies and Yup! you must be that rare one (probably a mid/ end of September virgo lol)…..
        But seriously i know they are one of a kind and very kind deep inside (my big brother (end of sept. is one and he treats his wife like a queen . She is Capricorn). My toyfriend just didn’t know how to handle all that attention and pure kindness (he wasn’t used to it …he admitted it to me once). Plus i wasn’t his girlfriend so maybe that’s why i didn’t deserve good treatment. I said to him many times “you don’t have to be in a “committed relationship to be kind to someone who is genuinely kind to you and cares for you”.

  56. I have no idea how i’m going to give you my email info lol . I don’t want Robert to see it and then email me a virus or “hack” into my email account (for bashing his sign) and then steal my nudes and release them to the world… They are super smart/intelligent like that…natural born wiz/geniuses they are for real! lol (j/k) 😉

    • Im not the show and tell kind of virgo so if that were to happen i promise that what i see will be for my personal viewing lol. I mean what kind of a guy do you think i am. Thanks for the compliment…if we cant win on the emotional front we might as well sky rocket on the tech front lol.

      • Facts! ya’ll are some brilliant M &%#$ S @?!*&!
        But I was just kidding and being silly Robert
        Before we started getting super intimate, my ex virgo “toy friend” shared a 7 seconds xxx clip of him receiving oral (the chick face was exposed). Now that it’s over between us and we’re not on speaking terms (well he is blocked) and although i made him promise to keep our business totally private, i sometime worry that he will do the same to me cause God knows i did the MOST with him.

  57. Hahahah omg you really are something!!
    Yeah how we gonna do this??
    I ain’t gonna share my info neither.
    Maybe the host of this page could set us up?

  58. Did that Virgo guy really do that??
    Omg…I can’t imagine that happening to me.
    With Virgo’s you’ll never know. They sometimes take secrets to the grave and other times they expose sh*t like it’s nothing…

    I asked the owner of this page so we’ll see what happens!

  59. Did that Virgo guy really do that??
    Omg…I can’t imagine that happening to me.
    With Virgo’s you’ll never know. They sometimes take secrets to the grave and other times they expose sh*t like it’s nothing…

    I asked the owner of this page so we’ll see what happens!
    Im off to work… wish me luck!

    • Girlllll! oh yes he did!!!
      He wanted to show me a clip of a girl performing on him. I didn’t even wanna view it but i guess he felt comfortable enough to share it with me so he texted me the clip (that was before we became “fwb”)! i was like “oh my!!” it felt awkward i’m not gonna lie.
      And when we got real comfortable and started having sex, he managed to convince me (pressured me a little) to let him record me as well (after maybe the fourth time) and because i was so into him and our sexual affairs, i just wanted to please his ungrateful a$$. Quiet as kept, i thought i looked kinda cute in the clip therefore i gave him permission to record mini clips every time we hooked up lol. I just pray that he doesn’t expose me like he exposed that girl. One of his boys told me that he showed him old clips that he had on his cell phone of him doing different chicks (a long time ago) and i asked his boy “were you able to see those girls faces” and he said yes! i wanted to throw up! Plus his boy also revealed to me not too long ago that the ex virgo toy friend of mine told him that he sexed me in the back of his store (which was a lie) I felt so sick!! because our sexual affair was suppose to be private. I think he was trying to block his boy from talking to me but still… and i think he was also looking for props! Bottom line is he is a backstabber and can’t be trusted! and he didn’t respect me neither. True, sad story!

      Did you see your virgo crush today?

  60. So I just wrote so much in response to you ladies, then I got disconnected, and alllllll my words gone, like just gone …this is not ajoba. So basically this is all I’ll be saying for now lol.

    • Bummer! retype it again please! Your point of view, your words truly matters. Tauruslady and i are interested in what you have to say dear Virgo guy!…

  61. Omgg … Im so schocked to read about his behaviour…
    I understand the way he persuied you (did I wrote that right English is not my native language). Virgo’s can be very manipulating and only afterwards you’ll realize.
    Maybe you can ask him to delete the clips? And ask if he showed it to anyone?
    His behaviour towards you is disgusting! And that lie he told…

    Le sigh.. I saw him. He was so hard trying to get my attention and flirting with another female to make me jealous.
    Also he mentioned for the second time in a month that he saw me playing piano once.
    I don’t know why but he did and he mentioned my singing.
    So I don’t know whats on his damn mind. Like what does he want??

    • Taurus lady girrrl!! we have a couple of things in common as i see (1-you sing , i sing, 2-english is not your mother tongue and not mine either (we’re bilingual lol) and etc…). Robert!! what’s your talent besides being BRILLIANT and a bonafide heart breaker? 😉 lol? (j/k)

      My ex virgo toyfriend and i had a nasty argument once via email and i begged him to delete anything ( xxx pics, xxx videos) about me or us. He said that he had no malicious intentions against me but i don’t trust his words. I told him that karma is gonna get him if he tries to hurt me because God is my witness i’ve been nothing but good and genuine to him. He seems to have split personalities.

      he mentioned you because he wants your attention. Didn’t i tell you that he was gonna try hard to get it if you ignore him a little?

      • Lust or love with a virgo, really not sure. But cant their just be both its more fun that way lol. In the confines of the of course. Remember i said virgos are to an extent have opposites in their nature making them quite complex in way. One day they may seem a certain way and ths next. A different way. We are the masters of the silent treatment if need. Remember silence speaks . We have a solid memory so be carefull with what info you leave us with as we wont forget about it. Sometimes its safer playing a game in the distant. Look where it comes to video clips etc look making clips and leaving it on phones….dangerous no matter hw good the relationship is at that time. Privacy is a virgo thing not sure why he went that route. Rather safe than sorry right.

        So question to both you ladies. If you could date another star sign which wud it be. Lets put virgo aside for now. And why wud u date that star sign.

        • Robert i agree!
          to me It can be both (lust & love) easily!
          i was the freak & the true friend that he wanted me to be

          ex toyfriend didn’t want the LOVE i had to offer…
          i left him alone when he didnt want to be bothered
          although he was great sex partner
          the friendship was mediocre
          but I was always down for whatever
          stayed ready when he just wanted to bend me over…
          alas! he didn’t know how to be a good lover
          Now all the lust i had for him is gone forever…

          – Taurus or even a Cancer
          but a loving virgo is what i would honestly prefer….

          Taurus men are sweet, kind. They know how to share.
          Cancer men will show you they care
          both are hard workers and thoughtful.

          Robert! i’ve learned my lesson. no more xxx clips or pics exposing my face because you never know with people nowadays.

        • Hello roberto

          Can you please give me some advice here from your Virgo point of view

          I have my full story on top somewhere but basically I been seeing this guy for few months now , i never trusted him because I seen he was speaking to other girls etc caught him few times and I left him and went back to him first time and second time
          Now (we still trying to sort it) but we had the talk before how we are only speaking / seeing each other

          Basically we had a chat the other day after I left him said this is it . He tells me that he wants to be with me but can’t commit ATM he care so much about me etc scared to get in anything serious again because of his past experience the past year with girls. Said I mean the world to him said we are serious but then don’t want to be in relationship.

          I been so hurt by his actions him messaging girls, he does it then stops feel bad then he just does it again without realising say if a girl message him he would reply kinda flirty but he said he would never meet them etc and say he doesn’t want to loose me or want me out his life

          I really like him and tbh I will give him another chance I’m seeing him this weekend to chat again as we didn’t leave the last chat civil … I’m guna ask him again if he want to continue to see me he has to cut all the other bullshit out and stop messaging girls but then he says he won’t do it again before but still done it.

          I don’t know what to do anymore 🙁 I been so sad

          What do you think about it?

          Thank you

    • Thank you Robert for your really useful piece of advice i can really relate that to him !

      I am 24 and he is 21 , he says he wants to be with me I’m perfect but just not ready to commit “at the moment” but I find that very selfish of him to want to keep me but me not knowing completely where I stand and the fear of getting hurt again. Because it’s not the first time he has done things behind my back .

      I have left him twice now do you really think that it will be worth it for me to give him another chance
      And take things slow so it doesn’t scare him? But the thing is that I was never the one pushing the relationship we have , he is the one who wanted formme to stay around his house all the time and meet his family , and spent xmas with him and his family that’s a big thing etc. That is why I don’t understand what games is he playing ! 🙁 everyone said that he is confused to what he wants ?

      So you also don’t think I should lay my cards out for him to be completely honestl about myself when I speak to him this weekend to sort things out ? I just want to be honest about my feelings and want him to know how hurt I am

      And what do you mean about watch him from a distance and not say anything , as in if he does something wrong behind my back again don’t mention about it ?

      Thank you 🙂

    • Hey, not being quiet, just started work today. As soon as i get a chance I will post some feedback and my thoughts. Have super day further ladies.

      • Thanks Robert! Don’t work too hard now! We’re all looking forward to read your feedback. And have a supa dupa fun day yourself 😉

  62. You sing too? Cool!!
    Karma will always get them. Don’t worry!
    You know you learned from those xxx clips. Don’t let that bother you too much.
    The funny thing is, if I ignore him he’s only trying harder to get my attention…

    I don’t like much signs. I probably date a Taurus, Libra or Cancer.
    I hate Aries (agressive bitches males and females), I dated a Cap, he was such a douche. Also dated a Gemini, men they lie and twist the truth. Leo’s are way too bossy/dominant. Scorpio’s are revengeful, jealous ugh no thanks.
    Hahaha I never dated Saggitarius or Aquarius.
    Virgo is still my nr1 but they are such a pain in the brain lol!!
    I can relate to so many things that Virgo’s like and they are good to have convo’s with. But as soon as you get closer and closer it’s like they snap and have a total different personality. And always living up to the perfection that they want..

    • Hey Taurus lady! Actually, i use to sing tbh (back up). Now i only sing in my shower for me, myself and i lol. I wish i had a baby to sing sweet lullabies to and a virgo bf (or taurus, cancer…) to serenade every now and then… hopefully someday (God willing).

      And you’re absolutely right about Capricorn men! they can be douche sometimes! And they are skirt chasers EXTRAORDINAIRE too!!!
      I had a long time capricorn friend who’s been stressing me for sex every time we hang out right and although i do appreciate him because he’s been there for me and we have natural fun when we hang out, but sometimes he acts so desperate and before thanks giving he texted me “hey if i start tipping you, can i get some and whenever i want to?” i was like “say what now?” he replied “you heard me!” and then he added “i mean no harm…we can both benefit from it” i responded “you must think i’m some type of cheap prostitute” and he replied “ok forget it”. Girl! i had to fall all the way back and let the friendship go. I don’t hate him but his indecent proposal made me very uncomfortable.
      My boss is a capri and he can be such a @#$#@%.

      like i said Taurus men are good in my opinion.
      Cancer are not bad either they are just too horny
      Scorpio are ok
      Libra are… well …not too sure but i have good friends who are libra (they a little cheap though).
      Pisces men are boring
      Some Aries fake the funk too much
      the Gemini i dated in 2011 was okay but a little immature plus he smothered me too much and stayed hungry always wanted me to cook for him. (well i can’t blame him….i am responsible for spoiling his belly).

      Sagittarius men don’t impress me. i just don’t vibe with them.

      Aquarius men are okay

      Leo are dictators and somewhat difficult but they will be there for you.

      and yes! Most virgo (male/female) will provide great food for thought and they send good, positive vibrations. They make fun and amazing friends in my opinion (just don’t fall in LOVE too fast with them….to fall in LUST with them is okay! lol

      I’m not gonna let it bother me

    • ……. i’m not going to let the xxx pics and clips we made bother me
      i don’t think he’s gonna try to hurt me.

      He knows karma is real

  63. Not sure if i have posted the update roberta,

    can’t seem to find it anywhere

    so yesterday we was chatting kinda like normal, then i saw that he sent a message to some random girl on instatram, thats when i whatsapped him saying things like your still lying to me etc he thinks I’m making it all up in my head (i can’t tell him i saw it I’m logged in) because i would still need to check in future if i do get back with him to make sure

    he called me and basically told me he did tell me he have messaged a few girls he knows general chat how was new year etc (yes it could be harmless or whatwve as he says) but why does he need to in the first place if he isn’t up to anything,… he said to me he wanted to surprise me on friday when we was supposed to meet to talk about things to tell me making the relationship proper like together. he said he was chatting to girls this past week because its his way of knowing finding out that isn’t what he wants and he wants to be with me. (I’m not sure if he’s bullsh0tting like half of me want to believe him half don’t) so i asked him why do you still need to message people today if you knew you want to be with me – that he didn’t explain and said weill speak tomorrow and went to bed

    so today (thursday) he messaged me in the morning saying what time we meeting friday etc and said “i wana make this work, i want to meet you and sort all this out, i will make this alright” and then later he said “i don’t see ill be able to make you believe me” to which i replied to “yes you have lost all my trust , why do you still have the need to speak to girls TODAY” (because i seen he was replying to a girl on Facebook that he mesaeged harmless chat but he used to speak to her and ask her to go around his to chilll but she never did she told me.

    SO he got angry and defensive turning the table to me make me feel bad saying things like ” all you do is moan , nothing changes here ! tell me then what do you know ! can’t tell me no prove , i have been at work all day what have i done I’m f**king soaking wet at work and you go on about me talking to girls, tell me who, i have had enough of you accusing ,me”” I’m so angry …and sad ,,,.. 🙁

    why the hell does he want to meet me “sort things out be with me’ and still chatting lying to my face right to today when I’m supposed to meet him tomrowo i don’t want to let him go but theres nothing i can do about a compulsive liar w?? why is he saying all these things to keep me around i know he does like me but why is he still doing all these things

  64. Hi Ni, please tell me if I am out of context here or out of boundries. So from what I’m reading is that this guy is 21 you are 24. Age should not be and issue but always remember that maturity plays a pivatol role ass well, being 21 is being 21, he has lots of years ahead to make things exclusive with one lady. Have you guys ever discussed exclusivity before because you said that you broke up twice. For me this is a worrying factor as its somewhat tells me that you guys reunited only to perhaps recognize the same problems. I’m not going to say that you or he has the problem because its the dynamic of two people that can cos breakups. Be it trust, not being loyal etc. Its feels like you have not have not had a solid mature conversation together to discuss your feelings. Look there is potential but you also have to take in to account that you cant expect this guy to just give up chatting to ladies it also depends on the context of what he is speaking about. Does it concern you that he speaks to ladies, because if it is and are calling him out on it and checking up on his status instagram etc then this does not sit well with a virgo. We hate not being trusted, me being one as well. Ni what is your star sign again please. He might be telling you the truth about wanting to be with you but everytime he get blamed for talking to girls you are putting questions in his mind about you. Remember he is 21 and lots of guys that age still want to at least talk to girls, but there is nothing wrong with it unless he is cheating. Has he ever cheated?

