How To Make Your Leo Boyfriend Want You More?

attract and keep a leo man

Is your Leo boyfriend acting distant? Or you have just found your Mr. Right who is Leo and you are trying hard to grab his attention and turn him into your obsessive lover? Whatever your situation is, you can make a Leo man want you more if you understand the psychology of men of this zodiac sign. Here are some important things about Leo men that you should be aware of in order to make your boyfriend want you more.

Understanding A Leo Man

Being a fire element sign, the Leo men are optimistic, energetic, and fun to be around. They are caring, charming and highly passionate. But there is a catch, Leo men can come across as being aggressive and serious on the outside. So, you have to be careful about it. A Leo man is a “social” person who loves to be around his family and friends. He has a strong desire to be the center of attention. Leo men have a great sense of humor. They have the ability to win over crowd of people. These traits make Leo men more attractive. Now, let’s have a look at what you can do to make your Leo boyfriend love you more and more.

Be Loyal To Him

What a Leo man wants the most from his partner is loyalty. This is mainly because Leo men are very loyal and don’t hesitate to go to any length for their loved ones. If your Leo boyfriend is truly in love with you, you’re in luck because the men of this zodiac sign are very caring. They would give their shirt off their back to help someone in need. You can turn him into your obsessive lover by being loyal to him.

Be His Lioness

A Leo man has a Lion’s nature and he needs a Lioness. This means that your Leo man wants a mate who can hunt and protect her kingdom alongside of him. In other words, you should be as wild as your Leo man if you really want to grab his attention and make him want you more. A Leo man wants his woman to keep herself up appearance wise and take pride in how she looks.

Understand His Emotional Needs

Leo men are very emotional lovers due to their passionate nature. If you really want to make him want you, you should try to learn to understand your Leo boyfriend’s mood changes and emotional needs.

Ignite Jealousy – Play It Safe

Leo men get jealous very quickly. Their extremely loyal and passionate nature sometimes can make them a little jealous and possessive. You can make him want you more just by igniting a little jealousy in your Leo boyfriend. All you need to do is let him know that you have other admirers too that want your attention. Leo men don’t want anyone to take what they feel is rightfully theirs. Just ignite a little jealousy and then make him feel that you are not going anywhere. Once you’ve got him to trust you, he will give you the loving energy and loyalty. After this, he is yours to keep.

These were just a few of the many great tips that you can use to make your Leo boyfriend want you more. Learn exactly what you should do and say to make your Leo man obsessively desire you. Bear in mind that doing the wrong thing can mean the end of your love relationship with him. This is because Leo man is not easy to deal with.

Pay Close Attention Here

Don’t give up on your Leo man if you truly believe he’s the Mr. Right. There are some specific methods you can use to make yourself irresistible to your Leo boyfriend. Watch this video to learn more about these methods.

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29 thoughts on “How To Make Your Leo Boyfriend Want You More?

  1. Hey m a Sagi woman. I have been living with my Leo man for the past three years. And we have been extremely loyal to each other. It is true that he loves loyalty. And cares so much about me that when i m gettin late for somewhere he would even comb my hair n get my purse ready. Yes but it takes a lot lot lot if effort to keep a leo. Sometimes i feel that all ny energy has been drowned. He is unbelievably tough-to-handle type. Flattery really works and being and patient and loving is the key to keep him cool and calm. But once his mood changes he becomes the best boyfriend a girl could ever get. Trust me as boyfriends Leos are the best. He has never never let me feel unwanted. Sometimes would even feed me when i m tired and feel sleepy.

  2. I’m a Sag woman and I can definitely say Leos are awesome for Sag women! My BF always made me feel protected and loved. If I had to be at work and couldn’t get up, he would remind me to get up without yelling or getting mad. He would get my breakfast and made sure I got my things to go. We could spend hours being around each other and not be bored. We loved exploring new places together and being adventurous. Like the other commentator, he has never left me feeling unwanted either. However, life circumstances split us up 🙁

  3. I’m a libra woman and I have to agree with this post. My Leo boyfriend is always the lead and protector of our household. Sometimes they seem cold and unemotional but it is a defense mechanism to keep their heart unbroken. They are very sensitive when u get to know them and the more love, loyalty, and appreciation you show them you will reap the benefits. My Leo boyfriend is not the best at verbalizing his emotions but he definitely shows me by giving me anything I could ever want or ask for. He’s the definition of a provider and king on the throne 👑🙂😊

    • Wondering if I could get some help here. Newly dating a Leo man as an Aquarian woman. He’s awesome. Very giving and kind. Great listener and remembers every little detail about me. He’s also very moody at times. Almost seems like he doesn’t want to be bothered with me anymore but I could just be being dramatic. Looking for some insight on what to expect.

