How to Text an Aries Guy to Keep Him Interested In You?

keep aries man interested through texting

Have you just started seeing an Aries guy who completely blows you away? If yes, then you may want to take this to next level. There are many ways to keep an Aries man interested without being clingy. One of these ways is texting. Texting is an important tool of modern dating. If you can build a good texting chemistry with your Aries guy, you can not only keep him interested in you, but also you can use texting to make your Aries guy fall deeply in love with you. Here are some effective tips on how to keep your Aries man interested through texting.

Understanding Aries Men

First of all, make sure you understand the Aries men. Every zodiac sign has certain characteristics and Aries is no exception. If you have got your eyes on an Aries guy, he is going to show the particular characteristics of this Zodiac sign. If you are aware of these characteristics, it would not hurt to approach your Aries man according to these characteristics. Here is some general information about Aries.

Ruling planet – Mars
Element – Fire
Basic trait – inherently dominant
Strength – adventurous, courageous, confident, energetic
Weaknesses: self-centered, impatient, aggressive

Aries Men & Texting

It is important to know that different zodiac signs have different texting habits and style. Aries men text more directly to show their love. If your Aries guy is into you, he will send you texts about his love or liking for you. Aries are direct and they like to share about how they feel. Aries don’t like long texts because long texts lose their attention. An Aries man will show his love or liking for you in texting by being consistent. Aries are dominant and upfront when it comes to romantic matters. If your Aries is into you, he is likely to text you to hang out and be direct about their feelings. Read on to find out how to make an Aries man want you through texting.

Use Your Sense of Humor

Aries men like to attract someone with their sense of humor. They can make some sarcastic remarks in their text. They will use emoticons often. Aries are open minded and they will not hesitate to try different things to get your attention. This simply suggests that you should use sense of humor to keep your Aries man interested in you through texting. A sarcastic joke or a funny meme will get your Aries man’s attention.

Don’t Send Long Texts

Aries don’t like to get long texts. If you are into sending long texts, you will probably annoy your Aries man. Aries are more like get-it-done and let’s move on type people. Be specific and concise when you text your Aries crush.

Text Him Things You Like About Him

If you have met your Aries guy a couple times already, then you can text him about things that you like a about him. Aries man won’t hesitate to text compliments if he is into you. You can give compliments on simple things, such as sense of humor of your Aries man.

Reassure Him That You’re Interested In Him

Aries men like to reassure everything. They might send you texts to thank you for spending time with you. You can also do that. Simple texts like thank you for spending time with me and hope to see you again soon will keep your Aries man interested in you through texting.

Share Your Plans

Another thing you can do when texting your Aries guy is share your plans with him. Aries like to question about what you would want to do. This is their way of knowing more about you. By telling them what you would want to do, you will actually give your Aries man a good idea of the type of person you are. This will help him keep him interested in you. Also, don’t hesitate to ask the same questions to your Aries man. This will help you understand him more.
Dating and trying to keep an Aries man interested in you through texting can be very challenging, but keep into mind that Aries men are not challenging on a personal level. Try not to restrain him and let him take the lead. Use the above mentioned ways to text your Aries man if you really want to keep him interested in you.

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