    Can i be honest, I also got very defensive when I was accused in my relationship. Its because Virgo have a somewhat sensitive nature and they can let this get in the way sometimes. This does not mean he is lying about him wanting to be with you. He is young and still exploring. Trust me knows your worth and he know what you bring to the relationship. As Nefertitti said give it time. He has some growing to do. If you have the patients to wait then this could work.

    • i am ready to commit I’m a loyal Taurus girl, i didn’t think the age gap was the matter , although of course at times he does react quite immaturely but i can deal with that. we aren’t together officially but we have been seeing each other but we have had the chat back in November talked about terms so we are only to see each other and speak to each other as at that time he said he doesn’t want a relationship because of his past experience with girls (he had a bad year) but i still stuck around because i don’t know why we are very attracted to each other we spent so much time together and still not bored of each others company and just feel completely comfortable with him which is why i kept going back to him.

      i have had discussions with him a few times he knows how upset i get how hurtful it was, he said he won’t do it again, it feels to me that he won’t do anything bad and then he would forget and go back to doing something silly.

      it won’t concern me if its harmless chat but if he starts a chat with female (on text) out of no where isn’t that a bit weird , why does he have the need to chat to them if he isn’t interested and got eyes else where. it just makes me feel like i am not good enough. thing is he told me i was perfect but just scared of relationship and always blaming it on past experience. i don’t known if thats entirely the case or he came bare to commit yet and still want to chat and know other girls.

      But the thing is i haven done nothing for him not to trust me but he has done everything to loose my trust, i am so scared to be hurt again how can i trust I’m again after he have lied to me a lot of times, right to my face or even about little things.

      He has never cheated he said to me its all harmless chat he would never have gone to meet them or cheat on me but i said that isn’t the matter, its the fact he was actively looking for and staring conversations with girls i just don’t understand the need of him doing that, and i asked him if i done the same would he like that and he said no he wouldn’t ! how selfish haha !!

      i do believe he really likes me he told me he was falling for me ( i didn’t really believe that and thought he was only saying that to make me stay and thats what all my friends said too? that he is saying things to keep me there as he knows i make him feel secure I’m here for him and I’m very very good to him and he doesn’t want to loose me) but i cant stand an unloyal guy.

      i have been very patient , he has messed me over lied about things over and over again and i still choose to give him another chance. i really hope he will realise and appreciate me and won’t do silly things again. I’m meeting him on saturday to speak in person to sort things out and hopefully he is keeping to his work to making it “proper” like he said haha like having a go at being together fingers crossed aye !

  65. Nefertitti and Taurus Lady, it’s sounds to me like VIRGO is just the way to go lol, hey but why would it not be so we are simply extraordinary beings in our own right lol. Ok so how would you ladies rate a virgo from 1-10.

    • Virgo men can indeed be “the way to go”…. (if they just try harder)
      But the lack of emotions of some of you guys may leave most of us ladies discombobulated and sad.

      Anyway, to answer your question, and from my own experiences on a scale from 1 to 10, i rate virgos…

      1- Friendship “POV”: ( 7 pts ) why? i was betrayed twice by (1) virgo male who was supposed to be my best friend and once by a virgo female who was s supposed to have my back (ya’ll loose 3 pts).

      2- Relationship “POV”: (7 pts ) why? the ones i’ve dated were not into the “luvey duvey stuff” ….they were not affectionate enough! (ya’ll loose 3 pts).

      3- “so called” Friend With Benefits: “POV” (8 1/2 pts) why? the sex was satisfying (amazing and intense i must admit). He wasn’t really there for me as a true/loyal friend that’s why i put “so called”. But he was fun/great company…..on a good day!


    • Robert, you’re a virgo and I need your help as an Aries woman with a Virgo man oh my god my head just spun saying that cuz he’s a nightmare from heaven.

      Please help!

  66. Oh Ni, I think Taurus lady and Nefertitti can both give you really good and solid advise about your issue. I must say when in started on this website I had my guard up because listening to all those negative and positive things got me somewhat in a spin lol. But yeah they also got me thinking about there thoughts and some really truthful things were said. You see sometimes we must get a Virgo guy to look at himself objectively, faults and all. Once he recognizes it and grows from it and you are still standing like a pillar by he’s side, you will see this guy flourish in to something good and awesome, and its only a plus for the relationship. Just imagine how loverly things can be once all these small things are in the past.

    This is just my little testimony lol

    • Robert please give me some insight on my situation I would love to see what you have to say!

      I’m 27 year old Capricorn and he is a 41 year old Virgo. We are both married I have been married 10 years (his a Capricorn 37YO) virgo has been divorced once and currently married 4 years. I met him through work I was assigned as his assistant. At first everything was very professional but with time I started to notice long stares during meetings and how he would come out of his way to speak with me. He asked if I we could work out together at our office gym and go run during lunch. We had a great friendship and both confided to each other on our problems. I was always faithful regardless of all the infidelities in my marriage from my husband. He explained his wife lied to him about not wanting children and was a very unsatisfied person. We would chat through instant messaging and yes flirt but rarely in person. After a year on one occasion he pulled me into an office and hugged me and caressed me. I was completely caught off guard and stayed away from him for sometime he apologized and stated he couldn’t help himself. With time we spent more time together but never did anything other than just hugging and complimenting one another. One day he asked how I felt about him we both ended up confessing how we felt about one another and how we both feel obligated to stay in our relationships. I told him I knew what It was and what it will never be I explained to him I didn’t expect anything to come out of this but I really had strong feelings for him, he reassured me he felt the same for me. A few months later I ended up transferring to another office in same building they held a happy hour farewell and we ended up spending time together that night (by this time I was separated). We satisfied one another in many ways but didn’t have sex. After this encounter his behavior changed with me suddenly he was always busy and wouldn’t contact me like before. I brought this up to him he said he realized he keeps pushing for more but he shouldn’t be acting like this because he is still married. I told him that was fine and would completely leave him alone and I did. But after a few weeks he looks for me and goes out of his way too see me. Again, he would disappear for sometime and come look for me like nothing. In December I finally had enough and so I decided to end this and sent him a message explaining I was done with everything. I told him I made a huge mistake and wanted nothing more to do with him. He read the message but never responded to it. A week ago we saw each other at the gym he acted as if nothing was sent to him he hugged me and wouldn’t stop complementing me. He tried to hug me and hold on to me I pulled back and explained those days were gone and walked away. I see him more often than usual it seems like he is everywhere I turn. His going out of his way no to speak to me I’m just completely confused with this guy. It’s like he wants me to look for him and always be available at his beckon call but when I do it his always making excuses. I know this situation is bad based on what your reading but please no hurtful comments.

    • YASSS! Where is that damn “LIKE” icon!! 🙂

      I like what i just read!

      But what brought you here if i may ask? How did you came across this website?

      Reading your comments/advice is therapy to us tbh and i have to admit that it helped me accept my failed friendship/sexual affair with my ex toy friend (i really cared about him though). I am sure that’s why a couple of more ladies anticipate reading YOUR comments just for guidance! Thank you Robert! 🙂


  67. Robert first I reaaaaally need your view on my pervious posts about my virgo guy.. 😉 then I’ rate virho’s hahah deal?

    As for Ni; confront his shady ass and dump that slacker!

  68. Oops! I meant Cap lady you should dump him!
    Ni,Taureans are loyal and they expect that in return. Thats why you stay around. You can’t let go easy.
    I’ve had friendship that I should’ve ended years ago but I was too loyal. Same with relationships.
    Also, Virgo’s are good at mindtricks. They are very manipulative. Don’t let that get to you.
    If you knowhe’s doing you wrong or if you feel hurt don’t let him tell u different!!!
    Taureans have a very,very good instinct and we are almost NEVER wrong. Always listen to that inner voice. Don’t ignore it.
    If he really likes u he shouldn’t be chatting up other girls.

    • Hi Tauruslady! How are you?
      What’s new with your virgo coworker crush?
      Is he still desperately trying to get your attention?
      Does his aura still intensify your curiosity and attraction?

      My ex virgo weirdo toy friend had some serious nerves!!
      He’s been blocked since january 1st, 2017 @ 3pm right but today i was playing with my cell and checking the settings and ended up in “block messages” section and there’s 3 more options 1-block list 2-block phrases and 3- blocked messages.
      I decided to click on the blocked messages link, and lo and behold, there was a text he sent on January 10th asking “how did it feel?”. I didn’t get No “hi”, “hello” or how are you doing”…I mean it’s been almost a month since our last sexual encounter and since we had a conversation. Anyway i am glad that i never saw his text. I already know what he wants anyway (attention or sex) and he ain’t gettin’ none from me!!

      But where is Dr. Robert when you need him? Lol
      Why must he be like that! what’s with the vanishing act?
      I guess it’s just the VIRGO in him… (j/k).

    • Thank you Tauruslady,

      I haven’t given up, in hiving him the 3rd and last chance now, on the weekend when he came over to
      Talk and fix things I found out
      That he’s been talking to this girl from tinder he saved to his contact ages ago and was oranising to meet with her and talked about sexual stuff :/ I still forgave him and said one more mistake I’m gone for good. But he’s also spoken to others like asking them out for a drink

      But he told me he want tonne with me and me be his gf and he delelted
      A lot of contacts of girls on his phone infront of me etc said to prove he want it to work ???

      I made a mistake last night I messaged some
      Girls he was chatting to before and they messaged him and he screenshot it and messaged me “why ?”
      I have typed him a long respond and he still hasn’t replied I’m
      Worried he will say “I can’t do this it’s too much” because that’s what he been saying so much argument etc

  69. TAURUS LADY……I did I told him it was all a mistake whatever it was. I recently saw him at a happy hour and totally blew him off literally sat right in front of him. Mind you his told me numerous times he don’t do happy hours which is why he never went to my farewell party when I transferred offices. His face was shocked when I walked in and everyone was calling me over. Another fellow co-worker (virgo male) who has always been after me was flirting up a storm right in front of him. He was so uncomfortable and red in the face he tried to hug me when he was saying goodbye I totally blew him off.

  70. He girls(and Robert lol) Im still here but a bit busy.
    It’s konda quiet on my side. I did dream about him a few nights back.
    Other than that no news actually. It’s a busy time at work also this week so I think we’re both caught up in that for now.

  71. I have to say, I read this description of a Virgo (which in my experience is accurate) and I think what woman in her right mind would want to put up with this sh*t? He won’t give you a commitment, if he does it’s on his time, he won’t open up, he expects you to be as smart as he wants, he expects you to be as pretty as he pictures.
    What exactly does he bring to the equation other than a whole bunch of selfish expectations????

  72. I’m good thanks! What about you? what’s new?

    My only problem is that i still feel resentment towards my ex toy friend. (i really need to stop stressing over shitty people). I’m just disappointed that i gave so much of me (150%) to someone (who i thought was my friend) who was totally unworthy….I just wish i could take allllllllll back. lol

    I have feeling that he’s going to try to contact me again soon. He’s not going to find me.
    I believe in karma and like they say “remember, what you do now will come back to you in the future. Life has a funny way of making you deal with what you make others go through”. FACTS!!

    I DESPISE HIM for how he treated me and i’m happy he is out of my life.

    ps: I have 3 virgo acquaintances who are trying to get closer to me (2 Sept. Virgos and 1 August virgo..) They are wasting their time. I ignore them and their request like they just love to ignore people and what people have to say like nobody’s business lol.

    You have a lovely day Taurus Lady 🙂

  73. Where is everyone?
    Nerftiti how are your virgo crushes? Are they still hitting on you?
    ConfusedCap did he say anything to you after you blew him off?

    With all my strength Im trying to ignore my collegue but he still got my attention. I couldn’t avoid it because there were other collegues also in the same convo…
    I just can’t help it but he makes me weak only by looking at me and laughing at me.
    I want to tell him what he does to me but Im too scared 🙁
    I want him so badly at times it really hurts my heart ;'(

    • I never saw your question (on Feb 2nd.)
      I had 3 virgo men who were trying to get closer to me and i felt totally indifferent towards them and 2 of them got the message very quickly and went M. I. A. The other virgo savage has a spouse! I was never interested anyway.

      I am virgo free at this moment lol

  74. Well I am alive and well! Praise the Lord! Thanks for checking. 😉
    Hoping all is well with you…

    Thank God it’s Friday! Yay!

    BTW check this website….

    It’s hilarious and entertaining to me.!

    Have a fun and safe Week end.

  75. He girl.. well actually not. Im in this period that I ache for him. I feel like I need him and want him..
    Between me and my bf things are very rough and I’d rather be with the other virgo thsn my bf right now 🙁
    Idk what to do anymore I really think Im in love with him but despite all the fights and how annoying my bf is I do love him….
    I just think I love the virgo guy too 😭😭😭😭
    Last week we had this convo and it was sooooo nice to finally talk to him on a normal level. He also said ‘it’s good to have you around’.
    Then later I had to be at his office to get something and he stood there too and I asked him if I bothered him and he said ‘not at all, I like it if you’re here’

    • Tauruslady! I know exactly how you feel. I can tell that you can’t help but to feel infatuated with him and that you are (obviously) falling deeper for him. I understand you. All i can say is wait and see what happens. But don’t loose your composure lol.

      You know I sometimes find myself missing the ex virgo weirdo and i don’t know why and there are days that i strongly dislike him! What i miss is the conversations, the connection that we had when we first met and of course the sex. But i have to bring myself back to reality and accept that he was not meant to stay in my life. I wonder if he tries to come back if i’m going to accept him back into my life. I hate the fact that i am still struggling to remove him completely from my thoughts.

      Let me ask you this though! How do you know for sure that you are falling in love with him?

      -Does you heart beat fast we he is standing next to you?
      -Do you get weak in the knees?
      -Do you get butterflies?

      Please explain ..

  76. I totally understand that you miss him!! That’s the spell he casted upon you.
    Maybe you can never forget him? Maybe he’ll always stay in your mind?

    Yes, my heart rate raises whenever I see him and if I stand next to him Im shaking and my heart starts beating faster than ever!!!
    I get butterflies and happy when I see him or know he’s around.

    I guess I’ll never know what he feels for me.
    I dug through the site you mentioned and I was in shock omg!!
    After reading all those commebts I might never ever tell him how I feel.
    Im sure he’ll break my heart in 100.000 pieces and I won’t ever recover from that.
    I think I’ve never felt like this before.

    • Don’t make it too obvious because he will get satisfaction out of seducing you and will purposely start staring deeper inside your eyes just to make you loose control.

      BEWARE! lol

      And i will by any means necessary remove him completely from my mind and soul (i’m considering hypnosis lol just kidding). Reading blogs and viewing vlogs helps a little! btw check youtube (how to tell if a virgo likes you by stormie grace) and of course prayers been helping me a lot.

      What are you gonna do if he decides to lay his lips on top of yours Lady?

  77. I know he already is satisfied with this whole situation.
    It’s soooo hard!!
    I know he won’t try to kiss me cause he avoids being comepletly alone with me.
    I just don’t understand how a man can act like he likes you and then let you fall into a deep dark hole.