  4. HI i am a libra woman who just dated a leo man his very loving not sure about loyalty but he love me very much but at time feel he is distant, i dont know if he is scare of me living him or what. i sometime feel like he is thinking to much of the unkown things.. ilove him so much.

    any advice on how to haddle him?

  5. I’m a gemini woman in love with a leo man he is so great in so many ways but jealous is so bad with him the mood changes I would call him and he wouldn’t answer but when he calls I best answer he never thinks I’m at work I’m a single mom with a young child so I have to get out and make my money to take care of home

  6. I’m a Gemini woman married to a Leo man for 26 years. It’s been rough to say the least. It’s only for our boys that I persevered dispute any obstacles or misfortune we seem to have encountered because of poor judgement or selfishness on his part. His health has taken a toll and he has spawned so many responsibilities on me over the years including work I’m not really strong enough for. He has lived in his own bedroom for 10 years but when we did get together physically it seemed as if our differences and troubled would melt away. But it was just temporary relief. He would go back to his bad habits and laziness while I had to pick up the slack. He has never related well to yr sons and has shown his temporary and energy in abuse of all of us at times. He got some grandios ideas and became a priest of a Mexican National Catholic diocese after refusing to take a psychological test for the church we were part of. We were not Catholic before and I am still not. He did all his behind my back by online courses and although he has served in boyscouts for decades forcing our boys to go, I found a document from the army psychologist that says he had histrionic tendencies. I knew he died about things and would receive me fir months at a time but there was a diagnosis. He doesn’t show me love and hadn’t said he loved me since I don’t remember when . He has absconded mine, my parents and our sons funds having gotten on disability. We’ve moved multiple times after losing our 15 year home so I’ve done a lot of hard loading and trying to find jobs. Any ideas on our future? We are 54

    • Yes! I am a virgo woman dating a leo guy for 2 years. And they are really tough to handle. Extremely egotistical and Virgo’s drain out their energy. Their biggest flaw is no responsibility and they slip really fast. This is also tricky. They can flip on you any minute. You can invest time in them and they will get bored easily. We haven’t had sex yet because we are strong on sex after marriage and following God’s rule. Our sex life on words sounds awesome. With Leo’s i feel that the only thing that keeps virgo & leo togerher is the sex. Other than that the relationship is a waste of time n energy. Leo’s have way too much pride but if you find a way to kill his pride it might work.

  7. I am a Virgo woman who was in love with Leo man almost 8years.He eas very loyal to me and suddenly another girl entered his life and without any intimation or break up with me he got married to other girl and he wants to come back to me now…i am confused…now

    • I hope you didn’t go back to that loser..The fact that the two of you were in a relationship and he married someone else without your knowledge proves the type of person he is and it’s certainly not “loyal” You
      deserve better.

  8. I am a Gemini and I’m dating a leo man… He’s everything I could ask for in a man. He open doors pulls chairs out for me he even cook for me.he says all the time tht he Like me a lot and always compliment me and tell me hw beautiful I am. Long story short. I told him tht Im really starting to like him a lot and I haven’t really heard from him since… (Only a few hours) and theirs a chance I might be pregnant. Scared of hw he will take the news… Please help Leo men’s please

  9. Soo, been seeing a Leo man around 2 months. . Im a sag woman. He was so lovely and full of compliments up until the the point HE asked ME to come and see him every night. After about a month of seeing him almost every night suddenly I haven’t heard a thing from him. I’ve heard Leo men like to take what they can once they’ve slept with a female and then disappear. I’ve barely kissed him let alone sleep with him. I don’t get it. He was after me for months,and I couldn’t do anything as I was with someone. I eventually split with current boyfriend(not for Leo but for my own reasons) and it’s now like I don’t even exist to Leo guy.