    Haha hypnoses! Well you gotta donwhat u gotta do!

    • I know for a fact that if you find yourself alone with him, he is not going to hesitate to stick his tongue inside your mouth and try to swallow your whole mouth and tongue! lol in another set of words, he is going to “kiss you sooooo passionately). That’s a promise!! You better hold on to him tight because your knees are only gonna get weaker and weaker.
      That’s what a lot of Virgo men do. They are pros in that field.
      It happened to me twice (dealing with Virgo men).
      Therefore It will happen to you sooner than later.
      Are you prepared?

      • Yeah yeah i’m still around. Please dont school me about how its typical that we dissappear and pop up again….dont think my virgo heart can handle it lol..

        • Well…if you scroll up and look for a comment made on January 18th, you will noticed that i said

          “Why must he be like that and what’s with the disappearing act?”
          “It must be the Virgo in him!”

          It’s ok Dr. Rob. 🙂

          Taurus and Capri women have the patience….EARTH SIGN RULES!!! lol

  78. I just saw him for 0.2 seconds and I could barely hold it together…
    My heart started pounding so fast and I had a hard time holding back my smile and excitement..
    Im a mess

    • Oh wow! You sound like a teenage girl in love lol
      I know EXACTLY how you feel!

      I cannot wait to meet a men who will have that same effect on my whole being.

      • So how are you ladies doing. I have really busy days so most of the time I’m unable to play Dr phil….as this would be a complete career change and frankly i need need to start charging lol:-)

        • I’m doing great (even if i miss the virgo weirdo) Thank God and thank you for asking.
          Dr. Robert what do i do if he tries to come back into my life (i miss the friendship that we had. The conversations that we used to have… to be specific). Should i forgive him? 🙁

          • Lol ok enough of the Dr… i dont do swollen head. Nef dont give more than what u are able too at a given time. I suppose you can look in to it again with some serious boundries if that makes sense. But you sound like a spontaneous person so if it excites you an makes you happy go for it right. Just protect your heart in every way and form.

  79. The stick the tongue in the mouth….not a virgo thing first of all. Nefertitti are you sure this is not your own fantasies you wish to have play out lol. Ok on a serious note. Taurus lady my advice is just move on and concentrate on what you currently have. Can you honestly say that you feel this will materialize to something meaningful and concrete?

    • Well Robert! I clearly said that’s what “a lot” of virgo men do! i didn’t say ALL lol . And the couple virgo men i’ve dealt with in the past were all perfect and passionate kissers. The last one that i was involved with almost took my tongue out my throat! My Frenulum Linguae and Submandibular gland turned dark purple. It was not a pretty sight lemme tell ya! and it hurt for days. But i enjoyed it! lol (sorry for the TMI). 😉

      But anyway Dr. Robert…”on a serious note” i really like the advice that you gave Taurus lady! Why did you kept her waiting for so long for such a great advice? (although i did tell her something like that before).

  80. Omggg just to think of him kissing me passionatly and me holding him tightly ismaking me swooooon.
    I can’t help it.
    Today we were alone for 15-20 min we did not talk, we did not look at each other nothing. See, he didn’t attempt to kiss me. He won’t even come near me. And if I come near him he’ll already walk away before Im even close. Like wtf?! Why does he do that, Robert explain to me please? Why is this Virgo doing this??
    I want him to kiss me so badly and tell me Im the girl he wants but I know it won’t happen.
    Robert no it won’t and I know it 🙁 but Im a romantic and I want to keep believing in all the small signs he gives me.
    Even though Idk what he sees in me. I dont understand it at all.
    I wish he would tell me how he feels about me.

    • @Tauruslady!! you wrote “i dont know what he sees in me”. Why do you say that?
      He sees something that his likes obviously.
      If he keeps staring at you the way you described it, it’s because you caught his attention . (it could be your appearance, your presence, your status, your smile, the way you carry yourself etc…)
      There is something about you that he finds fascinating!

      But honestly you should take Robert’s advice. 🙂 It is for your own good.

    • Taurus lady yes i can see you are a true romantic. I cant pin point this situation. Perhaps the reality is to much for him and admitting this will just put him in something he cant handle. You are both with other people right so maybe showing how he really feel will make him feel he is actually doing something wrong. So he could be playing it safe by keeping his distance.

  81. Lol Nefertitti, you are a straight forward women. I do what i can when I’m able too. I learn from the best….i got great tip from you two ladies. Just been so but sometimes still read ya’ll guys messages from time to time….i like the women support, so i keep my distance when u guys are supporting each other. I must say you guys could have written a book together lol…would have been a good read lol

    • lol Thank you Robert 🙂
      I try to be as frank as possible.
      I’m happy to hear that we somehow inspire you and that you manage to follow and read Tauruslady and i messages exchange.
      I rejoice in helping, inspiring, supporting and giving good advice to women and MEN who needs them.
      You give the best advice though Rob. (is it ok to call you Rob or do you prefer Dr. Rob?) 😉


  82. Robert thank you! I really appericiate your thoughts.
    I just want to know what he feeks for me but I guess I’ll never find out.
    He has my heart and I need to find a way to accept we’ll never be.
    Yes we are both with someone.
    I hate how much he has a hold on me.

    You are very nice to keep your distance but you’re advise is always welcome!

  83. This sit doesn’t always show all the reactions!
    But Nefer, yeah I wrote that cause I don’t find myself pretty. No matter how many people say I am.
    I just don’t understand why he would fall for a girl like me.
    I guess Im just insecure.
    I know it’s better to take Dr. Rob’s advice (I like the Dr. Rob thingy😍) but I can’t let go. Maybe it’s cause I dont want to.
    Cause Im sure we’re meant for each other. But this f**king universe hates me idk💀
    I just know for a fact that I could love and please him so much better than his wife. We understand each other on most levels..

    • Maybe the virgo guy somehow picked up on your insecurity about yourself. I always get told Im very attractive and have a very nice figure but I never paid any mind but for some reason when it was coming from the virgo guy It just felt so honest. I am very shy at first and very reserved and very insecure about how I look. I think the married virgo I was dealing with picked up on this with me. He was always complimenting me, staring at me and sending messages about how gorgeous I looked and it just helped me boost my confidence to be comfortable around him. But It was also very confusing for me because he would tell me all the things I wanted to hear but when I expressed how I felt about him he completely pushed me away. I also felt we were meant for each other but due to our circumstances could never be together.

      He said so himself.

  84. We all have a little bit of insecurities hidden inside. Some people show it more than others.
    Just try not to project your insecurities on to him or anybody….

    You’re too hard on yourself.
    I’m positive that if they tell you that you’re pretty all the time, it’s because you are. 🙂
    Believe in yourself, love yourself!

    BTW….How do you know for certain that he is falling for you and that ya’ll meant for each other?
    Have you guys ever dated in the past?

    Tauruslady! may i ask what does he have that your current partner doesn’t have?

  85. Caplady, could be yes. Im in understanding that they have a nose for that kind of stuff…
    They always do that, push you away after you tell them you like them etc. They don’t know what to do with that and get scared…

    @nefer well he is slimmer, better dressed and idk he just attracks me more. I can’t really explain why. He looks better too.
    He likes to travel and cuts back on things I would too (so cheap in a good way).
    I dreamed about him again and this time oh boy! Hahaha I get red cheeks thinking about it.

    • Tauruslady

      It’s very true he disappeared for sometime after I told him how I felt about him. I asked him if he felt weird about it and all he said was NO…. IT”S GOOD! but didn’t tell me how he felt about me. I was very upset and one day had enough and emailed him it was a mistake of what I felt ….he read the message but never responded. After a few weeks went by I saw him and he looked horrible not like himself at all. Just recently I messaged him we just picked up where was last left off. He ended the conversation by saying… IT WAS GOOD TO SEE YOU TODAY AND HOPE TO SEE YOU REALLY SOON. Now I’m left wondering what he means by that if he means he wants to meet up again.

      How is old is your virgo guy ? I wonder if Virgo males like to be with women who are controlling.
      I’ve been told the same by a coworker of the virgo guy I’ve been dealing with. Supposedly he also has a very controlling wife… he told me once how he does pretty much everything at home and she does nothing.

  86. Hahaha omgggg that would be awesome. But I don’t think it’s really true. Just saw him this morning. No looksno good morning.. he really drives me insane

  87. Yes sorry Im here again. Today I was talking to a co worker who knows him a little and he told me that his wife isn’t very nice. He does most of the house chores, does the dishes etc. He said that she might have him under control.
    I thought that was so weird.. I couldn’t imagine that.

    • Weird indeed because Virgo “in general” and from my own experience, hate to be told what to do. I believe it’s the opposite. They are controlling by nature. They love things their way. If a Virgo man allows his significant other to exercise domination over him, it’s because he truly, deeply loves that significant other and have great respect for her.

      What!! No hello or good morning?? See!! that’s the Jekyll & Hyde in MOST Virgo men. But why wait for him to say hi or good morning though? Just say hello or good morning whenever you see him (no need for eye contact especially if he’s not looking your way) and move on. Don’t let it drive you insane lol. That should’ve turned you off right then and there! What do you think?

    • Taurus lady keep in mind that there’s three types of Virgos. All the signs have 3 Decans… (planetary rulers)
      And according to a website that i’ve visited,

      – Virgo who are ruled by Mercury (Aug. 24 – Sept. 3) are 1- Social 2- Helpful 3- Disciplined 4- Highly logical 5- Loyal lovers.

      – Virgo who are ruled by Saturn ( Sept. 4 – Sept 13) are 1- Stable 2- Strong- Willed, 3 – Stubborn, 4- Great leaders 5- “Late Bloomers”.

      – Virgo who are ruled by Venus (Sept. 14 – Sept. 22) are 1- Versatile 2- Sensitive, 3- Timid, 4- Fragile mind 5- Reserved.

      But Most Virgo men share one main trait though….they tend to ignore people for no reason) Lol.

      May i ask which Decan is your partner and your co worker?

      My ex lover was a 1st decan Virgo.

  88. @caplady is he still married? I don’t think he’ll ever say how he truly feels about you. He’s probably too scared.
    I think it means he likes to see you again. Maybe he wants another date? Or just go for coffee?

    Mine is in his early 30’s.

    @nefer ikr! I thought it was weird too. My virgo guy doesn’t like it when I tell him to help me out at all!
    Ugh I don’t like reading that part about how he really loves her to do that🙈

    It was in the coffee room and there were a few others too. I just said good morning in general and everyone replied but him.
    But I ran into him later today and turned my head when I saw him coming my way.

    • I apologize if that part made you cringe. Trust me Lady!….i know exactly how it feels…..
      But i believe it’s a fact.
      But i would love to read Robert’s opinion on that though. Robert where you at? lol
      How rude of him for not responding.
      And you did the right thing. Forget him!! lol

    • @Tauruslady

      Yes he is still married. I don’t think so either only once did he share something that kinda gave me insight about he felt about me. This was after I told him that people were making comments on his behavior with me the very noticeable VIRGO STARE,lol. Another Male virgo who has also shared his interest in me told me that it was very obvious something was going on between us. I requested we speak in person I told him how I was concerned about this remark because it could get back to his wife and that I didn’t want to cause problems and thought it was best we not speak anymore. He very confidently said NO never to worry about that and that for him to worry about he said I crossed his path for a reason and that everything was good and not too ever worry. He hugged me and caressed me and told me how good I smelled then disappeared for about 3 weeks. lol!!!!!!!!!


      Mine is 1st decan I read that they hardly ever cheat. I have always wondered about this they are supposedly very loyal to their partners but not in my case. He pursued me for a whole year and always was the first to cross the line literally pulled me into a office shut the door slowly picking up my dress by staring in my eyes and telling me to hush cause I couldn’t stop giggling as he rubbed my thighs and legs I pulled his arm away as he was inches away from my …. I stayed away from him after that but he continued to make opportunities to catch me alone. I wondered what made him cheat on his wife although we never had sex.

      • Oh my CC!!
        Why am i feeling hotttt as i’m reading that short description of your steamy encounter with your secret lover?
        I felt like a just read a small paragraph of a “for adults only” romance novel ”
        (I wanna hook up with my ex, young virgo fwb NOW!! hot damn it!!! 🙁 )

        CC may i ask you how did you manage to resist the temptation? What was going through your mind at that time?

        Are you still feeling confused? Or you already figured him out (and his games?)

        Maybe 1st decan virgo “hardly cheat” like you said but most of them will flirt like nobody’s business (If they find you attractive) lol

  89. @nefer my co worker is decan 1 my bf is decan 2 and it all fits on both of them! It’s scary!!
    No it’s okay I need to face reality but it hurts though 😉
    Robeeertttt we need youuu hahaha where you at?

    • I know right!!!! lol
      But knowing 1st Decan Virgo very well, he just wanna have some fun. But i am sure he probably has a secret crush on you. And yes MOST 1st decan virgo are somewhat obedient to their spouse.

      There’s a 1 decan married virgo customer/friend of mine who is so infatuated with me and told me that he has great respect for me but also revealed to me how much he fantasizes about me (perv)! I pay this guy no mind but I have to admit that he is very friendly and funny and when he comes to my office, we have good conversation plus he used to give me advice on my situation with the virgo weirdo. But sometimes he text me inappropriate messages that i totally ignore btw (he has my personal number because i was selling him a product) but the other day he texted me stuff like “you are so beautiful, you are such an amazing lady etc…and hours later (past midnight) i received a text message saying “listen i told you before to leave my husband alone and other dumb stuff”. lol The thing is, it’s the first time that i receive a text message from his spouse which mean that she is probably confusing me with some other woman that he probably exchange inappropriate text messages with. (Virgo man i swear!!!) But I didn’t respond. I was like whatever and laughed. But i am anxiously waiting for him to stop by my office so i could give him a piece of my mind before i block his number. 🙁

  90. I think all of our Virgo’s are crushing on us like big time but they can’t do anything but fantasize and j*rk off in their own time.
    They’re too reserved to be true to their feelings, too uptight and scared. And probably are conflicting with their loyalty issues.
    Idk but that’s the best I can come up with.
    We all met them for some reason I just don’t know which one yet hahaha.
    I’d say, let’s just enjoy their attention and feeling flattered by them.
    Idk what else we could do but to use them as ego boosts lol!!!

    • @tauruslady

      Love your response I think the same. But I honestly think that they also use us as an ego boost for themselves. I recall when I first noticed him he was very shy and reserved around other women and sorta awkward .Of course he dressed well and smelled good but he didn’t make much noise. When he started to show interest in me and when I started to respond I noticed his demeanor changed around the office he walked straighter and also approached women more. FYI His in his early 40s and I’m in my late mid 20s

      I do enjoy the attention when he finally does give me some! lol

    • Well I know what i need to do! I need to take Robert’s advice. I should forgive him my ex fwb, let him back into my life, allow him to seduce me, let him invite himself over, have amazing sex but this time i will protect my heart and keep my emotions in check.

      I will wait for him to contact me first though.

      Robert! Honest to God! I treated him like a V.I.P. Royalty. Do you think he will contact me?

      Taurus lady, The few virgo male friends that i have (even the ones in the past ) give me a lot of attention but the lovers (past and present ) only gave attention to my cooking, my body parts and the sex. :-(.

      And btw I only crave my ex lover’s attention!

      • @nefertitti

        There is many more stories like those I can go on and on about maybe even write a book about. I was scared cause I had never done anything close to that with anyone. I’ve been married for 8 years but been in a relationship for 11 years since I was 16. Husband is a Capricorn currently 37YO. I was flushed literally felt like fainting my knees felt like they were going to give out. I was trembling and breathing heavily and it just got him more excited he loved every minute of it by the way he would slowly move against me and caress me, he knew exactly what he was doing. It was amazing I had not felt that in such a long time and I desired it. He just knew exactly where to touch me that would just make me give in. I of course gave in but we never did more than just oral. Something about him performing oral on me was enough for him and well I had no complaints about it, lol

        I honestly still cant figure him out his so hot/cold at times. I noticed that when I keep my distance and act not interested he looks for me but when I come on strong he pushes away. I knw its nothing more that just fun he will never take me serious. I was having so much anxiety over him for a while until I finally just gave up. Then suddenly he shows up out of nowhere and back to square one. I definitely miss those passionate kisses.

        Have you seen or heard from your ex?

        • Oh snap! your first paragraph (mid to end) gave me flashbacks! (i read it 3 times)
          I’m hot and bothered right now! at work (thanks to you lol) and I want my ex virgo boy toy back NOW even if it’s just for one night! He doesn’t deserve anything from me buy hey i got needs. lol

          CC I agree, you should write a dirty romance novel. I would buy it and read it (3 times) lol!
          Your spouse is a Capricorn? Capri/Capri compatibility ain’t too easy. But they make great friends!

          Yup! that’s the typical virgo. (hot/cold – cold/hot – push/pull behavior). Why do most of them act like that? The more you ignore them, the more they desire you…

          I haven’t heard from that ex toy friend since mid January (He texted me some sexual stuff but i ignored him). If he contacts me again and say something nice, i will let him come over and take over my whole body!

          • @NEF

            something about these damn virgo’s and how they just know how to drive us crazy. I never got a chance to really be with my virgo but of course wouldn’t mind. I wish he would be my FWB I even told him so but I think I kind of scared him away. I told him I really liked him and know what it is and what it will never be but I was willing to wait for him, he never responded to my email. When we saw each other all he said was ITS GOOD. How was your experience with him in bed? Too be very honest this virgo isn’t very big (compared to my husband) but honestly everything else he did too me made up for it. Which is why I kept wanting more just him touching every part of my body, kissing my neck , touching my hair and kinda tugging at it I felt so appreciated as a woman.

            Based on what you told and what I’ve read you have gone through withy your virgo …I really recommend this song by the weeknd its called “ECHOES OF SILENCE” you will love it!


            How long has this flirtation between you and the coworker been going on? I ask myself all that time why they do that? But I guess its their little game they like to play with us and I really honestly think they know it gets to us.

  91. Omg those heated convo’s here make me blush (shy Taurus lol).
    Maaannnn that’s some sexy shit right there Caplady!!

    @nefer girrrll be strong and don’t take him back! Not even for your needs lol!! There’s a man out there waiting for someone like you to treat like a princess!!

    I can’t really relate to Virgo’s and mind blowing sex 🙁 my bf isn’t bad but he isn’t mind blowing either unfortunatly.
    I miss that a bit. Sometimes he tries to act all tough and manly but it just isn’t him and I can’t take him serious at all.

    I think my collegue would never risk to even touch me. He’s too loyal for that (I think).

    And yeah what’s with the push and pull?? Like why would you push away someone that gives you attention and give attention to when you are ignored??

    • lol @Taurus lady
      I know you’re so right! i will try as hard as i can to fight this temptation and rebuke the lust.
      tbh with you, the sex with him was regular but since i was sooooo into him, i was content with him just kissing and touching me. Lucky for him because he didn’t have to extra sexual stuff to keep me satisfied and desiring more. For some reason I felt totally delighted and excited by his presence next to me and pleasing/ satisfying him made me happy. Maybe i’m too sentimental. lol

      Do you think that if you communicate your sexual desires to your partner he will try to give you exactly what you want?

      Avoid your co worker/colleague for a week or two and see what happens.

  92. @ CC
    Noooooooooooooooooooooo NOT the Weeknd 🙁
    That’s one of his favorite artist!
    I will listen to it though 🙁

    I don’t think i wanna deal with another virgo tbh.
    I hate games. I wanna be myself and they make it so complicated especially when it comes to communication and i enjoy me a nice, natural conversation flow.

    Sex was great but regular… he loved to bend me over lol
    I had sex with him for a little over 2 years and he never lasted more that 2 minutes
    or maybe 3. (i know lol). But he touched me so well and he felt so good.(he was average size) Those two minutes felt amazing because it was intense. Mmmm!

    Lemme stop!

    I rebuke you LUST!!!! 🙁

  93. @caplady whatchu mean by not big hahaha you mean his manhood or??
    Oh mannnn what you describe sounds soooo sexy omg!!
    This flirting has been going on for 5 years already. Can you imagine??

    @nefer you should let him go or you’ll get hurt honey. He’ll seduce you and then break your heart!
    I get chu, if you’re reaaaallly into someone it doesn’t need to be wreckless love. It’s just his presemce that can make you lose your mind!

    I do but it’s just idk… after all these years it bores me a bit. I can’t help it.

    Im gonna try it. We’ll see what happens next hahaha

    • Say what!? 5 years of just “flirting”? no touching or kissing?
      Wow! you’re strong and patient. But everything happens for a reason. If it didn’t happen, it’s because it’s not meant to happen…………………YET! 😉 ha!

      Would you say that there’s still some sparks in your relationship? if the answer is yes, maybe ya’ll should watch soft porn together (i hope i didn’t make you blush shy lady…i really didn’t mean to). 😉

  94. @nefer hahaha bend you over omg. But which girl doesn’t like that?? 😉
    Didn’t you hate it he didn’t last longer??
    And what’s with Virgo’s who aren’t blessed with big tools??

    Yes 5 years in those 5 years he only briefly pushed his front to my back but that was it! Well yeah shoulder pats but nothing passionate.

    There are sparks and we are soulmates but the sex isn’t what I crave for. It’s not the passionate crazy sex. He’s just not that kind of type.
    Oh my soft porn? Hahah uuhhh that’s not really my thing tbh.

    Btw now I start to wonder if my collegue has an average tool too…hmmmmm hahaha

    • @tauruslady
      oh wow that’s been a long time! Has he told you anything at all about how he feels? what he thinks of you? Sorry ladies but I am very much into details , lol! Ugh just thinking about it makes me want to jump his bones especially for those passionate kisses. Yes his manhood aint all that but he definitely makes up for it in other ways. I really want to sleep with him Its been since August that we last did something sexual. We have never had sex although I have in my dreams. My husband says Im literally panting in my sleep and has even asked me who I, having sex with in my dreams. I really miss him but don’t want to make the first move. We went out to eat today w/another coworker he very secretly makes comments only him and I know its pretty fun. But I really just wish he would say lets get out of here.

      @ NEF
      girl I bet it was fun regardless of how long! He sounds exciting and knew exactly what he wanted. Its strange this virgo tends beat around the bush when we talk but when he finally gets the nerve to act upon it he takes complete control ugh I miss him!!!!!!!!!

      • @CC I choked at “my husband says i am literally panting in my sleep and has even asked me, who am i having sex with in my dreams” ! I cannot!!! lol lol.

        No need to apologize! i’m loving this! And Capricorn Females are into details and love details (when they feel comfortable of course).

        Since August? (6 months) well there’s hope for me then! cause last time i gave him some candy and he gave me his lollie was in December 2016
        He might come back to me but Taurus Lady advised me not to give him any 🙁
        CC My mind is telling me NO but my body keep telling me YES!!
        What do you suggest?


        • @CC

          LOL omg my face said it all I was like I dreamed the house was burning and I was gasping for air!
          I really am Into details I can seriously go on and on about all out encounters! Yes unfortunately its been that long I’m so annoyed with him! He says all these comments but doesn’t do anything about them he knows I want him.

          I say it depends on what you want out of it! Do you just want the sex and the passion? or do you want more of a relationship?

          • Cc….I didn’t want a relationship with him. He is too young, bi polar, low sex drive plus his maturity is questionable. He was also a little selfish and some kind a jerk! I tried to explain to him that even if 2 people are not in a committed relationship and are just FWB , they can still be kind to each other and respect each other. He once said to me that he didn’t want to grow to close to me and give me too much attention/affection because he didn’t want me to fall for him and loose my mind over him. I was like “yeah whatever”!

            The friendship meant a lot to me! He was really special to me regardless of his many negative personality traits. I just wanted him to appreciate and respect me completely.

            I must admit that i was a little bit jealous and he hated that with a passion! lol
            I didn’t want him to mention any situations with “sexual connotations” involving his women friends at all!
            For instance, one time out of nowhere, he tells me that his thirsty for attention woman friend/co worker, who seemed obsessed with him showed him a clip of herself and her mate having sex! i was like “wtf” what is she trying to achieve by showing you personal sh*t like this” and i said “i bet it made your @!#$ hard too”. I was so disgusted!
            I told him to keep those type of info to himself cause i didn’t wanna know (what you don’t know don’t hurt you).

            If he was mine officially, i wouldn’t have felt so uneasy about it because there would have been NO fear in my heart of loosing the friendship and my sexual benefits to another chick lol

            btw Virgo men are nicer to strangers, social media strangers and women they never been intimate with.

          • @ CC

            LUST is a Mutha#@!$%

            And that’s what my ex virgo boytoy used to do to me. Always talk the talk but rarely walk the walk! (He knew how to really get me all hot and bothered but made me wait weeks before giving me something).


      • @CC I understand how you feel. (That you miss him that is).

        The sex was pleasant and fun because we had sex almost anywhere (car, parking lot, my office, my place, dark alley, on the floor, one time at his workplace) but unfortunately it was not consistent enough like he would leave me hanging for weeks and sometimes months. But i didn’t let it bother me too much. Capricorn women have a high level of patience! I just wanted him to stimulate my mind, Share some “food for thought” with me. Most Virgo male are so intellectual and smart. That’s so sexy and such a turn on!

        • @NEF
          I totally get the part of the inconsistency that’s the same thing with this virgo. The moments I have shared were amazing but weeks would literally go by the next encounter and months now. So I know exactly how you feel about feeling like your left hanging. We tend to have a lot of patience but only because we always tend to come up with excuses for them. I think our relationship started off by very deep conversations then slowly led to the encounters. Maybe that was his way of getting too me. I totally feel you on sexy smart men.

    • Hilarious! Porn is not really “my thing” either “per se” but i do enjoy viewing some steamy, erotic sex scenes “soft porn” with a nice romantic story line lol like the “the Notebook” , Unfaithful, 9 1/2 weeks or an even An Officer and Gentleman with hott, sexy (1st decan virgo) Richard Gere. Well he is kinda old now but…) . And that’s just to name a few. lol

      I didn’t “hate” the fact that he could not last longer but i did stayed hopeful that one day (before completely ending the sexual affair) that he was going to surprise and amaze me with a few extra minutes like between 7 or 10 more minutes. I wouldn’t have been mad at that at allllllll!! lol

      Well when he pushed his “front” against your “back”, did you felt anything protruding? ha! ha!l (j/k)
      And what is his shoe size? LOL (That’s just a myth anyway) because my ex toy friend had some big a$$ Flamingo feet (google it) and he was average in size…a perfect size for me though! Mmmmm. 🙂

  95. @CC Yes, but being a Taurus, we’re very patient. He never ever spoke about his feelings. He only complimented me on my looks and how I could do better (work for tv cause Im so beautiful🙄).
    But tbh I never told him about minr either.
    Im too afraid to get hurt.

    Oh my those dreams of yours!!! hahaha my bf would get mad so I’d tell him it’s about him hahaha.

    Hahaga no it was like a second so unfortunatly not!!! I try to look at his pants but they’re not tight enough hahahaha. He’s 6’3 so it would be weird if has like small equipment whahahaha
    My collegue has shoe size 10/10.5 and my bf has 11 but my bf’s tool is so average.
    Is that a common thing with Virgo’s???
    My bf does have a very high sex drive but I don’t really. But thats more cause of Im not liking that part of our relation and sometimes he’sso busy with his sexual thoughts it makes me mad. Like Im more than my body.

    • He is 6’3! nice! I love me a tall man.
      I read on a couple of different astrology websites that sex is not important to a most virgo male.
      When i first met my ex toy friend, he told that he had low sexual desires. He later told me (in December 2016) that he is able to stay long periods of time without sex. That explains why he would leave me hanging for months!

      Maybe your bf craves it more because you’re not too much into “that part of the relationship” like you said (same way the more you ignore a virgo, the more they want your attention).
      Bottom line is when you show “most” virgo men that you don’t want / desire them, that’s when they wanna act like they want/desire you and give you some attention.

      • @NEF
        I read that too about Virgo male and not having a big sex drive. The virgo I deal with also confirmed he would tell me I enjoy just watching you even from a distance and sometimes when we both coincidentally were on the same elevator he would call it our “elevator time” which will so annoy me. I’m like really that’s enough for you but not for me. He said its more about sex with me we are connected on a deeper level. This brings me to another encounter we had which is why I tell you ladies we never had sex. Okay one weekend we both happened to work on a Saturday morning. He messaged me to come over so he can explain a record I was requesting. Well we are both talking and he suddenly stands up and closes door behind him. He pushes me against door and starts to passionately Kiss me and slowly kiss me on my neck and chest and starts rubbing on my breast he puts his hands in my pants (his obsessed with my a** I guess it’s the curvy latin in me he likes) His doing this and suddenly drops my leggings down enough to where he can perform oral on me, I quickly had an amazing orgasm and ask if I can finally taste him. His eyes opened wide and says yes baby, lol! He has an amazing runners body not to much muscle but just enough to make the outlines on his abs and the cut on his pelvic hips stand out. I slide my tongue down all his stomach and notice how clean and shaved he is I complimented how clean and tasteful he looks which obviously pleases him more. Well I do my part and when I stand up and tell him I cant do this anymore I need you right now I plead with him and tell him I need him inside me and want him to … me on his desk. I’m telling him you don’t want to and he says of course but his face told me otherwise he looked scared and was red in the face. He says yes I tell him okay get a condom he puts one on and starts to get his penis erect again as I grab his hands and tell him let me help you I place them on my breast as his about to stick it in he says DAAAMNN!!! He already had came. He was so embarrassed I felt so bad he was all red in the face and you could tell he was so embarrassed I reassured him it was okay! but I could tell it didn’t matter. I think I put too much pressure on him I was mortified after this and I to was embarrassed.