    • Yeah. Their all about sex. They love to chase for sex & then bounce. They are totally so overrated. Definitely tricky in nature!

  10. My hubby is Leo. I’m Scorpio. We are …well inseparable but he & me needs space. He gets more jealous than me. I let that go over my head. He is definitely the best guy to have as husband father and lover. Wouldn’t trade him for all his bs. (There is a lot)
    Keep ur’e Leo’s…they demanding but a Keeper😋

    • @ Lilie
      I’m a Scorpio woman as well, dating a Leo man for about 2months. However we went to high school together, and there has always been a major attraction between us. We were each others high school crush.
      I want to know how do I keep him focused on me? I’d like to be in a relationship with him one day, because I know he would be a great provider, and partner. How do I win his heart?

  11. I am a Libra dating a Leo man. Things were really good between us until I made a small scene one day in public and it was a wrap. I apologized immediately and he said he was cool but that its over. Long story short, it took him almost two months to come back to my house. We’ve had sex a handful of times and it’s always amazing and he spent the night. He sleeps at his house when he’s not with me but he initiates zero calls or texts for weeks at a time nor does he reply unless I text him that I need something ( money, food, etc) I am not the typical docile Libra, I do have a jealousy issue. He says we are too much alike but we don’t argue or disrespect each other and we are both affectionate. But then he always says it won’t work bcz of our similarities. My bf said just watch his actions bcz they speak louder than his words and if I require anything, he is right there. He always asks me if I’m seeing anyone else and vice versa. He is extremely charismatic and flirtatious and i love that about him. I dislike lame corny guys who are weak. He is def a man’s man and that makes me love him more. We are both two peas in a narcissistic pod. Sigh. It’s summer now and he has until fall to really come around or I gotta go. I love my Lion so much tho 😫

  12. I am a Sag that dated a Leo male for a couple of months. In the beginning, he seemed PERFECT. As the time went on, I slowly began to see his dark colors. He was quite bossy, a bit self-centered, and sometimes demanding. He never gave me anything for my birthday, nor valentines day. I always adored him with cute little gifts and shower him with complements. The entire relationship was just about being physical. I would meet him for an hour, and then he would suggest that I Ieave (To beat Traffic). I did what ever he wanted and in return I got NOTHING. He later blocked me on social media…But I still have feelings for him. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME..

  13. Hi im an aquarius women.I had a leo man flirting around me for almost 2 yrs thru text and chat.All is doing well even of we dont meet.He says he loves me and cares for me. Tho he always disappears (I am a patient type of women) its ok with me. I Just ask him how he does during the days he wont talk and just let him talk without me asking anything.
    We decided to date personally and first time to see each other. I felt like he want to touch me,hug me or just be physically attached to me, but i played safe.honestly i dont like it and find it i became a bit distant during the date .. a day after the date he still call me sweetie and still check if im doing good.. but no more i love you and sweet words. Feels like im talking with my big brother. 😒😒
    Is he still into me? Am i wrong being distant? What shud i Do next? Shud i initiate saying iloveyou again? Help. Thanks.

  14. Honestly girl, I am dating a Leo man. Eventhough i have never had sex with him, which any woman in here should not sleep with a Leo man until you have married him. Leo’s chase for sex. They might be good men but they are tricky by nature. They will attack and you won’t know it. So lay low on the sex. Let him chase you. That’s the only way to keep a Leo. Giving him no attention is the way he sticks around. Thats the best advice I can give you all!

  15. I met my Leo man while traveling in Thailand. We had a very passionate and loyal relationship. We adore and love each other for almost a year. He’s been traveling for nearly 2 years and he is about to head back home. He was panicking two days before and I started asking all these questions about our future, 5 to even 10 years from now. I do not have these answers because I’m can’t predict the future. I had a sense that he didn’t want me to be part of his life though. He told me he is 24, he doesn’t know what he wants to do and who he is yet. I’m a 30-year-old Pisces woman and he said I probably already know what I wanted. Yesterday morning, he said he still loves me, but then he went for a 9-hour walk. Afterwards, he broke it off with me, he said he still loves me but he has to be single now to figure what he wants. I love him and I want him back. My heart is shattered and I really thought he was the one. He was the best person I’ve ever dated and I loved him very much. I believe he still loves me still :”(

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