        Do yall think it was the pressure I put on him ? or his age? his in early 40’s

        Why don’t you say something about the comments he makes too you! You should playfully act like his crossing the line and ask why do you say that? See what he responds and see if he can somewhat confesses on why he is always complimenting you?

        • Giiiiiirrrrrllll!!!! CC! WOW! niiiiice! I felt like i was reading an “x-rated” for “mature adults strictly” romance novel! i love IT!!!!!

          It seems like it was too intense for him (he was overly excited) or maybe he is just a premature _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ well you know.

          Age has nothing to do with it. (mine was 25). When my ex toy friend and i had sex for the first time, he lasted a little less that 2 minutes and on two different occasions, he ejaculated upon contact. We were bed buddies for over 2 years and he never lasted more than 2 or 3 minutes (intercourse). It didn’t bother me though…i still enjoyed it because those two minutes were intense, amazing and passionate. (and like said before, his presence, him touching/kissing me and me pleasuring him completely was good enough for me.
          I never once made him feel embarrassed about anything or complained about the fact that he couldn’t last longer and I was always putting his performance and his peen on a pedestal. And i think that’s probably why he stuck around for over 2 years. He admitted to me that i was the only one that he had sex with more than 3 times. And dude treated me like a random b*tch! I had no choice to let him go.

          I hate that i still think about him. 🙁

          • @NEF
            I might be in the wrong field! Ugh your so lucky I want a redo after that day! I wouldn’t of cared he didn’t last long either I was just confused on why. I felt like I put to much pressure I’m so new to this since I’ve only been with my husband in the past 11 years. I was embarrassed with myself and wanted to tell him that but didn’t know how. One day a few weeks after encounter he told me that he cant do that again he should be good because his married. I asked so were never going to do anything like that ever and he said I wouldn’t say never. I responded that was fine and will keep my distance and he responded not too long and not too far. I was more confused then ever I felt so hurt. I was upset and mad at myself for falling for his bullshit and letting my guard down with him and cheating on my husband with him. We somehow started talking again after we went for a run together. Months went by of flirting and messaging. His birthday was in august I decided to give him something he hugged me and told me that he missed me so much and was sorry for staying away so long. As we started to walk he pulled me into a room and started to kiss me I was so hesitant but gave in. He confused the hell out of me I don’t know what to think with this guy. It’s like he doesn’t know what he wants I told him I’m willing to be there when he wants but he takes forever. I tried really hard to show him I appreciated him and all he would say was his just like any other guy. I gave up and just ignored him and no longer showed interest and he comes back into my life. I also really miss him and always think about him.

  96. Yup! you’re in the wrong field! lol I’ve been reading your sexual encounter super intriguing stories while eating pop corn. (it’s a slow Monday). Keep them coming. Psst! when i used to read dirty romance novels, i used to skip the platonic part and go straight to the sexual part. I think i’m going to start reading them again. lol

    August Virgo huh? You did mentioned that. They stay confused and will leave you confused most of the time for real!!! Don’t ever be aggressive or too pushy with them! EVER! You’ll thank me later. Always let him come to you. You see!! the more you ignore him and show him no interest, the more he desire you. I guess that’s the game we must continuously play with them unfortunately!

    It’s a good thing that you never had intercourse with him. Keep it that way if you can! Also try to resist him once or twice. Make him beg to touch you and feel your body. Yes i know it’s going to be hard but you have to sometimes especially with VIRGO MEN!.

    • @NEF

      I wish I could write more but my cubi neighbor is in everything plus we don’t type that much here! LOL
      I know girl I am more focused now then ever ! I learned already not to be so pushy w/him somewhat discreet on how he makes me feel. Im finally starting to understand the push pull game he does and now doing the same for him. We just recently had lunch and I totally ignored him but I could feel the stare on me I want him to think I’m no longer interested. He tried to grab my waist and I pulled away and told him those days are gone. His face was in shock but was also smiling as if he accepted some type of challenge.

      Has there been any communication on your end?

      • Yusssssss! good job! oh! and i promise you that he is lovin’ IT!
        Continue to play it reeeeeaaaal cool and act nonchalant! This ain’t over!

        Trust that i would’ve mentioned something if my ex toy friend and i were back communicating.
        I’ts probably better this way….
        A friend of mine said that he will contact me sooner or later because i was so good and genuine to him. If he does, it will probably be in March or April. but if he doesn’t, Oh Well! that’s life. I’ll be just fine.
        In the meantime between time, I’ll keep doing my kegel exercises. lol

  97. My bf always has a high drive. If I give in or not it doesn’t matter. Even if I ignore him he still comes to annoy me…

    Omggg @CC giirrrllll that’s such a hot story!! I got read ears and a blush reading it. You myst have been in heaven after that right??
    But didn’t you feel guilty at all towards your husband?
    I think the guilt would destroy me if I ever did something like that.
    @nefer what are u gonna do if he contacts you??

    Over here it’s quiet. Nothing happening. After I read Caplady’s steamy story I did dream about him last night…
    He pushed me against a wall an passionatly kissed me.
    Then we ended up on the floor but some collegues saw us and he pulled me up some stairs, laughing for being caught. (We were at work)
    Haven’t seen him yet today.

    • @NEF
      I could of sworn I had responded but very true a good friend of mine told me. You think you are done but he is not…he will be back so be ready!. She is a virgo too! Kegel exercises are awesome squats also help very much! What do you intend on doing when he comes back in the picture?

      @ TAUR
      Most definitely I felt like I was in heaven it was amazing! In the 11 years I have been with my husband I have dealt with Infidelity and many lied. I found out he possibly has 2 children from another woman in another city. My husband is 9 years older than me which makes sense but on one child is 1 year older than my oldest. So he was very aware while we were dating that he had a girl pregnant not once but twice and never disclosed it too me. The children are not at fault the fact that he never told me so I could make a decision of staying with him or leaving the situation is what upsets me. I didn’t find this out until 4 years into our relationship I will never forgive him for doing that too me. I don’t feel any guilt to be very honest! The first time the virgo and I kissed I knew then I wasn’t in love with my husband anymore. I had let the virgo hug me and caress me but never let him kiss me. Too me kissing is very important bind with the other person on a deep emotional level. Once I allowed it I knew that I what we were doing was much deeper than what I thought. I was very scared I had never felt someone against my lips in such a long time it felt strange It felt as if I had been awakened.

  98. Oh my god my virgo is the most irritating and hellish nightmare of my life but I love him.

    We’ve been dealing with some difficulties lately but as you all know virgo men will never do what they don’t want to do. So the fact that we’ve stayed the course through this tough shit shows me something.

    Rewind to Sunday night. I live with his family, btw. Sunday night he had called his brother to pick him up, and within the twenty minutes it took his brother to get there he had decided he didn’t want to come home because he supposedly heard that I had cheated on him and he wanted me to leave?

    Let me just say that because of the stress these men can put on a woman, cheating is the last thing in hell that I would ever do because I can barely handle him! Plus, as an Aries woman, to be unfaithful is just not in my heart. I would be a dead giveaway before it even takes place. All of the people that know us think he’s being ridiculous and even his own family thinks he’s being stupid. His brother even told me not to stress myself out because once he gets a chance for this to blow over and he realizes that he’s being ridiculous believing what he’s only hearing, then he’ll come back around acting like nothing happened. His brother even mentioned that if he was serious about what he was saying he would have let his family know that he wanted me to leave and been here at the house to escort me out himself.

    He said some very hurtful things but we’ve been through things like this before. He’s always been fine once he has his space. Plus his brother mentioned that he’s probably trying to test me and see how I act during this time. And that if I were to pick up and leave it would be like an admission of guilt. I know I need to give him his space but that’s so hard.

    Literally that same morning he was cuddling me, grabbing me all over the place, kissing me, and then out of nowhere he just turned cold. All I can do is sit right here and the house and really try o keep myself occupied. I mean, he has to come home sometime

  99. TL & CC, i have absolutely no idea what i’m going to do. I know for sure that i am not gonna give in so easily. Depending on what he is going to say to me, then i’ll decide if i wanna give him some and take/taste some lol.
    Thoughts of him leaves me cold & bitter but every time i read your steamy sexual stories CC, I really miss the super fun/sexual affair that ex toy friend and i had.

    CC you are a true Capri! 99% of us are one man’s woman and most of us don’t cheat unless we were betrayed/hurt badly (and usually we rather leave then cheat) and/or the feelings for the significant other completely dissolved. Although two wrongs don’t make it right, i wouldn’t have felt any culpability on my conscious either after finding out about this level of betrayal from my significant other. Whenever “most” capri women allow another man to get closer, seduce her and touch her body in that manner, it’s because there’s genuine an intense feelings or/and strong sexual/physical attraction involved.

    • @NEF
      Good stay strong we shouldn’t have to put up with any bs ! I wonder if they will ever realize how much damage they can cause a person with all the push/pull BS! It seems like every VIRGO male I have heard of seem to be lots of fun! If I miss those encounters and nothing nearly as close to intercourse every happened I would often think about them all the time. There was a time when I was with my husband and I couldn’t help but think of him while having sex. It was getting out of control and really messing with my head I was worried that one day I would accidently yell his name out.

      I couldn’t of said it any better I have had many opportunities with many men that have crossed my path. But there was just something about this guy that I couldn’t hold my guard up any longer. The combination of the betrayal from my husband and the virgos constant seductions I gave in. Recently my husband had a break down and literally wept he cried that he knew he lost me and he knows that it’s his own fault. The virgo and I have never communicated outside of work so I really don’t know what he has seen to feel this way. I believe my husband picked up on a possible infidelity because of my demeanor towards him I completely changed I no longer was the same person with him, we are currently trying to work things out again. I am thankful for the virgo he really opened up my eyes …yes in his way he used me for whatever his reasons but he also showed me what real passion should be like and how I want to be treated. My husband and I both have a big sex drive but it literally was just sex….well I call it PORNO SEX. No kissing nothing literally just hardcore sex all the time for years and years it was always hardcore sex. I pleaded with my husband many times to kiss me, to tell me he loved me, It was at the point where I would plead with him if we can we please just do missionary tonight and hug me when we are done. The virgo once told me you know are damaged! you are made to think this is normal but it isn’t you are extremely attractive but that doesn’t mean your some type of sex doll…. you need to be loved and appreciated your much more than a sex object. The way he touched me was just mind blowing how detailed he was I could honestly just be in a room with him and he could just look at me a certain way to make me blush all over.

      I miss him very much but I know its for the best.

  100. CC i believe they are aware of the damages they’re causing but they just can’t help it. It’s a Virgo thing.
    Like you said your husband probably felt some lack of passion….Capricorns have the ability to sense changes in people easily and quickly.
    lol @ porno sex! Well hardcore sex is great but when it’s combined with passionate wet kisses it’s way better.
    What made the virgo say that you’re damaged? Did you opened up to him about your personal life?

    I miss mine too but us not talking anymore is probably for the best.

    Your virgo will try to get the secret sexual affair back. Just watch! 🙂
    I’m hoping that you’re ready lol

    • @NEF
      Did your virgo tend to have many women as friends? Mine has one females (Capricorn) he is always with based on his job field they are able to always leave together and go too lunch together. Everyone thinks she is secretly in love with him and that they had something going on. He told me he sees her like a sister and she is a dear friend too him. Although I notice that she really doesn’t like for me to be around him and makes it very aware by her body language and remarks.

      Most definitely hardcore sex with passion is amazing. We both disclosed a lot about our personal life to each other. I was his assistant and we worked together many late nights he slowly opened up to me and with time I did too. He would give me advice as would I.

      Do you think so? around this time last year is when it got pretty heavy but March was when we almost had sex. I found out he got married in march and the day of the encounter in the office was a day before his wedding anniversary…..I felt really bad! I think he realized he made a mistake will continue too flirt but will no longer cross the line!

      • Okay! i understand but i don’t think you’re “damage goods”! he used that term too loosely. You have emotions and feelings therefore you’re not damaged. .

        A day before his wedding anniversary? That’s a savage move lol smh….1st decan virgo cannot be trusted!

        Virgo and Capri have great, natural chemistry. If she likes him (his capri co worker) yeah she will feel intimidated by you and somewhat jealous. Is she attractive? Then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I would’t be surprised if she knows about the affair between you and your virgo.

        My ex virgo toy friend did had a lot of female friends, fans and acquaintances. When he used to work next door to my office, he had this basic looking co worker/friend that he seemed to be very friendly with; i think she liked him too. He admitted that at first he wanted to “f*ck” her but it never happened. She wasn’t too friendly with me though even if i would always said hello (she used to just give me a blank stare) i could tell she was intimidated by my presence. Summer 2014 she got laid off from her job and a few weeks to a month later, the virgo started saying hello to me and looking for my attention every now and ten. And when in the fall 2014 we got properly introduced and he had to give me a ride to an event that we were both invited to, that’s when a platonic friendship between us started. Although i thought he was a handsome young man, i didn’t feel attracted to him at all. (i thought that he was too young and short). He opened up to me on that same night (after the event in his car) about some issues that he was dealing with . We texted each other almost everyday after that for weeks and then of course he started to annoy me with his “flip flopping” attitude so, i stopped communicating with him. And then a couple of months later one evening while i’m waiting on my date to pick me up, my purse accidentally dialed his number. I hung up quickly but when i returned home from my date, i noticed a missed call from him around 1 am. I wasn’t really interested in returning his call but i decided to text him the next morning when i woke up just to let him know that i saw his call and that i was out partying. He replied saying “i was out partying myself and met a chick at the bar and put my hands under her skirt and started playing with her twat”. I was like “wtf”. We ended up discussing different topics especially sex (likes and dislikes). He was a little bit shy at first but i made him feel so comfortable “after spending alllll day allllll night texting each other “that he did not hesitate to send a suggestive photo before saying good night…. and i reciprocate of course. And that’s when it all began.

        But last year (summer 2016) his old friend / co worker stopped by my office for business. She had a unfriendly vibe to her and an attitude over some foolishness. She tried to get me in trouble with my boss, I chose to stay calm and ignored her. Deep inside i already knew what her attitude was about and that her hostile behavior was motivated by pure jealousy. When i texted my virgo and explained to him what had happened, his response was “i doubt it had anything to do with me” and then he admitted to telling her about our sexual affairs, that we were fwb, i prepare food for him etc…(only God knows what else he told her). I got so mad and asked him why he had to tell her about our private business and why he just couldn’t keep his big mouth shut. His response was “She was talking shit about you so i had to make her shut up”. We argued 2 days straight about it. (damn! even our arguments i miss 🙁 ) i just couldn’t get over it.

  101. He ladies! What stories you girls have!! Im a bit jealous actually 🙁
    I have never ever had this close contact to my Virgo.
    He never tells me things from his private life (if I ask about he will give an ‘open’ answer). As I know the rest of all my collegues do know about some of his private stuff.
    Im really sad he doesn’t share stuff with me cause Im soooo sure I can comfort him or we can just talk for hours about music etc.
    He just keeps holding this distance.
    I wish I was closer to him than I am now. Why does he shut me out??

    Yesterday I saw him twice. Our eyes locked for 2 secs but neither of us said anthing. I wore this cute long button down with a small belt and leggings and he looked my body up and down. As I walked away I could feel his eyes perking in my back, watching my ass.

    • No recent stories on my end. But before spring, i feel like something is going to happen and i will share. I can’t deny how much i desire him. I desire him so badly i can taste it. I am in lust with him obviously. Sorry to dissapoint you Taurus lady! Only him can quench my thirst. Only he can extinguish this flame burning so hot inside of me. If destiny allow us to hook up again, only i know what i’m going to do to his sexy , well put together body.

      Tlady! I don’t understand how you and your virgo didnt grow closer over the years. I think he is either too shy or intimidated by you. What do you think CC girl?

  102. @nefer why before spring? What’s before that time? Hahaha don’t be sorry. I understand you very well honey!!

    Ikr.. Idk whats with him tbh. Idk why he is like this and not allowing me to get closer. I wish I knew.
    Sometimes I hear stories from other collegues and Im like ‘Why doesn’t he share that with me??’

    Im at work now so I’ll keep ya’ll updated!

    • @Tauruslady….It’s been such a long time that yall have known each other and nothing has happened. If you want more why don’t you make the first the move? Invite him to lunch or for coffee somewhere so you can be alone for a longer period of time. You don’t have to flat out say I want you I think very discreetly make comments and try to start up a conversation on both of your attractions for each other. How long has he been married?

      @NEF what you said gives me a good understanding of there relationship. Well I’m not very judgmental I think we are all beautiful in our own way. But this woman is not feminine at all and is very manly she acts like one of the guys. She is the type of woman who tries to belittle other women for being to feminine. She always tends to make comments too me like I don’t have time for stuff like that or that’s a waste of money… yet wants advice on how to dress up or do makeup. Recently while at the gym they both passed by and he mentioned how beautiful my perfume smelled he was going on about how the smell fit me so well she was staring at us the whole entire time. Then yelled out you working out or not? lol The next day she sends me an email asking me for the brand of perfume because she really loved the smell, I found that very odd. We recently went to lunch all together and I could tell she was upset because we were both caught up in our own conversations and excluding her. This woman tends to boss him around a lot acts like his wife but supposedly is good friends with her. I wonder if he told her about us or if she has asked him about us. On one occasion another her and another virgo male were at the gym. This guy has always been open about his attraction too me and doesn’t care who is around. Well he made a remark about how there is a huge rumor about me and my virgo. They were both snickering and saying how it was going around for us to be careful I responded why don’t yall say that when he is here. I told him I have nothing to worry about because we are just friends. I mentioned this too my virgo and he didn’t seem worried at all… he responded to let them think what they want he doesn’t care and for me not too worry. He never admitted to saying anything even when I asked.

      Did you virgo communicate better in person or by text? I can’t wait for you to tell us what he is going to say when he comes back in the picture. Can you think of any new ways to keep him around longer? I think lust is the best way to describe how we feel about these guys. I am not in love with him but I most definitely consumed with lust for him all the time. I have been doing really well my husband lately but when I see the virgo I cant help but think of him and desire him more.

      • CC i’m not saying his friend was “unpretty”…just basic! lol
        btw i listened to the song (the weekend – “echoes of silence”) . I only listened to it once because the lyrics were too deep for me. I didn’t like what the song did to my Mind, Heart and Spirit that day. :-(. lol

        hm! she is kind of fake if you ask me. Her personality is questionable. And i bet your virgo can’t even see it. They tend to be gullible when it comes to people they truly care about. Be very vigilant around her. I like your virgo unconcerned attitude.though.

        When my virgo used to work close by, we would chit chat face to face at least once a week but most of the time the conversations were via text messages. I didn’t want him around me like that! (i’m busy and i love love my space) A quick quickie occasionally (i enjoy quickies a whole lot) and passionate sex/love making twice a month would’ve been ideal and of course more conversation ( i just loved chit chatting with him so much).

        I’m glad to hear that you and your hubby are working things out. 🙂

        • @NEF
          I think she is really fake she is good at putting up a front and you are very right. I don’t think he is aware of it at all. On one occasion we were speaking in his office and she kept coming in and out of the office. I left to another coworkers office to speak to her and I heard her tell him….Im just watching out for you bro! like wtf!. That songs is very deep in so many levels. I have WHAT YOU NEED on replay from the weeknd! lol its amazing I so wish I could have that song playing on the background if I ever got a chance to be with the virgo. Anything new with the coworker @TAURUSLADY ?????

          • CC! you’re all about the weeknd huh? lol but lemme tell you, i almost OVERDOSED on Mariah Carey – “CAN’T LET GO” ( i totally abused the repeat button). It’s an old classic (oldies but goodies) and that’s the song that can relate to “to some extent”.

          • @NEF
            She most definitely is. I love the weeknds first albums. I haven’t seen the virgo this entire week I’m certain his out on a trip with his wife. Around this year they tend to travel. I saw him last Friday at lunch he gave me big hug and grabbed my ass a little. He usually likes to do that before he goes out on a trip he did the same thing last year before he left on their trip. I cant understand why he is like that with me. What does his marriage lack so much that he somehow gets some satisfaction with doing things like that.

            Anything yet @ TL ?????

        • Oh wow! She seem indiscreet and controlling plus she is trying to play with his mind.
          CC it’s so obvious she has a secret crush on him. Can we blame her? Virgo men and their undeniable charm.. i swear!!. Coming in and out of his office for what exactly? Just to interrupt and kill the vibe….smh.

          Don’t let it faze you.

    • TLady! before spring because he never went more than three months without seeing me.I will hear from him before end of March. I just feel it.
      And like i said your virgo is intimidated by you and that makes him unable to be his complete self around you and open up. Try to initiate conversation with him (best restaurants/food, sports, music etc…).

  103. Wow you people really don’t have a clue how to please a Virgo, do you? Well to start I’m a Virgo and I have some deeps thought because of my past. My past was like hell. I described myself as shy, quiet, over thinker, curious, analystical, kind when with people, loyal, not a neat-freak, hate when people say stupidities, love girls who don’t put make up, short temper, emotional, mature, I love when people really good jokes that make me laugh, I like to smile all the time, I don’t like being alone, happiness flow into my heart when I’m with my loyals friends or the girl I like, I’m don’t mind if people tell that I’m wrong even I’m right, and I’m so smart as people say about us. Let me tell you don’t marry a person if you know that he/she is not the right one for you. Marry someone who you will trust forever, and yeah we get mad easily and everything, but we our reasons why. You people might not understand a Virgo and let tell you. Most of us are suffering insinde that is not so easy to fulfill. I myself is hard to show my emotions even if I want to show them. I think about what’s is going in the world, so we search for those things that will answer our questions. My life is mess and I have a of regrets that I don’t want other people to suffer, that is why I’m trying to be the best I can be of myself. Don’t forget we don’t like to be ignored because we are facing ourself inside we need people that will listen to us.Our worse annemy is ourself because we want thing to go as perfect as possible. And yeah we might your feelings easily, but really remember that we are suffering to. If you want a Virgo to love about something that will interest them something like about your past or his past, news, books, your children’s grade at school if you have. Also, not every Virgo is the same as you think they are. We like to be please with our lover. It’s easy you just kiss us and say I love and we’ll stick the whole day our Also, I’m proud of being a Virgo because we make our choices very, very carefully and wise. Don’t forget to marry with a guy/girlthat you truly love, and not one that will match your zodiac sign. Make the right choice and not something that will take to hell.

    • @ Herebeto ……we hear you and God bless you

      BTW it’s you who don’t have a CLUE” of what you’re talking about with the comment “YOU PEOPLE don’t know how to please a virgo” lol. How would you know that huh? And What do you mean by “you people” anyway? FYI we’re mature women with life experiences. Have some respect kiddo. Most virgo male are simply ungrateful that’s all. Nice attempt to school us though lol cute. You stated “Virgo hate to be ignored” but didn’t you know that virgo male are notorious for ignoring people for no apparent reason?

      Again thanks :-). You will be alright.

  104. He girls! No nothing has happened yet.
    Haven’t seen him today cause I was out with a collegue all day for business.
    I once asked him out for coffee. He smiled and said that we could better not do it…
    When we were out once with work and I asked him about personal stuff but he never answered any of them. He just talks around it.
    I do know we have the same music taste. We both love R&B and he likes dance/trance too I guess.

  105. Yeah! Some (most) Virgo male don’t like answering too many personal questions unless they feel 100% comfortable with the person. But they love asking questions and / or investigate.
    My ex virgo toy friend shared a whole lot of personal info with me but when i grew closer to him and started developing feelings, i became uneasy whenever he would mention his female friends (with sexual connotation) That’s when he stopped sharing those types of details with me and i felt more relaxed :-). (i simply didn’t wanna know because what you don’t know don’t bother or hurt you).

  106. @nefer yeah I know. But what bothers me is that he does share things with others, up to a certain point of course. But whenever I ask anything slightly personal he just turns around 180° and will avoid my question.
    Well good for you! I don’t understand why your Virgtoy wanted to share that with you! How could he even think that you wouldn’t mind hearing/seeing stuff like that!
    Im very curious if he’ll contact you around spring!!

    Oh and yeah he did ask me tons of questions in the past! But Im not sharing much anymore.

    • Taurus lady! he didn’t understand me at all or where i was coming from. I mean i felt a little flattered that he wanted to tell me everything but given that we fwb for a while and of course i got caught up (i’m only human) and the fact that he wasn’t officially “mine” (meaning he wasn’t committed to me), made me realize that he could have replaced me at any given time and tbh my body wasn’t ready to loose the benefits. lol. When he kept mentioning women and sex in the same sentence, my mind started playing tricks on my and since he was leaving me hanging for months, i assumed that it was because he was too busy giving it to other women and i just couldn’t handle it. He didn’t like that. Oh well….

      Did you answered his questions in the past?

  107. Cc i am just seeing your response. This site is set up a little funny.
    oh he gave you a hug and grabbed your…..
    hmm i would’ve melted. lol

    We both know that even if some men have everything they desire at home, they will still feel tempted to cheat. They don’t really need a reason. (i knew a couple male friends in the past who wanted an affair with me and when i asked them what was wrong with their spouses and they said nothing, they are great wives etc…)That’s unfortunately the men’s nature to cheat. Whereas, when us women tend to cheat it’s usually because there’s lack of love and passion in the relationship. Some women are just opportunistic, promiscuous and disloyal and will also find any reason to be unfaithful to their significant other.

    @TL I anticipate seeing my virgo toy friend again soon. But if it doesn’t happen, that’s life. 🙂

    • Hey ladies just a little bit on the sharing of personal details etc. Virgos do not feel the need to discuss any personal info unless they are really comfortable….and quite franckly it takes them a while to become comfortable. Again i say during this period be very carefull what you are saying and what u are sharing with others.  We surely dont like our personal shit getting out. Now just imagine an office gossip that blows out of proportion…..we dont deal well with these things. We worry about the smallest crap unfortunately.

      On the other hand we trust ourselves to go to the grave with other peoples secrets because we are wired that way. Well i am like that. But i dont ask people to tell me about any personal details…virgos just have this trusting loyal lips are sealed way about them which is such a great quality. And we generally all have nice lips made for kissing lol well i have been told this and have proved it time and again.

      Nef glad you might be seeing you TB soon think its long overdue. TL you definately have something that is drawing him to you virgos dont always go for looks…its usually the x factor that gets him interested. Secret he is thinking about u more than letting on each minute he gets a chance infact. But maybe he is as afraid as you are and only willing to give what he is able too…to blame him. The office is a ruthless environment lol.

      CC lol been reading some of your posts you a live wire for sure.

      I have two taurus ladies as friends. One i hardly have long conversations with and we dont keep in touch. She says im a closed person….its a valid point. The other i chat and see more often. I confide more with her as i trust her deeply with anything. Its that simple.

      • Roberrrrrtttttttt!!!! 🙂
        Well like i said hopefully i’ll see him soon.

        It’s funny that you’ve reappeared today because i promise you that you’ve crossed my mind and i was about to add to my response to the 17 year old virgo blogger above and shout “ROBERT COME GET YOUR FELLOW VIRGO BROTHER!!!!” for saying what he said about us not know how to please a virgo lol .
        I decided to leave you out of it because i didn’t want to make him feel like i was patronizing him for his comment.

        Until next time, take care…

      • What?? Virgo have trusting loyal lips? maybe you meant a great majority (but i doubt it) because my ex virgo toy friend betrayed me many times. He kissed and tells!! He told people he knew that i didn’t like about our private business. That hurt me to the core. When i confronted him about it, he either lied or gave some nonsense/bs excuses. Now i’m having seconds thoughts about seeing him. sigh……:-(

        It’s the natural passion in most virgo men or possibly any men…(especially when there’s strong sexual/ romantic feelings involved) that may bring the professional, experienced kisser out of them lol.

  108. @nefer yes I did. But those were pretty harmless you know.
    Im pretty sure if you see your Virgtoy again you’ll be in 7th heaven baby girl!!!!!

    @robertttt hiii we missed you!!! ❤
    Yes but then,Im curious to what it is?!
    The thought of him, thinking about me a lot gives me butterflies omg hahaha.
    What is it that draws you to your Taurus friends? What do you like about them.
    I hardly ever see stories about Virgo men and Taurus women. Mostly it’s Pisces 🙁
    Do Virgo’s even like the Taurus character??
    I know Virgo’s are very private. But why does he share personal things with other co workers (also a scorpio woman ugh) and not with me.

    This morning in the coffee room I totally ignored him. But then as I almist walked out to my office he said hi with a big smile, just to get my attention…
    Like whats on his freakin mind!!!

    • Hi ladies hope you are all doing well!
      @Tlady he caught on too you ignoring him.. I am certain he likes that fact that he has woman gushing over him at work. Give him some type of pleasure to know he still has it.@NEF anything yet from your virgtoy?@Robert is that a good thing or a bad thing? (livewire)

    • Nef shame on him if for taking what was meant to be between the two of you to others.

      The one thing i am not for is my private business to be broadcasted to others… this is what makes virgo people private in there own way so not sure what his beef is lol.

      Ok so here is my story. You guys are hearing this now because i am a private person myself and im not one for being the subject of conversation… but anyways. Yes i currently find myself very attracted to this particular taurus lady the one i converse with. Firstly she is gentle and very understanding and her family is top priority. She’s mentally strong willed and goes beyond the call of duty to help anyone in need. Just an all round great person to be around. So yes i sometimes cant formulate words when im with her lol

      All these amazing qualities are draw factors. I do not know where her feelings lie either regarding me but we just enjoy each others company. Its more about how you project yourself to him thats my thought.

      Question: why did you ignore him? To see his reaction?

      My feeling is that a push an pull factor is occuring. If we change our behaviour at times this can lead to questions around does she does he like me or not. So we must try and be as consistent as we can for ourselves.

      I find myself both drawn to taurus and capricorn both signs bring some similar some different elements in to the mix. And great chemistry can be found in both.

      What are your ladies views on marriage?

      Taurus lady what do you want from all this…a happy ever after? How far are you willing to go and give up to see this through

      • Robert i know! i guess he wanted some of the guys that he mentioned me to that he was “hittin’ that” to increase his sense of “self-importance”. I don’t know what was his real issue with me for him to expose our secrets, but nevertheless, i forgave him because i simply genuinely care about him and his well being and wanted to be there for him. Maybe he just couldn’t handle all this TLC. lol. Nah! let’s be real….he just didn’t care about me.

        My personal views on marriage is that any marriages can be successful as long as there’s real love, respect and communication. Marriages, relationships aren’t easy at all (I’ve witnessed my sister, relatives, friend’s marriage fall apart and yet, i still remain optimistic….;-)

        Your Taurus special lady seems to be such a beautiful person inside out. You’re blessed.

        • Hi Ladies,

          So I saw him today he told me hi about 2 times…I just said hey! He kept making eye contact with me and checking me out but nothing more than that!

          • @ NEF honestly girl nothing really he just made me nervous I don’t like people staring at me. I realized that I don’t feel like I used too anymore. The distance and the push/pull got too me already I can’t deal with my emotions being played like that.

  109. @robert I see myself in tje description of your Taurus girl. I am like that too.
    Im a family girl and once you gain my friendship I will always be there for you. Support you on any level and upgrade you!
    I think she might look up to you and feel comfortable around you. Do you like her? Have u guys ever kissed?

    I ignored him cause I wanted to see his reaction, but also to keep my mind sane. Just one look in his eyes and Im lost.
    Like I said before, he has power over me that makes me go crazy.
    Idk what I want… mostly I guess I just want him to see how I really am. How gentle I can be. What a great listener I am and just the sides of me that I don’t show at work.
    My creative side and how nurturing I can be.

    My view on marriage…hmmmm I have to think about that actually!

  110. @caplady Im good and you? Did u see your crush?
    And yeah agreed with Nefer. That other woman probably can’t resist those Virgo charms either! Ignore her. If he really likes you (as it seems) he doesn’t pay attention to her or what she says!

    • @Tlady nothing yet I’ll keep you all posted! I know but it just sucks that he give her much more time than he does me 🙁 @Robert I’m still thinking about how to respond too your question.

    • @Tlady well it worked if he was trying to do that. But I have gotten much better at not feeling anything about it if anything they just confuse me. How can they be so close but no physical attraction from his end.

      • CC i think Virgo men are the only sign who can actually be very close to their female friends without feeling any sexual desires towards them. He probably see her as one of his boys. Look at him straight in the eyes, smile and ask him.

        • @NEF @ Tlady I have he just said he doesn’t see her like that. I was thinking yesterday what is it that keeps me somewhat intrigued to this man. I came to the conclusion that it’s not so much the looks or his constant flirtation stares what it is that I know deep down inside this man is just as dark as I am. He portrays an attitude of no care in the world but I know deep down inside there is something he hides. I can’t help but want to get too the bottom of it make him feel better make him feel happy be proud of who he is. I’ve told him in numerous occasions your to hard on yourself why aren’t you proud of who you are and what you have become all you have accomplished…he gave me this look as if I had just hit a nerve. I told him I just want to make you feel good he hugged me and just said you already are. He doesn’t let me through and I cant help but keep trying…the more he pushes me the more I can’t stay away.

          • @ CC I believe he doesn’t see her “like that” like he said because most virgo man don’t have any problems expressing physical /sexual attraction that they feel about someone.

            Most virgo put up a facade. They only expose their true self to people they trust and love completely.

  111. @caplady I understand. But I think what Nefer says is right.
    And I think it has something to do with Virgo being a kinda feminine sign.
    Or maybe he is attracted to her?
    You could ask him?

  112. Am I a bad girl for secretly takimg his pic? 🙈
    So this morning he was again, all cheery saying hi and I could hear in the tone of his voice that he was happy he saw me.
    But I don’t know, I didn’t look at him and after that I had regrets.
    Then we ignored each other again all day…
    Oh wow CC! That must be intriguing!!
    But I think the more you push him to let you in the harder he will push you away..
    Virgo’s really don’t like being pushed to talk about their problems.

  113. Hahah nefer I know he already used to have 2 pics of me. He shot them himself. They were taken from behind on the beach.
    Idk if he still has them though.
    They were very nice.
    Idk if he ever tried to take other pucs of me actually. I do know he once tried to take a pic from my ass hahaha .
    I was bent over a table to get some papers. When I looked behind I saw him with his phone and he looked very ‘caught’ hahaha

  114. Loool I wonder.. maybe he does. The beach pics were not that interesting though. I wasn’t wearing a bikini.
    Lmao he said I have nice legs but how?? I’m like 4’11. Im so small hahahahah (I wore jeans shorts)

    • @Tlday he must of been really checking you out! Hey I’m 4’11 too lol!
      my virgo has pics of me on a trip I went on Im wearing a bikini…he says he has them saved somewhere really safe where no one will find them !

      Anything new for either of you ladies????????

  115. He ladies and Robert😊
    Nothing happened here after Thursday.
    I just keep thinking about him and analyzing every Virgo detail. I keep reading blogs about Virgo’s and the posts of other people under the article.
    I keep wondering how it would be if we dated.
    How he would react if I ask him out for coffee or tell him how I truly feel😔
    Im soooo afraid he will laugh at me or ignore me so bad.
    That’s maybe why Im ignoring him. Im shutting down my feelings to not get hurt.
    Im romancing everything so badly.
    I just don’t know what to do to get him more open about his feelings/thoughts for me. Why do Virgo’s have yo be so damn complicated and have such obnoxious attitudes!!

    • Anything new ladies?
      @ tauruslady that is how it usually goes I was getting bad anxiety dealing with this man then one day I just had enough. I told him how I felt and til this day we have not discussed the situation at all. I gave up on him and try my hardest not to fall for any of his usual crap.

    • @CC Absolutely nothing new. I’m still hopeful that sooner than later i will hear from him and that he will say something kind to me.

      Tlady i’m overwhelmed with thoughts of him 🙁 therefore, I totally understand how you feel and i do the same thing that you do. (Feel lucky that you’ve never experienced anything intimate with him lol) Maybe you should just try and ask him out for coffee. Who knows…he might say yes 😉
      I would love to break the ice and rekindle whatever that me and the virgo had but i’m afraid that he will ignore me because i ignored him in January. My pride just won’t allow me to contact him. He really doesn’t deserve a lover friend like me but why do i want him back in my life so badly. I just can’t stop thinking about him. It makes no sense.

      Robert! do you think he’s forgotten about me completely because i ignored him? (even though i was there for him at 120%?). He even admitted to me that no one has ever been there for him the way i’ve been there for him and that i’m the only one that he’s been with the longest, had sex with more than 2 or 3 times. sigh…:-( . Do you know what this @#$#! once said to me? he said “why is every time i eat your cooking, i wanna have sex with you”?. I fed that boy lemme tell ya …i used to cook him a home cooked meal 5 days a week…sigh…

      I’m just venting …….”again”! 🙁

  116. What are these Virgo men doing! Robert we need your help!!

    Sooo the ignoring worked… he even came looking for me yesterday!!
    We both said goodmorning and then we had this shy awkward stare for a moment…
    Today I complimented him on his looks and he said wow that’s very nice of you!
    Then he walked by my office and stared at me through the window like so obvious that even my collegue side eyed me…
    Sigh, he’s just irresistable!

    • @tlady…yay! i told you lol

      You can give him a sincere compliment every now and then or whenever you feel like he or his style deserves it (don’t look for him though… let him make the first move because don’t forget he is “taken”)
      Always stay in control, don’t give him access to your thoughts…….for now!:-)
      Next time you find yourself alone with him, just say “hey do you wanna join me for lunch or coffee” and see what happens.

      Best of luck to you…

  117. Nothing happened. He ignores me again. Walks away when Im in the same space but still raises his voice if I walk by…
    During lunchbreak he was all loud (normally he’s quiet) and stood up to show something to a few close collegues of his which ‘accidentily’ happened to be in my facefield….🙄
    But no glimps, no glare, nothing but he knew I was looking at him. I just know it!
    So Im curious if I’ll we’ll speak today but I don’t think so…

    Anything new with you ladies?

    • @TLADY his trying to make you aware he is there. The virgo I deal with would do the same thing. Well I’ve been speaking too the virgo more and on about 3 occasions he finishes the conversations by saying I will see you soon…I responded oh really how soon? he responded very soon. I really don’t know what he means by that is he working up the nerve to see me again or is he just saying that to keep me waiting. We were on the elevator yesterday as he got really close to me he told me I’ll be good okay….I told him yup you need to be good not me! We spoke later on in the day and he told me the same thing I will see you soon okay really soon!

      I don’t know what to think with this guy….I get excited thinking about it yet I don’t know if I want to deal with all the push/pull he puts me through. I don’t understand why he just doesn’t leave it where it ended and where we last left off. To this day we still haven’t talked about my confession of how I feel about him. Why does he say he must be good but yet is constantly flirting with me, trying to get close to me and makes all these comments about seeing me.

  118. TL & CC..As soon as i hear from him, i will let you ladies know 😉
    I’m going through a phase right now.

    I’ve been reading his TL and his interaction with women on social media (his pages are not private) and he is being disrespectful to a couple of women, and very flirtatious with others. He also act desperate for attention… (i used to check his social media in the past but i had to stop because it was making my spirit ill).

    CC at least your virgo is giving you some attention.

    • @NEF I’m tired of the attention I would much rather prefer a honest conversation of what was left unsaid. Why he starts something but never finishes it. What he is feeling. Why is he still pursuing me? If he says that he can’t do that anymore then why not just stop the communication. Can he just be open and honest for once?????

  119. I believe I wrote this comment in the wrong section. So I’m coping and pasting, sorry if it repeats.

    I too am a taurus, 49 yr old divorcee, dating a virgo man for 2.5 yrs. He’s 48, we both have grown kids. We live in the same state now, but 7hrs away. He was pursuant, sweet, patient, understanding and a gentleman. We met 8 months later after so many affectionate, strong honest conversations. The moment we met he said I was beutiful took me to lunch and teased me. I hate being teased. He even acted out his tease. I wanted to keep trying….he’s a great guy. I moved in a few months later and he became a mime. He took me to dinner and movies, looked at me at times, and put his hands on my knee on the couch. Sex was very vanilla….He’s not trying to be selfish but it’s a miss for me every time. I tried to ask were is “that guy” the one I wanted to fall in love with and he freaked out. I was never gonna stay living with him so now we’re apart and talk everyday still but the meet ups are the same. He criticizes everyone, teases me, elevates his game when I bit back, and sex is vanilla. This week at dinner I asked what can I do for him because he’s so generous. We don’t say I love you. He freaked out….turned the tables on me, said his dinners and hotels aren’t enough for me….what do I want from him. He’s trying to get his life in order from his divorce and has nothing more to give me and if I’m not gonna be patient tell him. Huh? WTH, was that. He packed up to leave me at the hotel because I wanted to know how to please him. Being a taurus I stopped him….spoke softly to “love him” but he was an ice cube. He stayed. The next day he criticized Everyone, Everything, even himself. I was happy to put him on a plane. How do I love this man…gently, and privately, lol. I think he loves me…I’m trying to not be insecure, but this is weird, child like.

  120. @nefer he shows very weird behaviour!! Whats going on with him. Does he have a crisis?

    @cc I understand what you’re saying. I mean why can’t Virgo’s just be clear? Just say what you want so we can move on…

  121. So day 3 of this week and all he did was ignore me. Robert tell me whats going on with him??
    He did wore the same outfit he wore last week when I complimented him though..
    Idk what he is doing I guess I should ignore him too. I just so badly want to tell him how I feel and that I dreamed of him… :'(
    But if I see him I choke anyways. Im always too nervous.

  122. Well CapLady he just stood behind me with a poster, showing me something of a band or something. Our bodies almost touched.
    I ignored him at first this morning but that was more cause I was in a bad mood. I ignored all my collegues lol.
    We had this great talk about music and he made some jokes and stuff.
    We also talked about making desicions and I said to him a that it wouldn’t be a problem for him to do it without emotion🙈 it came out before I knew it.
    After lunchbreak we saw each other again, I was opening up my spotify and he asked what I listened too.
    Ugh I try to keep my cool but Im losing it so bad right now!!!
    But I don’t want my collegues knowing anything.

    • @Tauraslady he seems to be opening more too you. I say keep it going are you able to Instant Message each other or Email one another? If I were you I send a message and just say I cant stop laughing about your joke earlier or something of that sort. I say keep it going right now that he is coming around more.

  123. @caplady no not really. I can email him but I did before and he doesn’t respond..
    Butttt this morning during a small break I saw him sitting outside alone. So I asked him why? And was like yeah catching some sun and I spread my arms and was like well here I am. Haha and he smiled and I walked up to him, saying coffee would be nice!
    And he was like yes let’s have coffee you and me. And I was like okay I’ll go get us some.
    While I did the coffee he pulled outa chair for me.
    Buttt…. then another female collegue saw us and wanted to join us. I wanted to slap her so bad!!!
    He put her chair between us and the magic was gone…
    Although Im glad I finally spoke to him I wish it was just us.
    I wonder if he’s gonna put in some efford now orif he’s still gonna hold back..

    • @Tlady

      oh wow! where did all that come from Taurus? that’s was great! ugh I swear someone always has to come and ruin the vibe. Happened to me yesterday met up with the virgo his been talking too me more and even commented that maybe we can catch up so I can show what his been missing. I just had that he takes so long to follow through with all he says. I’m wondering if he only says these things to see if I’m still interested in him and he really wont follow through. I hate that fall for it and tell him what he wants to hear I told him you know the hold you have on me and whenever you want too catch up ….I’m kicking myself for that comment. I just get worried that if he doesn’t know I still want him he will completely forget about me…

      I have a feeling that your Virgo will continue the communication….I believe he put the chair in between you both so your co-worker wont assume anything. Virgos have a tendency to look out for their reputation.

    • I haven’t seen the virgo in about 2 weeks he disappeared on me again after he told me he missed me. He hasn’t tried to reach out to me or anything. I’m so pissed off for telling him I missed him too.

      What about you?

  124. @Caplady did he say anything yet or appeard to you?
    I understand that you might still break your head over the comment you made,but it’s all said and done.
    You can’t take it back.
    You were just being honest and true about your feelings sweety!

    Last week he was constantly getting my attention. I wasn’t feeling well all week and I wore a scarf and vest and he was asking what was wrong. So I told him and later that day he asked if I felt better.
    He was just looking for any excuse to come see me and make eye contact or peek at my body. Giving me looks,you know the kind of looks whe someone is in love?
    My feelings for him are just getting to more and more😢
    This week I probably won’t be at work cause Im sick.

    @nefer where are you??!!!
    And Robert??

    • @Tlady

      well he reappeared and was being very flirty with me… we spoke later he told me he cant wait to see me. I’m hoping we do meet again even for one last good time I do really miss him. I miss the rush of feelings flowing through me when we are together! It’s like were meant to be together.

      I wish he would have the courage to tell you how he feels about you… its very obvious he does feel something. I totally understand you about the look when me and the virgo are face to face he always keeps eye contact with me. He makes me so nervous his the only man to ever make me feel like that.

      I hope you feel better.

  125. @cc have you seen him yet? I checked all week for new posts here but it was not until yesterday I saw your appear!
    I really hope you saw him and I hope you guys can be together some way!❤
    Same here girl!! He has power over me which no man has ever had!!!

    I went back to work this week and at first again he ignored me.
    But when it was later on the morning he suddenly cut off his collegue and told him to wait cause he was getting water and he litteraly said ‘(put my nam there) is here and I want see her’.
    I got all red and happily smiled and said ‘well Im happy that you’re happy to see me!’
    He got red with a cheeky smile and left..

    Then the next day I had to go through his office and from the moment I opened the door he had this ‘googley eye-Im in love with you-look’.
    He kept staring and I stared back but I got shy and started looking down.
    I was soooo happy lol.
    But also the other side… what the hell does he want???
    What does he feel for me???

    • @Tlady

      Well we have talked and he has expressed his desire to see me but hasn’t made an attempt too. I am fed up with everything and don’t want to deal with him anymore my feelings are strong for him and I often wonder why? He hasn’t expressed his feelings for me or said how he feels about me or why I should even keep waiting for him. This has been going on for 2 years already I am giving up on him and will not make any attempts to make myself available to him anymore or give in when he does.

      I am happy to hear he made a comment of his happiness to see you back at the office. I just wish he was more open with you and not have your wondering what his intentions are … I hope your feeling better

  126. @cc What is it with these Virgo’s???
    Your feelibgs are so strong because we naturally attrackt to them. Cause he plays his games so well. Making you have these feelings.
    I hope you can stay that strong!!!

    Im a mess I swear..I just try to figure out by all his signs how he feels for me but it just doesn’t work.
    Im scared he only wants me for a night. Idk why but I want him to want me for me. Not just my looks or body.
    Now he’s back to ignoring me again.

    • @Tlady

      Well I gave in first we spoke and we discussed how he behaves. I explained he makes me feel as if he wants to be left alone I told him that he needed to tell me what was going on and if he thought I came on to strong and pursued him to much. He said no that everything I feel he feels and he doesn’t want me to leave him alone to just understand that he is very quiet and doesn’t express himself very well. He assured me it was okay and that he doesn’t want this to end to please not leave him alone. He asked to meet which of course I said yes we had an amazing encounter. We both embraced one another and kissed until we couldn’t breathe anymore he repeatedly told me how he missed me to which of course I told him how much I missed him. I wanted to moment to never end but we both had to say goodbye. I find myself wondering what next? Will he go back to ignoring me. I spoke with him earlier and he said he enjoyed seeing me but that was all nothing more on whether we will see each other again. Maybe I just want him more than he wants me?

      Anything new from your end?

    • @Tlady work has me like crazy been super busy sorry for the late response.

      Well where do I start off well after our last encounter we stopped talking. I told him that I wanted more than just 10-15 min with him and I know he cant give me that he agreed blamed his schedule and confirmed he is always so busy (I got upset over that comment) so I responded well you always have your reasons on why you can’t so maybe its best that we just stop all this already its gone way to far and well its always the same thing and nothing more. I told him too please stop communicating with me and help me get over him by not striking up a conversation when he sees me. The next I see him and he comes and starts talking to me of course I was happy he did but I was also upset that he did that when we had just discusses not speaking to one another to end it. The next day at gym we were both waiting for the showers im standing and he gets very close to me and gets in my face as if his going to kiss me I push him away and tell him to stop and tell him that I know exactly what his doing… again in the elevator he does the same thing too me gets in my face as if his going to kiss me and I push him away and tell him to stop doing that too me he laughs. His like have a great weekend I don’t even respond. When I get too my office I text him and tell him why is he doing that too me when he knows how I feel…. he responds too me that he enjoys teasing me and so I tell him so you are doing this intentionally to me you think I am a game …he responds no but I enjoy teasing you but I will stop all together okay sorry. I was so furious so I told him how dare you be like this with me im not a game maybe to you I am but Im not. You know how I feel about you and you do this too me I was wrong to ever think of you in this way when you clearly were playing with my emotions and me all along don’t ever speak to me again. He didn’t respond to me at all.

      I saw him the next day and he tried to talk too me I completely ignored him and have been doing so it’s been about a month we have not talked. I don’t text him or even wave back too him when he waves Hi to me. One thing he doesn’t know about me is that when I say I’m done.. I am done Of course I miss him like crazy but I cant continue like that anymore.

      I understand how you feel this is exactly how I feel too maybe I was just an ego boost for him. Have your tried completely ignoring him?


      In a official relationship? were he asked you too be his GF? that is very strange that he would do something like that and not even tell you…. Have you had a chance to talk too him at all?

  127. He there!
    Nothing new here. I think he’s only using me to feel better about himself and when he’s bored at work.
    I try to avoid him but he keeps making eye contact or excuses to talk to me.
    I don’t know I just feel bad now….

  128. I’m an Aquarius and I need help with Virgo man. We’re in a relationship for nearly a year however recently he’s been really moody and refused to meet, which I understand. But then recently he uploaded a selfie of him and another girl onto fb.. blocked me from seeing the photo but remained friends. What was the purpose of doing so? Can anyone shed some light?

  129. I am a Scorpio woman (so much hate on the scorpios here! haha) & I recently started dating a Virgo man. They are VERY highly critical of themselves and others. I didn’t believe it at first when I read it, thinking that internal criticism is normal, but OH MY GOODNESS. They need a grade for everything. How was the food? It sucked I bet. You didn’t like it. “Yes I did!” No. Not acceptable. They will not take your praise unless they feel they have done themselves 100%. This goes for all aspects in the relationship. It can be annoying, but also strangely endearing (maybe because I’m a Scorpio *shrug*) I have also learned that yes, they are distant at times. My Virgo lives an hour away, and we see each other a couple of times a week. In between, I get no “good morning”. I get no “how’s work?”. I have brought this to his attention once, and he claims he doesn’t feel the need to have meaningless conversations over a phone. He said if I would like to make plans to see him or ask him how his day was, I can call for a few minutes but he’s definitely an “in person” type of guy. Otherwise, I don’t see many issues with us. However, the only issue we have run into thus far is the jealousy. As a Scorpio woman, I have jealous tendencies and a possessive nature. He is not about it. He claims that jealousy is meaningless and as long as he feels the way he does about me, he should be open to being attracted to other women. This bothers me, but nevertheless, I would love to lose my jealousy so long as he is being truthful. I hope this helps another scorpio lady or another person who is wondering how the Virgo man works. I have been researching virgo males for a while, and now having the experience, I want to be able to clarify for other people who are interested but cannot get a definitive answer from the internet. They are bossy, controlling, critical and know-it-all’s HOWEVER – they are also selfless, appreciative and caring. This man actually is younger than me by two years, and makes sure that I’m fed throughout the day and that I’m locking my front door before leaving the house. Virgo males are definitely for women who feel that they need some sort of structure in their life, as virgos tend to bring that side around. However, remember that there is a difference between someone helping you be more in control of your responsibilities, and somebody controlling you for their selfish needs.

  130. So I dated a Virgo man for a year and few months. We ended things because he would yell at me in front of family and friends sometimes so I felt disrespected and ended things. I also never felt appreciated enough for the things I did for him. I tried to get back together but he said I walked away one too many times. After I accepted the breakup, I shut down any communicating we had at all. A month later I unblocked him and we started talking again. He says he is about to start school and really busy right now so he doesn’t want to get back in a relationship basically. However, he asked me if maybe we would see each other weekly, he would buy the beer for us and stuff, hang out, and have sex. I’m pretty busy with school myself right now and sex between us is amazing I will admit. But I am torn between should I try this out and see where it leads to or should I wait till he wants to get back together and then sleep with him. I am not a slut or anything, this is the only guy I would ever consider doing this with because I love him so much and the sex is great.

  131. Reading this post and thread, I think I have said the wrong thing to this Virgo man. I said I’d be so jealous if he treats other woman as nice as he was with me. He’s withdrawn right after my comment. I can’t stop thinking about him, but maybe this is time for me to give up?

  132. Hey ,,tanisha I am dating a Virgo man…..he was the first to confess his love through a letter..
    First few months the relationship was good …but suddenly he tried to bottle up his emotions…and then he even not talked aid me for weeks ….I was so confused and kept crying for weeks…I tried to explain him but he didn’t listen me….but slowly I kept waiting and tried to communicate with him….the flaws that he had been pointing on me..I tried to improve it…and I tried to improve..myself for him….and slowly he started realizing …the love for me..and we had a great communication all the time…..and I started to feel that his romance was deep…its been 1 year 6 months now…and he had said that I am going to be his future wife..but even though I have always questions in my mind that is he complete my satisfied wid me or not or is it going to be last forever….I love him so much and I want to improve myself for him….plz give me some advice…dear!!

  133. I am a virgo myself and never thought dating a virgo man would be so difficult !
    So I have been dating this virgo man for 6 months now.Everything so perfect at the beginning he would even talk about marriage !
    Then after two months he started playing games …being busy with work , his friends ,remodeling his house, anxiety and other problems and from time to time he would make me jelous by saying there are other women who want to be with him and it’s not his fault that women won’t leave him alone …
    we kept going this hot and cold relationship . I truly love him and give him his space . One day he says we are boyfriend girlfriend then after couple weeks he says we are just friends as he can’t handle any label or commitment at this time then he says we are friends for life …
    long story short this push and pull game has been going for a while now … and although I don’t know where we stand most of the time I can’t leave him . If like there is enough bond and connection that If I keep being patient I’ll get him eventually …

  134. Virgo like to chase, make him chase you be honest and be mysterious, smart, fun, not be jealous, and he like a woman who is a bit crazy thought. Good luck!!!

  135. lmao I love all these comments because I am going through the exact same shit
    I am an Aquarius female and he is a Virgo. We have been together for 4 years and this time we broke up and I am trying to cut contact completely.
    When he met me I used to go out alot i was a social butterfly i used to take such good care of myself and be happy all the time. As soon as we started dating he always put his friends first. All they do is smoke weed and play video games if i ask him t9 go for a walk with me he says no, he hates that or its not what he enjoys and then leaves the house and goes to smoke with his palls. at one point in the relationship i became so depressed i gained a ton of weight. I looked sick. I have anxiety now because of him. If i evwr bought myself something he used to yell at me. Or if i got my nails done he says yaaa keep waisting your money. Although, if he wants a game foe his ps4 or a new pair of shoes or new panths he tells me go out and get it for him. I was literally always put last. Every little break up we have he goes and adds a bunch of bitches on Instagram and Facebook. When I distance myself from him and tell him to leave me the hell alone he runs back to me and tells me he loves me and loves no1 else but me. This time has been the last time for me. I have finally lost all of my weight and i am feeling great about myself. All I have been focusing on is work, and the gym. He ended up msging me Yesturday saying he heard a bunch of shit about me that I am talking to some guy and how this one guy just wants to get in my panths and how he is so disgusted of me and how he told that guy he can have me. Honest to GOD I have no idea what he is talking about because like I said I have just been working and gym. But I am used to this abusive behaviour. Instead of him telling me that he misses me he makes up bullshit so that I answer him.
    I checked his instagram and he has added over 30 girls in the last 3 days. lol
    This person has never loved me because this is not love. This is some fucked up mind game. You don’t do this shit to a woman who treated you like a king. Not once have I looked at another man because of how much u loved him. I put my all into this r3lationshop and it was not enough. I even caught him cheating on me. Some girl from Toronto who he added who works at a call centre …which the call centre calls his work for deliveries and shit ..he told her to add him on Instagram and Snapchat. Him and i used to have each other’s passwords so one day it was like God told me to log on to his Snapchat and i saw that girl from the call centre being on his top. he talks to her the most i opened up the convo and this bitch is telling him….” call you in 10 minutes 😍” “love you💕”
    So who ever says virgos are not cheaters is fooling his or herself. They are the most hypocritical, selfish, fucked up people and will take a lie to their grave. My virgo kept saying he nevwr cheated and how she is nothing eventho i saw all of this witu my own eyes. I decided to forgive him and to work it out. You know what he said to me? “Yea we can work it out but we can’t jump into the relationship because we have alot to fix”
    lmaooooo uhhhhmmmm…excuse me? u cheated on me and u want t9 decide when we get back??? nah after 4 years he will not be wasting my time. because this is clearly a game? a man who fu ked up will beg for forgiveness and prove himself worthy to the woman that he loves and does not want to lose. He doesn’t fuck up AND decide what happens next. fuck virgos

  136. Hey so I’ve been seeing a Virgo for two months. Things seem fine but I worry that he’s seeing or talking to someone else. I’ve met all his friends, even his mom & sister shortly (bumped into them). But he also cheated on his ex & none of his friends told her. He actually ditched plan with me & went to say good bye to her before she moved back home (she’s like 3 states away now) because she made him feel guilty. We’ve had the “not about wasting our time” talk but I don’t know if he’s seeing someone else at the same time so his time doesn’t possibly get wasted. He only invites me over to hangout last minute when he’s getting third wheeled by his friends. Other than that I have to make the plans, he never does. I don’t know if I should sit back & see if he makes the plans or if he’ll just drop me if I don’t make plans with him. I don’t know if I should say something because I don’t know if that will throw him off & make it seem like I’m rushing a relationship when I’m not. I just want to know where I stand with him. He’s super sweet when we’re together. I woke up & made him breakfast & he gave me a kiss on the cheek. He’s made comments about how he can be himself around me. He’s met my parents & likes them & they like him. He didn’t seem weirded out by it either. I just don’t want to wind up sticking around when I could be seeing someone else. No, I don’t have anyone in mind. It’s just if I meet someone & turn them down because of him & we’re not even dating. I’ve been turning guys down constantly & it just makes me wonder if he’s been doing the same thing..

  137. I’m a Sagittarius female that has a huge crush on this virgo male. When we first met we fight like cats and dogs but then one day he told me in a message on Facebook that he loved me and he wanted to date me. I turn him down like hot cakes. At the time I didn’t have feelings for him. One day I visit, he smiled at me for the first time and I was stun by this for two years now. Now we get along great. I am not sure if he haves feelings for me still. When we are together at first he doesn’t speak. Then after a while he’ll move closer to me and it’s really adorable! I want to tell him how i feel but I haven’t. I am kind of shy to.

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